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Chapter 356: I Can Smell The B*tch From A Mile Away!

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The famous musician was standing beside Yao Mengqing.

Everyone could not help but lean over.


Zhao, youre here.

Weve been hearing a lot about your reputation.

Its really great to be able to meet you now.

Have you heard about Miss Li giving away a gift”

Madam Li narrowed her eyes.

Zhao Qinghui pretended to be calm.

“I dont care about whats going on outside.

Miss Li giving away a gift has nothing to do with me.

Its better to give the young people a chance.

Miss Yao, the lady beside me, has a lot of potential.”

Everyone looked at Yao Mengqing.

She was quite good-looking, but the news that the Yao family had offended Xue Liang had already spread.

Zhao Qinghui had long been dissatisfied with Xue Liang pressuring the Yao family and provoking Xue Liang time and again.

However, Zhao Qinghui was a senior, after all.

If Xue Liang attacked him, wouldnt he be seen as an inhumane person

“Miss Yao, you cant give up on music just because of others opinions.

Ive seen your violin skills before.

Who can compare to you in terms of performance”

Yao Mengqing pretended to be shy.


Zhao, youre too kind.

I just like music and have never thought of getting a gift for it.

Moreover, Xue Liangs younger sister will be here today.


Before she could finish, Zhao Qinghui snorted.

Everyone instantly whispered.

Could it be that Xue Liangs younger sister did not know music Xue Liang had been in the art circle for so long.

Other than having extremely high attainments in art, he was also incomparable to others in music.

Li Xinger frowned.

Yao Mengqing and Zhao Qinghui were both hypocritical people putting on a pretense.

They were mocking Qiao Xi for not knowing music and even wanted to snatch the precious violin.

However, her gift was for Qiao Xi and had nothing to do with Yao Mengqing.

So what if Yao Mengqing could play the violin better than Qiao Xi

Li Xinger was about to retort when she was stopped by Madam Li.

Madam Li reminded her in a low voice, “Lets take a look at the situation first.

Dont be rash.”

Li Xinger knew that her mother was considerate of the overall situation, so she calmed down and nodded obediently.

Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng got out of the car while the butler went to deliver the birthday gift.

The two of them ignored the surprised gazes of everyone and entered the hall arm in arm.

The two of them had just entered when Madam Li came forward with a smile.

“Miss Qiao.”

On the other side, Yao Mengqing held a glass of wine and slowly approached Li Xinger.

“Hello, Miss Li.”

Li Xinger glanced at her in disdain.

The smile on Yao Mengqings face vanished abruptly.

If the Yao family did not urgently need the Li familys help, she would not have tried to strike up a conversation with the rash and brainless eldest daughter of the Li family!

Seeing Li Xinger look at Qiao Xi who was not far away, Yao Mengqing instantly had a plan.

“Miss Li, do you know Xi Xi”

Li Xinger looked at her impatiently and replied angrily, “Does it have anything to do with you”

Yao Mengqing had always been popular in high society because of her sweet appearance.

This was the first time she was being treated like this.

She forcefully suppressed her anger and smiled awkwardly.

“Miss Li, perhaps you dont know that Xi Xis husband and I are good friends.

Weve met a few times.

I heard that you and Xi Xi have a conflict”

Li Xinger was about to leave when she heard these words.

She suddenly stopped in her tracks and turned around with narrowed eyes.

“Miss Yao, where did you hear this”

Yao Mengqing looked troubled.

“Actually… I was also present at your birthday party.

If I remember correctly, it was Xi Xi who smashed your favorite toy.

She refused to admit it and only confessed after the elders of the Qiao family persuaded her.”

“Miss Li, Xi Xi was still young at that time.

She lost her biological mother when she was young.

No one taught her not to touch other peoples things.

Maybe she accidentally smashed it after she saw that you got a new toy.

Ill apologize on her behalf.”

If she did not know that Qiao Xi had been wrongly accused, she would have easily fallen into Yao Mengqings trap.

She would think that Qiao Xi had invited Yao Mengqing to persuade her.

She would recall those unpleasant memories from back then, causing her to be dissatisfied with Qiao Xi.

What did Yao Mengqing mean Was she trying to drive a wedge between her and Qiao Xi Was she trying to use her to deal with Qiao Xi She could smell this b*tch from a mile away!

She snorted.

At this moment, the butler walked over.

“Miss, Madam wants to invite you over..

The banquet is about to start.”

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