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Chapter 358: Who Are You

Yao Mengqing was not shy.

She smiled generously.

“Yes, I participated in an international competition three years ago and won the championship as expected.”

Qiao Xi hissed and whispered in Gu Zhengs ear, “If I remember correctly, I participated in the same international violin competition three years ago.

“Back then, it was Fourth Brother who registered me, but my skills were not as good and I did not enter the finals.

I didnt pay attention to who was the final champion.

So, Yao Mengqing was the champion that year”

The person who brought this up continued, “May I have the honor of performing a song for you, Miss Yao”

Qiao Xi glanced at that person indifferently.

It was him… The musician, Zhao Qinghui.

This person had always caused trouble for Fourth Brother.

Yao Mengqing smiled and was not shy at all.

“Im just the champion of one of the competitions.

Theres nothing to brag about.

If Old Master Li doesnt mind, Im willing to perform a song to celebrate his birthday.

I wish the two of you health and happiness.”

Old Master Li smiled affectionately and agreed.

Yao Mengqing walked over and picked up the exquisite violin.

Just as she was about to play—

Suddenly, Yao Mengqing raised her eyes to look at Qiao Xi and she said meaningfully, “Xi Xi, if I remember correctly, you participated in that violin competition as well.

If my standard has dropped, dont laugh at me, alright”

Qiao Xi smiled calmly with a composed expression.

So, that was how it was.

Yao Mengqing had lost her reputation at the auction, so she wanted to take this opportunity to take revenge on her and let her have a taste of being mocked.

Yao Mengqing raised her head and placed the violin properly.

She raised her arm elegantly, forming a beautiful angle.

In order to perform, she even wore a dress that was suitable for playing the violin.

Her beautiful figure was outlined, and it did not affect her performance.

Qiao Xi sat at the side and took a sip of red wine before looking at Yao Mengqing with interest.

If Yao Mengqing could become the champion, she must be extraordinary.

It was a great thing for the Yao family to be able to make Old Master Li happy.

Yao Mengqing could even take the opportunity to trample on Qiao Xi.

It was killing two birds with one stone.

According to Yao Mengqings character, she would not have asked to perform.

Someone had to recommend her.

That person was Zhao Qinghui.

Qiao Xi looked at Zhao Qinghui.

If she remembered correctly, he was the judge for the violin competition three years ago.

Yao Mengqing played a melodious and cheerful violin tune.

This tune had high requirements for the performer, but she played very fluently, making everyone intoxicated in the tune.

Five minutes later, the last note sounded and there was thunderous applause.

“Awesome! The daughter of the Yao family is really talented and good-looking!”

“I didnt expect Yao Mengqing to be so accomplished in music.

Im fascinated by her.

If she can enter the music industry and develop her career there, shell definitely have some achievements!”

“Its just that Miss Yao and Miss Qiao had a conflict.

Im afraid she wont be able to enter the music industry anymore.”

Yao Mengqing was not dissatisfied at all and smiled elegantly.

“Everyone, youve misunderstood.

Im very close to Xi Xi, so I wont become enemies with her over a violin.

I dont think shell use Mr.

Xue to deal with me either.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Zhao Qinghui snorted.

“Mengqing, some people are just jealous of you because youre talented and good-looking.

Thats why they keep targeting you.

Dont ruin your future because of outsiders comments.”

In an instant, everyone present could hear a pin drop.

Everyone looked at Zhao Qinghui, then at Qiao Xi.

They were clearly aware in their hearts that the person Zhao Qinghui was talking about was Qiao Xi, and there was no doubt about this.

Yao Mengqing was in a dilemma.


Zhao, dont say that…”

“What cant I say” Zhao Qinghui looked at Qiao Xi and asked sarcastically, “Miss Qiao, what do you think”

Qiao Xi put down the cup in her hand and slowly raised her eyes to meet Zhao Qinghuis eyes.

Zhao Qinghui said disdainfully, “Why arent you commenting on Mengqings performance today Isnt it very exciting I wonder if you can play this song with your skills”

The air seemed to have frozen over.

After a while, Qiao Xi slowly raised her eyes and said word after word like a bolt from the blue, “May I know who you are”


Zhao Qinghuis expression froze..

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