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Chapter 373: How Many Girlfriends Do You Have

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Before Gu Zheng could speak, Qiao Xi said with a trembling and shy voice, “Do you understand now Im asking you for a favor because I want to ask if you can help me get… sanitary pads”

The corners of the mans mouth twitched.


Qiao Xi replied anxiously, “Theres a pink box under the cabinet in my room.

Just take one.”

Gu Zheng did not hesitate at all and went to her room.

A few minutes later, he returned to the study.

“Theres none left.”

“Huh” Qiao Xi was instantly stunned! It couldnt be so coincidental, right!

“Really I usually put them in that box Not a single one is left Why are they all gone What a coincidence, haha…”

She laughed dryly, looking very awkward.

Gu Zheng also realized that things were troublesome now.

However, before he could speak, Qiao Xi begged.

“Gu Zheng…”

The corners of the mans mouth twitched slightly.

He felt the veins on his forehead jump.

He suddenly had a bad feeling.

Immediately after, Qiao Xi suddenly said in a flirtatious tone, “Dear Senior~ Cutie Ah Zheng, can you help me buy some Theres a supermarket nearby.

You can drive there and come back.

Itll be quick!”

Gu Zheng thought for a moment.

“Why dont we get Song—”

“No! We cant get Song Shiyu to go!” Qiao Xi interrupted in horror.

“It wont be good for him to do this kind of thing! Besides, Song Shiyu is too talkative.

If news of this gets out, I wont be able to live in Longwan Residential anymore! Ill be very embarrassed as Mrs.


Qiao Xi retorted righteously, “If you get Song Shiyu to buy it, Ill ignore you! I want you to buy it! Are you going or not!”

Gu Zheng was stunned for a few seconds before sighing helplessly.


He knocked on the bathroom door, then pushed the door open a crack.

He closed his eyes and walked in, then placed a box on the sink beside him.

The man turned his face away to hide his red cheeks.

His voice was hoarse.

“Wait, Ill be back soon.”

Qiao Xis face was red as she hummed softly.

After he left, Qiao Xi reached out to take the box.

She opened it to see that it was her phone and some wet tissues.

He was probably afraid that she would be afraid alone.

She would feel more at ease with her phone.

Qiao Xi was slightly touched.

Longwan Residential was surrounded by high-end supermarkets.

They needed membership cards, and the prices were high, so there were not many customers.

After Gu Zheng entered, he walked straight to the sanitary pad section and encountered difficulties.

President Gu, who could guide the way in business wars, was now stumped by the issue of choosing sanitary napkins.

W-Which one should he buy

At this moment, the shop assistant walked over.

“Hello, Sir.

May I help you This is for night use and also for day use.

Whats the length youre looking for If youre not too sure, why dont you buy one of all kinds Using them up shouldnt be a problem.”

Gu Zheng nodded and looked at the shelves in front of him.

He then said a shocking statement, “Then get them all for me.”

The shop assistant was stunned for a few seconds before her eyes widened.

Buy them all

She looked terrified and asked in confusion, “How many girlfriends do you have”

He was living in Longwan Residential and was so handsome.

He was really a domineering president in real life.

He must have many women by his side!

Ten minutes later, Qiao Xi tidied herself up and walked out of the bathroom.

Gu Zheng had already instructed the butler to boil chicken soup and prepare red date ginger water.

She felt warm after drinking a cup.

When Qiao Xi saw Gu Zheng, her face instantly flushed red as she said with embarrassment, “Gu Zheng, when you went to buy that, no one laughed at you, right”

Gu Zheng suddenly recalled the shop assistants words and was stunned for a few seconds.

He replied indifferently, “No.”

Qiao Xi observed his expression and asked probingly, “You wont be unhappy, right I didnt have a choice either! I cant let others buy it for me!”

Actually, she was a little pleased when she ordered Gu Zheng to buy sanitary pads.

She had always thought that it was very amusing to have a guy do that, but after thinking about it, this matter might be unprecedented for Gu Zheng..

It was more troublesome than any business war.

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