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Chapter 311: Your Competitor Is Gu Zheng

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Now that Lu Qingyuns son, Lu Yan, had grown up, should he take revenge for his biological mother Should he return to the Gu family and take revenge on the mistress and illegitimate child

No matter what, Lu Yan was the true heir of the Gu family.

Among the two of them, one was the eldest son of the Gu family, while the other was an illegitimate child with immense power.

Who would be the final winner

If the two of them were to fight, it would be like heaven and earth exploding!

Lu Yan slowly walked in front of Qiao Xi and asked gently, “Miss Qiao, do you know what the last item is”

He had a smile on his face and looked very gentle.

“If you dont mind, Id like to bid for the last item.

How about I give it to you”

Everyone gasped.

Qiao Xi frowned.

Gu Zheng also looked at her.

Everyone present knew the relationship between Gu Zheng and Lu Yan.

Although they did not know who Qiao Xi was to Gu Zheng, she was, after all, a woman brought here by President Gu.

It would be awkward if she accepted Lu Yans gift.

Qiao Xi cursed Lu Yan in her heart.

Was this person crazy Did he think that Gu Zheng was easy to bully He was clearly provoking Gu Zheng by wanting to give her a gift.

She did not care about Gu Zhengs reaction.

She couldnt take it anymore.

Lu Yan said gently again, “Miss Qiao.”

Gu Zheng narrowed his eyes.

Those who knew him well knew that he was already unhappy.

President Gu usually did not lose his temper.

If he really lost his temper, the consequences would be very serious.

The person in charge of the auction was just about to step forward when Gu Zheng heard the words in Qiao Xis heart.

‘Are you crazy You want me to accept the things you give me Do I know you

‘Gu Zheng has a good temper and wont scold him, but I cant let Gu Zheng suffer!

Gu Zheng turned to look at Qiao Xi with a slightly puzzled gaze.

Qiao Xi… Why did she think he had a good temper

Her expression was gloomy, and her voice was cold and distant.


Lu, do you know what the final item is”

Lu Yan did not hesitate.

“Of course.

President Gu knows as well.”

Qiao Xi sneered.


Lu, you said you want to give me a gift”

Everyone widened their eyes.

Could it be that… Qiao Xi really wanted to accept it

Then wouldnt Gu Zheng lose his reputation

The air around Gu Zheng was cold.

Everyone held their breaths, afraid to anger this God of Death.

Song Shiyu was the only one who looked calm.

Why would Young Madam side with outsiders

Lu Yan was interested.

“If youre willing to accept my gift, Ill be very happy, of course.”

Qiao Xi turned to look at the person in charge behind her.

“Whats the final item”

The person in charge originally wanted to reveal it later to arouse everyones interest, but judging from the current situation, he could not hide it anymore.

He could only say in a trembling voice, “The final item is the sovereignty of an island.

Its surrounded by the sea, and the scenery is pleasant.

Its pure and natural.”

As soon as the person in charge finished speaking, there was a commotion.

It turned out that the final item was not an item but the ownership of an island.

Buying this island was equivalent to having ones own territory and a space that completely belonged to one.

The scenery and climate there were definitely good.

If a man gave this island to any woman, they would probably be very tempted.

The women present all looked at Qiao Xi with envy.

However, Qiao Xi was not surprised in the slightest.

“So its an island.

I really want it.”

Lu Yan smiled.

“Miss Qiao… are you willing to accept it”

Gu Zhengs expression was dark, and his eyes were deep.

They exuded waves of coldness.

Qiao Xi stroked her hair with a sweet smile on her face.

“Of course, why wouldnt I want a free gift”

She smiled evilly.

“But Gu Zheng said that hell bid for the last item for me just now.

He hasnt even raised his placard today.

He mustve been waiting for the last item.

“Gu Zheng said that he wants to give it to me.


Lu, you also said that you want to give it to me.

Who between you can bid for it in the end”

Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully.

“I do want to accept your gift, Mr.

Lu! But… are you sure you can win

“After all, your competitor is Gu Zheng!”

The smile on Lu Yans face gradually vanished.

Everyone also understood that this island was dispensable to Qiao Xi..

She was deliberately making things difficult for Lu Yan.

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