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Chapter 300: 20 Million, I Want It


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The auctioneer said, “15 million going once, 15 million going twice—”

Yao Mengqi was extremely proud and became even more arrogant.

“Sister! Do you think she doesnt dare She only knows how to puff herself up at her own expense! Why is she pretending to be rich when she doesnt have any money How laughable…”

“20 million!” Qiao Xi suddenly said.

Yao Mengqi immediately swallowed her words.

Qiao Xi took a sip of tea and said indifferently, “20 million, I want this necklace.”

Hearing Qiao Xis nonchalant voice, Yao Mengqi felt that she had been deeply mocked, so she roared in exasperation, “Qiao Xi! Are you crazy! Are you going to bid for whatever my sister is bidding”

“Cant I donate Miss Yao, youre so nosy.

Are you only allowing your sister to donate”

Yao Mengqi choked.

Qiao Xi said slowly, “Miss Yao, if youre unwilling, you can continue to increase the price.

I have no objections.

The highest bidder wins!”

Yao Mengqings expression froze.

She said with difficulty, “… Forget it, forget it.

Ill take the next one.”

Qiao Xis expression was composed as she smiled indifferently.

Qiao Xi remained calm and collected throughout the auction.

As long as Yao Mengqing managed to bid for something till the end, she would definitely raise the price and intercept it.

Moreover, Qiao Xi would bid at a high price and not give Yao Mengqing a chance to further raise it.

Yao Mengqi instantly cursed, “Qiao Xi! Youre despicable! Why are you snatching all of my sisters bids Even if youre jealous that my sister and President Gu were childhood sweethearts, you cant keep targeting her!”

Everyone raised their eyes in surprise, and their gazes fell on Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi said lightly, “Im jealous of Miss Yao Your Yao family really knows how to flatter yourselves.”

Just then, Madam Yao said, “Miss Qiao, mind your words.

Qi Qi is right.

Youre just jealous of President Gu and Mengqing—”

Qiao Xi interrupted her words.

“Im bidding for these things because I want to donate money.

After all, Miss Yao has been mocking me for being selfish and unwilling to donate just now.

I just want to give a little help to those sick children.

Is there anything wrong with that”

Qiao Xi smiled lightly.

“Miss Yao, you called me cheap just now.

I dont understand.

How am I cheap after donating so much money You mean to say that I shouldnt donate

“Or is it that only the Yao family can donate but no one else can Why dont we hold this charity auction exclusively for the Yao family to participate, then The rest of us dont have to waste time here anymore, right”

Everyone immediately reacted and looked at the Yao family angrily.

No matter who was the one bidding, the money gathered today was to treat sick children.

A portion of the money would also be donated to the villages in the mountainous areas.

Qiao Xi had done a good deed by bidding so many times, so why was the Yao family calling her cheap now

Miss Qiao was right.

The Yao family thought that Qiao Xi had stolen Yao Mengqings limelight, so they kept scolding her.

The Yao familys upbringing was really questionable.

One moment, they said that Miss Qiao was going through troubles.

The next moment, they said that she was cheap.

In the beginning, they even mocked Miss Qiao for being poor.

Moreover, how was this matter related to President Gu

Yao Mengqi could not explain herself.


“Miss Yao, you have nothing to say, right If the Yao family really wants to donate so much, then dont waste any more time.

Just buy something.”

Yao Mengqi was so angry that her whole body was trembling.

Qiao Xi, this b*tch, was jealous of her sisters relationship with President Gu.

That was why she kept bidding for these items.

Yao Mengqing, who was at the side, shed tears out of grievances and sobbed softly.

“Qi Qi, Ah Jie, dont say anymore.”

Qiao Xi sneered with an indifferent expression.

She had intercepted so many times not because she wanted to act on impulse but because she wanted to set a trap for Yao Mengqing.

There were a total of 20 items.

Qiao Xi had bid for eight and spent over 100 million.

She would take everything that Yao Mengqing liked.

At this moment, Yao Mengqings face was livid.

She listened to the mocking words that were uttered from time to time and bit her lip.

The most powerful people in todays auction were the Gu family and the Yao family.

Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng, who were sitting together, naturally represented the Gu family.

The Yao family, who kept saying that they would donate, only managed to bid for a painting worth 200,000 yuan.

If news of this were to spread, where would they put their dignity

Before entering the auction, Yao Mengqing had even said in an interview that she would do her best to help the sick children recover from their illness.

Yet, she had only spent 200,000 yuan That was too shabby.

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