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Chapter 299: The Highest Bidder

At this moment, Qiao Xi spoke out in reminder, “Isnt 8 million enough”

The auctioneer nodded hurriedly.

“8, 8 million.

Yes, yes! Miss Qiao is offering 8 million.

Is there a higher bid”

A few passers-by who were mocking Qiao Xi for not spending money just earlier immediately lowered their heads with awkward expressions.

No way Didnt Miss Yao say that Qiao Xi had no money at all Why would she fork out 8 million to buy a jade pendant

Although this jade pendant was not cheap, it was at most 3 million.

8 million was a sky-high price.

Had Qiao Xi gone mad Was she mistaken to spend so much money

Yao Mengqings face was livid.

Her nails dug into her palms.

Looking at the current situation, Yao Mengqi shouted angrily, “Qiao Xi! You did it on purpose, right! My sister has already offered 5 million yuan! Why are you still fighting for it”

“Im also doing this for the sake of those sick children.” Qiao Xi smiled indifferently and continued, “Actually, it doesnt matter how much money I spend.

For the sake of treating the children, so what if I spend a little money The highest bidder will obtain the item being auctioned.

Could it be that I cant bid for what your sister has taken a liking to”

“You…” Yao Mengqis face instantly turned red.

Qiao Xis words actually caused her to be unable to retort, but Qiao Xi was clearly pretending.

She even said that she did it for the sake of the sick children.

Yao Mengqings eyes were vicious.

When she looked up again, she revealed a gentle smile.

“Its okay.

If Xi Xi wants it, Ill give it to her.”

The auctioneer slammed the gavel, and everyone could not help but look at Qiao Xi.

Most of them only brought 5 million yuan with them when they attended the auction.

They only wanted to bid for a few small items, but Qiao Xi spent 8 million yuan on a jade pendant!

That was money!

It would seem that Qiao Xi was not as selfish as Young Master Lin had said

“Miss Qiao is quite generous.

Young Master Lin even said that she wouldnt donate.

He must have misunderstood her.”

“She just spent 8 million yuan.

Shes definitely not a greedy and selfish woman.

We were wrong this time.”

“Its all because of Yao Mengqing.

She slandered Qiao Xis reputation together with Lin Jie.

Qiao Xi doesnt lack money at all.

Not just anyone can fork out 8 million!”

Yao Mengqi heard the discussion around her and stomped her feet in anger.

“Sister, dont be angry.

Qiao Xis limelight is temporary.

Shell only be able to bid on this one item.

Moreover, its uncertain if she can even fork out the 8 million!”

Yao Mengqing smiled with difficulty.

“Xi Xi is doing this for those poor children.

Xi Xi, thank you.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated.”

The next second, the auctioneer took out the next item.

Yao Mengqi immediately broke into a smile.

“Sister, Qiao Xi will definitely not have any money left so you can bid for this.”

The auctioneer said, “This is a 10-carat diamond necklace from South Africa.

Rumor has it that this is the work of the jewelry master, Ella.

It represents unwavering love.

I believe all the ladies here will like it very much.”

Everyones eyes lit up when they heard that.

A few noblewomen immediately begged the man beside them to raise the placard.

Although 10-carat diamonds were not considered rare, this necklace was embedded with many precious gems.

Under the illumination of the lights, it was dazzling and shot out five colors.

Someone had once estimated that this diamond necklace was worth about 10 million yuan.

Such things were worth collecting.

It was worth it even if it was 15 million.

Yao Mengqing was not in a rush to raise her placard.

She only started raising the price in the end.

The price soon soared to 15 million.

She could not help but glance at Qiao Xi.

The other party had her head lowered as if she was not interested in this.

Yao Mengqings expression softened.

Fortunately, Qiao Xi was not bidding for this.

“Sister, I knew that she could only fork out 8 million yuan.

She doesnt have the money to buy anything else.

She didnt even raise her placard for this necklace.

She must be broke!”

Yao Mengqis voice was heard by everyone.

Her tone was very arrogant.

Yao Mengqing advised her gently, “Qi Qi, you cant say that.

Perhaps Xi Xi doesnt like diamonds”

Yao Mengqi retorted, “Which woman doesnt like diamonds I think she just doesnt have any money! Didnt she say she wanted to donate If she has the ability, she should continue raising the price!

“Some people are just good at talking but in reality, they can only afford to spend 8 million yuan..”

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