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Chapter 328: Young Master Gu Changed Fiancees

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Gu Moling and Qiao Rou quickly arrived at the hall.

When the reporters saw the two of them come out, they immediately picked up their cameras and started taking photos.

Gu Moling walked in front and was filled with joy.

Other than the Xue couple, there were also a few other famous businessmen in the industry.

They had all donated money to Li City University.

The chancellors face was red.

“Everyone, this is Young Master Gu, the donor.

“Everyone here has contributed to Li City University, so I suggest we take a photo together as a memento.”

Everyone stood up and shook Gu Molings hand warmly.

“What a young hero! Young Master Gu is so magnanimous at such a young age.

He donated 80 million yuan in one go.

Hes the second person to donate this much in history.

First place is naturally President Gu, Gu Zheng.

Back then, he donated 200 million yuan!”

When they took the photo together, Gu Moling and Qiao Rou were standing at the side.

Everyone then realized that Gu Moling had brought a female companion.

The person beside Chairman Xue looked at Qiao Rou and asked in confusion, “Young Master Gu, whos this”

Gu Moling looked obsequious.

“Its my fiancee, Qiao Rou.

This building was donated by us husband and wife.

Shes a student of Li City University and a popular celebrity too.”

Although the Qiao family was not as great as the Gu family, Qiao Rou was a celebrity, after all.

These people would definitely show her some face.

Unexpectedly, everyones expressions were a little strange.

Gu Moling was a little uneasy, while Qiao Rou pursed her lips.

Could it be that they were looking down on celebrities That shouldnt be the case! Madam Xue was also an actress and was filming a movie.

At this moment, a businessman said, “Why isnt your fiancee the same person as before”

Madam Xue frowned.

“Previously, I heard that Young Master Gu was about to marry his fiancee.

Why did he suddenly change fiancees”

Their voices were not loud and Gu Moling and Qiao Rou did not hear them clearly.

However, the sharp-eared reporters heard them.

At the same time, this scene was recorded and transmitted to the live-stream broadcast.

The comments paused for a moment, then someone asked: [Gu Molings fiancee isnt the previous one In other words, Qiao Rou is the second fiancee]

Qiao Rous brainless fans immediately stepped out: [They must have remembered wrongly.

Rou Rou is Young Master Gus fiancee!]

If these words were said by someone else, they would naturally be suspicious.

However, who was Madam Xue Did she have to malign Qiao Rou and Gu Moling

After taking the photo, an angry roar suddenly came from afar.

“Qiao Xi! You still dare to come!”

Zhao Lili pointed at Qiao Xis nose and cursed, “You b*tch, youre really shameless! Young Master Gu doesnt like you at all, yet youre still pestering him! Cant you live without a man”

Everyone looked at the door with disdain.

Qiao Xi was wearing a long dress as she walked over slowly with an indifferent expression.

She looked at Gu Yao, then at Madam Xue.

At this moment, the few of them suddenly reacted.

“Miss Qiao, I think weve met before”

Zhao Lili instantly snorted coldly.

“Qiao Xi! Youre really awesome! You tried to seduce Young Master Gu but you werent satisfied, so you even seduced President Chen.

You b*tch!”

Chairman Chen looked pensive.

“Where have I seen Miss Qiao before”

Madam Chen nodded as well.

“Thats right, Ive seen her too.”

Zhao Lili said noisily, “Rou Rou, you dont have to cover for your sister anymore.

She only has eyes for men and money.

She seduces every man she sees!”

Qiao Rou stopped her.

“Lili, stop talking.”

“Im going to say it! Qiao Xi is a mistress and seduced Young Master Gu.

Why are you hiding it for her In the past few years when you were with Young Master Gu, she has always been interfering in your relationship.

If it werent for Young Master Gu liking you—”

“Lili, dont say that about my sister,” Qiao Rou interrupted.

“Sister indeed likes Brother Moling and wanted to marry him on my behalf, but shes definitely not a casual woman.

Dont spout nonsense.”

Qiao Rou faced the cameras and silently shed tears.

“My sister is really not that kind of person.

Actually, shes not wrong either.

She just fell for a man.

Unfortunately, Brother Moling already has me.

Its impossible for him to marry her..”

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