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Chapter 375: The Winner Is Still Unknown

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Gu Zheng smiled indifferently.

“Release the news and let them know that Im also bidding for this plot of land.”

Song Shijing nodded.

“The news has spread, so the Lu family is the only one competing with you now.”

Gu Zheng had a good reputation in Li City.

Gu Zheng had his own principles when it came to doing things.

He never violated other peoples interests.

When everyone heard that President Gu liked this plot of land, they initially wanted to bid for it to give to him.

However, now that Lu Yan was also competing for this plot of land, everyone naturally did not dare to participate in the competition between these two big shots.

Gu Zheng said casually, “Add another billion.”

Song Shijing was shocked.

“Four billion If Lu Yan gives up, then we…”

Gu Zheng was certain.

“Hasnt he always liked to snatch things from me He wont give up this time and continue bidding.”

“Yes!” Song Shijing nodded.

Qiao Xi did not leave the house and had also heard about Gu Zheng and Lu Yan bidding for a plot of land.

In just a few days, it went from two billion to six billion.

The entire Li City was talking about this.

Everyone was very curious about who this plot of land would eventually belong to.

The Lu family knew very well that the location and environment of this plot of land were very good.

Even though the price had already increased to six billion, it was still a guaranteed win.

That was why they insisted on fighting for it.

More importantly, if Lu Yan could take over this plot of land and build a tourist resort, Lu Yan would completely stabilize his position in Li City.

His status would definitely not be lower than Gu Zhengs.

He could also return to the Gu family in a justifiable manner and become the head of the Gu family.

Now, all the wealthy families in Li City knew about the relationship between Lu Yan and the Gu family, but no one had confirmed it.

Everything was just a guess.

Unexpectedly, the price soared to eight billion—

“Young Madam.” The butler walked over.

“The chairman called to invite you and the president back.”

Qiao Xi chuckled.

The Gu family finally could not sit still anymore.

When she arrived at the Gu familys old residence, Qiao Xi had just entered when she bumped into someone she did not want to see.

Lu Yan was gentle like jade.

“Miss Qiao.”

Qiao Xis expression was distant.


Lu, arent you going to work Why are you always guarding the Gu familys old residence Could it be that you think you can get that plot of land just by asking the Gu family to step forward”

Before Lu Yan could say anything, the Lu family said arrogantly, “No matter what, that plot of land belongs to our Lu family! Tell Gu Zheng to stop embarrassing himself!”

Qiao Xi glanced coldly at them and replied with disdain, “Heh! Well see about that!”

Lu Yans face was still gentle.

He smiled and did not say anything.

Qiao Xi said slowly, “Theres nothing Ah Zheng cant get.

Previously, when Mr.

Lu and Gu Zheng were bidding for that island, you also lost to him.

This time, it wont be an exception.”

At the mention of that island, Lu Yans smiling face instantly cracked.

At first, the Lu family wanted to use that opportunity to attack Gu Zheng, but they did not expect Gu Zheng to be too powerful.

They were not his match.

Lu Yan calmed down and said indifferently, “Miss Qiao, its still unknown wholl win.

Dont jump to conclusions.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes proudly.

“Its already eight billion now.

If the Lu family has the ability, then continue to raise the price.

In short, Ah Zheng has a lot of money.

He has enough to play with you for a few days.”

Lu Yan narrowed his eyes.

Qiao Xi walked past the crowd and directly entered the door.

The butler at the side lowered his voice and said, “Young Madam, the chairman seems to have invited you over regarding that plot of land.”

Qiao Xis voice was indifferent.

“I know.”

The butler was furious.

“Its really unfair.

Since its a bid, they should just rely on their own ability.

Hes inviting the president back just to force him to give up on the plot of land!”

Qiao Xi asked, “In that case, Chairman Gu has already sent someone to tell Gu Zheng to give up on bidding for it”

“Yes! Actually, the Gu family had already called to warn the president not to compete anymore, but the president never agreed.

I didnt expect that even you, Young Madam, had to come.

The chairman must be using his identity as the presidents father to stop the president from bidding in front of the elders of the Gu family!”

Qiao Xi sneered.

“No wonder Lu Yan is so confident!”

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