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Qiao Rou smiled gently.

“Moling, look.

Do you think it looks good”

Gu Molings expression was serious.

His eyes were dark, and he looked tired.

He was uninterested and replied perfunctorily, “Yes.”

At this moment, Li Xinger turned around and asked, “Youre getting married soon”

These few days, Qiao Rou had been in a very bad mood.

When she heard someone interrupt them, she was instantly angry.

However, when she saw Li Xingers face, she suppressed the anger in her heart.

It was the eldest daughter of the Li family!

Didnt this woman push Qiao Xi before Back then, she had only broken a toy but it caused Li Xinger to push Qiao Xi down in public.

She should hate Qiao Xi very much!

Qiao Rou walked forward warmly.

“Miss Li.”

Li Xinger curled her lips.

“Qiao Rou, what a coincidence!”

Qiao Rou said gently, “I didnt expect to meet you here, Miss Li.

Its really my honor.”

Li Xinger raised her eyebrows and said with a face full of mockery, “Since youre getting married, send me an invitation too.

Ill go and support you.”

Before Qiao Rou could answer, Gu Moling became overjoyed.

“Its our honor.”

Although the Li family was not the richest family in high society, Old Master Li was a big shot in the business world decades ago.

He could be said to be the mentor of many famous people and had connections all over Li City.

Now that Moling Corporation was in a slump, if the Li family could help him…

From what Miss Li said, she was very close to Rou Rou

Li Xinger did not say much.

She instructed the designer a few words and stood up to leave.

Watching her leave, Qiao Rou smiled proudly.

“Brother Moling, although my sister is smarter than me and can help you manage the company, Im not bad either.

I can help you expand your network and help you when youre in trouble…”

Gu Molings expression softened a little.

On the other side, Qiao Xi returned to Longwan Residential.

The moment she returned, she took out the diamond crown and admired the dazzling lights.

Gu Zheng was sitting in the study reading documents.

Just as he was about to flip the page, Qiao Xi rushed in with a face full of joy and almost tripped.

The man looked up.

“Be careful.”

She ran excitedly to Gu Zheng and forgot about the strange feeling in her stomach.

She kissed him on the cheek and smiled slyly.

Gu Zhengs body stiffened.

Qiao Xi held the diamond crown in her hand.

“Gu Zheng, thank you for the gift.

I like it very much.”

Diamond crown Hadnt she already thanked him Why was she still so excited

However, how could Gu Zheng miss this opportunity His voice was low and magnetic.

“Youre thanking me just like this”

Qiao Xi smiled shyly and swayed her body.

She recalled that the two of them had not eaten dinner yet, so she stammered, “Why dont I-I…”

He did not care that Qiao Xi treated kisses as an antidote, but he did not expect that every kiss from her would have a purpose.

For the sake of various delicacies, she would just give him a simple kiss.

The man reached out and pulled her into his embrace, his thin lips landing on hers.

Qiao Xi moaned, and all her words were drowned in this intense kiss.

Suddenly, Qiao Xis body froze as an intense pain came from her abdomen.

Her eyes abruptly widened.

Before Gu Zheng could notice anything unusual, his scorching kiss landed on her lips.

He gasped slightly and hugged her tightly with both hands.

However, the next second, Qiao Xi abruptly pushed him away…

Her face was pale as she abruptly stood up and rushed into the bathroom.

Gu Zheng looked at his empty embrace, then at the bathroom.

He heard the door close, which was followed by her retching.

Gu Zheng frowned and walked toward the bathroom.

What was wrong with her She was kissing him just now, so why was she suddenly nauseous Had she caught a cold

Gu Zheng was a little worried.

At this moment, in the bathroom, Qiao Xi was sitting on the toilet while panting.

Her stomach had been aching today.

It turned out that she was on her period.

It was just that she did not expect the pain to be so sudden and intense..

Logically speaking, there were still a few days left, so she did not pay much attention to it.

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