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Chapter 304: Giving It To Someone Else

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“Miss Yao, youre really kind-hearted.

You donated 300 million yuan.

Im really ashamed of my inferiority.”

“Miss Qiao has already donated more than 100 million.

Im sure Miss Yao wont shirk her responsibility.

Theyre both so kind!”

At this moment, Gu Yao finally realized that Yao Mengqing was deliberately fighting with Qiao Xi for this bid.

If Qiao Xi had continued to raise the price, then she would have to spend over 300 million.

Gu Yaos tone was cold.

“Qiao Xi donated more than 100 million, while Sister Mengqing donated 300 million.

Those children who are going to be saved will definitely remember your kind deeds.”

Yao Mengqings body was limp.

She did not even have the strength to stand up.

If she went back on her word in public, she would definitely be mocked by everyone and her reputation in the upper-class society would be ruined.

No! She could not be hated!

300 million was indeed a very huge figure, but the Yao familys reputation was also very important.

Yao Mengqings heart ached.

However, she still forced out a smile and said with difficulty, “Im very happy to be able to help the sick children.”

However, she was extremely regretful.

This violin was worth 20 million at most, but she had spent 300 million to buy it.

It was equivalent to throwing away 200 million for nothing!

Yao Mengqing never expected that Qiao Xi would trick her instead.

At this moment, she finally realized that this was all Qiao Xis scheme!

Yao Mengqing was so anxious that she was going crazy.

She thought that she had to find someone to fork out this sum of money for her.

She would pay as much as she could.

The Yao family could not shoulder this huge sum of money alone.

At this moment, there was a commotion outside.

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice.

The door was pushed open and a group of bodyguards rushed in.

A man in a suit slowly walked in.

“Its Xue Liang!” someone exclaimed.

“Painter Xue! I heard that he really wanted that violin! Unfortunately, it has already been taken by Miss Yao.”

Everyone said helplessly, but Gu Yao said loudly, “Whats there to pity Sister Mengqing bought that violin for Xue Liang.

Didnt Yao Mengqi say so just now”

Yao Mengqi had indeed said that they would give this violin to Xue Liang, but were they really going to spend 300 million to buy it for someone else

Yao Mengqings expression was stiff and ugly.

Gu Yao continued to watch the show as he said, “Sister Mengqing said she likes Mr.

Xue and his paintings very much.

She knows that he likes this violin, so she bid for it at all costs just to give it to Mr.


Gu Yao hurriedly walked forward and greeted Xue Liang.


Xue, youre here at the right time.”

Yao Mengqing gritted her teeth with a ferocious expression.

Words were like water that had been poured out.

If she denied it just like that, wouldnt everyone laugh their heads off

If she were mocked by the people of the upper-class society, how could she marry Gu Zheng in the future She was the future Mrs.

Gu and had to take care of her image.

Otherwise, the Gu family and Gu Zheng would not accept her.

Yao Mengqing suppressed the anger in her heart and walked forward calmly.

She smiled gently and said, “Hello, Mr.


Xue Liang glanced at her and did not say anything.

At this point, Yao Mengqing had no way out.

She could only use this 300 million to buy her reputation and let the entire Li City know that she was kind-hearted.

She wanted to pretend to be a big shot.

Hence, she smiled.


Xue, the Yao family offended you in the past.

I heard that you like this violin very much, so I took the initiative to bid for it and want to give it to you…”

Xue Liang had a calm expression.

“Miss Yao, I cant accept this violin that costs 300 million.

If news of this gets out, theyll think that I have a special relationship with the Yao family.”

Yao Mengqing looked at her surroundings.

She had to give this violin away no matter what.

It would not only earn her a good reputation but also make Xue Liang the backer of the Yao family.

This was the only way she could recover the Yao familys losses.

Yao Mengqing gritted her teeth.


Xue, please accept it as a token of our Yao familys appreciation.

My younger sister offended your family previously, so we have to compensate you.

“Furthermore, we spent 300 million yuan to donate the money to the sick children, not for you.

Please dont feel pressured and accept this violin.

Our Yao family has already apologized.”

Xue Liang smiled..

“Miss Yao, youre really kind-hearted!”

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