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Chapter 278: The Thief Wanted To Stop The Thief—Wang Qing Is Expelled

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Wang Qings expression was livid as she gritted her teeth and looked at Qiao Xi.

The vice chancellor slowly said, “Wang Qing, you said so yourself that those who get in through the back door have to be removed from the university.

Back then, you spent three million yuan to enter the university.

The university cant support this practice.

I hope you can immediately register for withdrawal.”

“I got into the university on my own.

Did you agree to slander me after taking Qiao Xis money!”

At this moment, someone posted a college entrance examination report card on Li City Universitys forum.

It clearly stated that Wang Qing had only scored 420.

The vice chancellor said helplessly, “Back then, I accepted three million from you and made an exception for you to enter the university.

However, for the sake of Li Citys Universitys reputation, Im willing to shoulder the responsibility and admit my mistake.

The people who got in through the back door must pay the price!”

Wang Qings body trembled.

Her legs went weak and she almost fell to the floor.

The students outside the vice chancellors office were discussing.

“It turns out this is a case of a thief accusing others of being a thief!”

“She kept saying that she wanted to get Qiao Xi expelled for entering through the back door, but she spent three million yuan to get in.

How did she have the cheek to look for trouble with Qiao Xi”

“The vice chancellor disregarded his future to expose this matter.

It must be true!”

“Wang Qing said that someone else reported Qiao Xi but I think its her!”

Everyone laughed at her.

Wang Qing was about to faint from anger.

“Lin Jie reported Qiao Xi.

Hes the young master of the Lin family.

It has nothing to do with me!”

“Whos Lin Jie Im not close to him, so why would he report me”

Qiao Xi smiled lightly.

“It doesnt matter who reported me.

The truth is out now.

I was specially recruited.

I can still be a teacher, but youre going to be expelled.

Wang Qing, you left for wool but came home shorn.”

“No! You cant expel me! Qiao Xi! Just you wait!”

In the end, Wang Qing was dragged out while screaming.

No one expected that after Wang Qing reported Qiao Xi, she would be expelled.

The news that she got into the university through the back door would soon spread to Li City.

No university in Li City would be able to take her in anymore.

Qiao Xi slowly walked out of the office, and everyone subconsciously moved aside.

She stopped in her tracks.

So it was Lin Jie who reported her

Wang Qing was just a chess piece.

The mastermind was Lin Jie, right

After Qiao Xi finished her classes, she saw Gu Zhengs car as soon as she left the university.

Song Shiyu opened the door for her and she climbed into the drivers seat.

Gu Zheng said softly, “Wang Qing wont make you angry anymore.”

Qiao Xi knew that Gu Zheng had already helped her solve this problem.

Song Shiyu muttered, “The president had already warned the Wang family long ago but Wang Qing still dared to provoke you, Young Madam.

Shes overestimating herself.

She wont be able to stay in Li City anymore!”

Gu Zheng said casually, “Lin Jie was the one who reported it.”

Qiao Xi nodded.

“Yeah, I just found out too.”

The man smiled.

“I wont let anyone who makes you angry off, Mrs.


“What do you want to do”

Gu Zheng said slowly, “Since he reported you, Ill let him have a taste of what its like to be reported.”

Qiao Xi was slightly curious.

Could it be that Lin Jie had also done something wrong

The car slowly stopped.

Before Qiao Xi entered, she heard a voice coming from the villa.

“Mengqing, youre Ah Zhengs childhood sweetheart.

Shes just a toy for him.

What right does she have to chase you away Shes so jealous.

Could it be that she wants to chase all the women around Ah Zheng away”

Qiao Xi stopped in her tracks.

‘This person is… Lin Jie

Could it be that Lin Jie was talking bad about her in Longwan Residential

Lin Jie was very angry.

“Mengqing, youre too kind.

Youre just enduring it all.

Thats why that woman is so arrogant.”

Yao Mengqing smiled bitterly.

“Im doing it for Ah Zheng.

I dont want him to be stuck in the middle.

Thinking about it, it was better when we were young.

The few of us played carefreely, unlike now when meeting Ah Zheng is a luxury.”

Lin Jie nodded.

“Thats right, so your relationship with Ah Zheng cant be replaced by any other woman.

I reckon that after Ah Zheng gets bored, hell kick her out.”

Gu Zhengs expression darkened.

At this moment, the butler came forward.

“President, Young Master Lin and Miss Yao are here.

I said that you werent around, but they insisted on entering..


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