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Chapter 357: A Sincere Apology

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Li Xinger glanced at Yao Mengqing and said with a fake smile, “Miss Yao, you must want to know what my gift is, right”

Yao Mengqings face turned pale, and her heart thumped.

Li Xinger sneered.

“Well, thatll depend on whether you have the ability.”

The banquet was about to start, so Madam Li brought Qiao Xi into a guest room.

Qiao Xi did not know what the mother and daughter of the Li family intended.

One called to invite her over while the other looked mysterious.

However, it seemed that the two of them did not have any ill intentions.

Just as she was thinking about it, Madam Li took out a gift box.

“Miss Qiao, please accept it.”

Qiao Xi had a puzzled expression as she asked unhurriedly, “Madam Li, I dont have much contact with the Li family.

The Li and Gu families dont have many business dealings either.

I dont accept gifts for no reason.

I cant casually accept things from the Li family.”

Madam Lis face turned slightly red as she explained helplessly, “Its because Xinger misunderstood you and thought that you smashed her toy.

Because of that, she pushed you down in public.”

Qiao Xi frowned.

To be honest, she really did not want to recall that memory.

“Didnt the Li family punish Miss Li Everything…”

“Miss Qiao, actually, I only found out the truth a few days ago.

It turned out that Qiao Rou framed you and even got the Qiao family to force you to confess.

Xinger and I know that we wronged you back then and made you suffer.

“Although it has been ten years since this incident, it still concerns your reputation, so we plan to restore your reputation at todays banquet.

This gift was prepared for you by Xinger.

I hope you like it.

If you dont accept it, Xinger will blame herself.”

Gu Zheng, who was outside the door, heard everything clearly.

Before he could say anything, Song Shiyu muttered, “Tsk! The Li family makes it sound so easy.

Theyre just apologizing I think they…”

Song Shijing glared at him.

“Dont spout nonsense.

The Li and Gu families dont have any business dealings with each other.

If they didnt mean it, they wouldnt be bothered to announce this at the birthday banquet theyre hosting.

Wouldnt it be easier to just post it on Weibo”

Madam Li did not know that Gu Zheng was standing outside.

“Miss Qiao, I know that its been ten years since the incident.

Perhaps youve forgotten or perhaps you have lingering resentment in your heart and dont want to forgive us.

However, Xu Mei announced that you stole and damaged property, so you were chased to the countryside.

If you dont clarify this matter, youll have this stain in your life.”

Qiao Xi remained silent and just sized up Madam Li.

Her eyes were clear and extremely sincere without a trace of hidden emotions.

She felt guilty from the bottom of her heart and was worried that this matter would affect Qiao Xi.

Back then, even though everyone thought that Qiao Xi had smashed something, the Li family still punished Li Xinger, who pushed someone in public.

This meant that the Li family was sensible and magnanimous.

Qiao Xi said indifferently, “Theres no need.

Isnt it too formal to clarify things at the banquet”

Madam Lis eyes were sincere.

“Xinger has already told her grandparents about this matter, and Old Master has agreed.

Moreover, it was our Li family who made you suffer back then.

You dont have to think too much.

We just want to clear your name.

You dont have to feel pressured.”

Seeing that she was silent, Madam Li continued, “Qiao Rou hasnt gone to look for trouble with you these few days.

Actually, Xinger has already warned her.

If she still dares to look for trouble with you, Xinger wont let her off.

“Theres another person.

The daughter of the Yao family… seems to be a little dissatisfied with you.”

Qiao Xi smiled with disdain.

“Yao Mengqing I know about that.”

The banquet officially began.

Everyone raised their glasses and wished the two elders a long life.

After a while, Madam Li chose the pipa among the instruments and casually played a piece.

Old Master Li liked all kinds of musical instruments, so his family had a lot of them in their collection.

This time, for the birthday banquet, they brought out all kinds of musical instruments.

There were both Chinese and foreign musical instruments, so they planned to have a talent show.

Many musicians were invited to the banquet this time.

Everyone was gathered together, playing and singing.

The scene was very lively.

After the performance ended, someone said, “I heard that Miss Yao participated in an international violin competition”

Everyone looked at Yao Mengqing.

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