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Chapter 277: Purely A Rumor

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Qiao Xis expression was calm.

She did not care about the outcome because she knew that even if she was fired today, it would not be long before this vice chancellor begged her to come back.

On the other hand, Wang Qing was overjoyed.

Later, the vice chancellor would announce that Qiao Xi was fired.

At that time, Qiao Xis reputation in Li City University would be completely ruined.

This was simply too exciting.

Wang Qing was extremely expectant and said anxiously, “Vice Chancellor, quickly announce it.

The students are all waiting! We cant keep such a person who got into Li City University through the back door!”

The vice chancellor nodded meaningfully and picked up the microphone nervously.

If it were not for that God of Death suppressing him, he wouldnt be doing this.

His future was completely ruined this time, and he might even have to take legal responsibility.

However, he had to, or his son and his entire family would suffer an unprecedented blow.

He took a deep breath and slowly said, “Teachers and students, Li City Universitys reputation cant be tainted.

The university and I have carried out a strict investigation and looked through the admissions information.

There are rumors about Teacher Qiao getting in through the back door…”

Wang Qing stared at him fixedly.

The teachers and students of Li City University were also focused.

Everyone thought that Qiao Xi would definitely be fired.

There was irrefutable evidence.

How did she join Li City University if she had never taken the college entrance examination

Wang Qing stared at the vice chancellor with anticipation, waiting anxiously for him to announce—

The vice chancellor looked nervous.

He took a deep breath and said word by word, “The incident of Teacher Qiao getting in through the back door is purely a rumor!”


The smile on Wang Qings face vanished abruptly, and her face was filled with disbelief.

Did the vice chancellor say something wrong

Wang Qings lips trembled.

“Vice Chancellor, do you know what youre saying Someone reported that Qiao Xi got in through the back door.

Are you protecting her now”

The vice chancellor ignored her and said firmly, “Ms.

Qiao was specially recruited by Li City University.

Although she has never taken the college entrance examination, everyone knows how capable she is.

Her design ability is recognized internationally.

Students, please dont spread rumors.”

Wang Qing was surprised.

Qiao Xi was specially recruited

Every year, Li City University would have a special admissions slot, but very few people could meet the requirements.

They had to have international accomplishments in order to enter Li City University.

It was actually understandable for Qiao Xi to enter Li City University as Gu Shan.

Wang Qing slapped her forehead.

How could she have forgotten about this! In that case, Qiao Xi would not be fired.

“Vice Chancellor, you promised me that you would fire Qiao Xi.

Why are you going back on your words now”

Wang Qing was very agitated and asked loudly, “How much did Qiao Xi give you to make you protect her People who use the back door have impure intentions and motives.

Vice Chancellor, are you going to let down the teachers and students of the university by doing this”

Wang Qings words were relayed through the broadcast and immediately caused a heated discussion.

If the vice chancellor had agreed to fire Qiao Xi, why did he suddenly go back on his words There must be something fishy going on!

The vice chancellor turned around and glanced at Wang Qing with a serious expression.

“Those who use the back door will indeed be expelled, but…”

“Youve already said that but you still want to keep Qiao Xi Did you accept money from her”

“Its just that the person wholl be expelled isnt Teacher Qiao, but you, Wang Qing.”

The vice chancellors words echoed throughout the university, making everyone gasp.

The person who would be kicked out of the university was actually Wang Qing and not Qiao Xi

Wang Qing shouted in disbelief, “What right do you have to expel me! Just because I offended Qiao Xi”

Everyone was puzzled.

Why did the vice chancellor suddenly want to expel Wang Qing

Qiao Xi smiled lightly.

“Wang Qing, I was the champion of the International Real-time Translation Competition for five consecutive years.

I also have outstanding talent in design.

Its not strange that I was specially recruited, but you…”

Wang Qings expression was gloomy as she stared fixedly at Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi continued, “But your college entrance examination score was 420.

How did you get into a popular major at Li City University Werent you the one who got in through the back door”

The students looked shocked.

Li City Universitys admission cut-off score had always been above 600, and the cut-off score for popular majors was ridiculously high..

If Wang Qings score was so low, how did she get into Li City University

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