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Chapter 276: Who Wants To Fire Mrs.


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Qiao Xi smiled indifferently.

It was hard to say who would be kicked out of the university after this!

The vice chancellor had asked the two of them to go over together.

He had not made it clear who he wanted to deal with.

Wang Qing was delighted.

The vice chancellor would definitely not let Qiao Xi off this time!

She had just gone to the vice chancellors office and saw him talking to a man.

The vice chancellor had guaranteed that he would fire Qiao Xi, which was why she was so sure.

The two of them reached the door.

Wang Qing knocked on it, and the vice chancellors voice came from inside.

“Come in.”

Wang Qing could not help but laugh out loud.

“Vice Chancellor, Qiao Xi didnt take the college entrance examination and got into the university through the back door.

I think the university cant keep such a bad teacher.

She has to be fired!”

The vice chancellors body trembled with fear when he saw Qiao Xi.

He did not dare provoke this figure.

He thought of President Gus warning, and his forehead was full of sweat.

He cleared his throat and said, “Wang Qing, calm down first.”

“Vice Chancellor, Li City Universitys reputation cant be sullied.

If Qiao Xi isnt fired, itll be difficult to convince the public!” Wang Qing said loudly.

The vice chancellor nodded and wiped his sweat.

Wang Qing looked at Qiao Xi with disdain.

“Who told you to bully Rou Rou and even go against me Now, youve received your retribution! Soon, the news of you being fired will spread throughout Li City! You wont be able to raise your head again!”

Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully.

She originally did not want to pay attention to this fool, but Wang Qing insisted on seeking death.

Then, she shouldnt blame her for being merciless.

At this moment, the vice chancellor said, “Qiao Xi didnt take the college entrance examination…”

20 minutes ago.

Gu Zheng sat on the sofa and leisurely drank his tea.

“Vice Chancellor, it seems your son is in the midst of discussing a collaboration between his company and Gu Corporation”

The vice chancellor was also a smart person and immediately understood Gu Zhengs words.

He asked in a quivering voice, “President Gu, please… Please tell me how my son has offended you”

Song Shijings eyes darkened.

“What did Young Master Lin say to you just now”

The vice chancellor was stunned.

Young Master Lin had come to report Qiao Xi for not taking the college entrance examination and getting into Li City University through the back door.

There was indeed such a practice in the university, and he had received a lot of red envelopes from others as well.

However, Qiao Xi had never given him money and she had not taken the college entrance examination either.

How did she become a teacher in the university

However, since Young Master Lin had said so, the vice chancellor felt that it was better to fire Qiao Xi for the sake of the universitys reputation.

He had just made up his mind when Gu Zheng walked in with his men.

The vice chancellor looked terrified.

“He said that someone got into the university through the back door.

President, this… This isnt important…”

“Who said its not important” Gu Zhengs voice was indifferent, but his eyes were icy cold.

“She… She and President Gu…”

“You should address her asMrs.

Gu,” Gu Zheng said in a low voice.

“My wife has a gentle character, but Ive always been someone who doesnt take offense.

I dont want to hear any rumors that slander my wife.

If my wife is sad, I might do something.”

“President!” The vice chancellor was so scared that his face turned pale.

His hair stood on end as he knelt on the floor with a plop.

Gu Zheng sneered.

“If my wife is fired, shell definitely be sad.

If shes sad, Ill make the person who broke her heart disappear.”

“P-President Gu, I really didnt know that Qiao Xi is Mrs.


I-I…” The vice chancellor was so scared that he could not even finish his sentence.

“Ill investigate this matter now.

Ill definitely prove Mrs.

Gus innocence.

I wont fire her and wont make her sad.

P-President Gu, dont worry!”

“Vice Chancellor, do you know Wang Qing” Song Shijing asked slowly.

“Back then, how much did you charge for helping her enter Li City University”

The vice chancellors mind was buzzing.

He stammered, “That… That was too long ago.

President Gu, I promise to investigate this matter thoroughly!”

He was scared to death.

Whether he could keep his position as vice chancellor was secondary.

What was important was whether he could keep his life.

“Vice Chancellor!” Seeing that he had not said anything for so long, Wang Qing asked loudly, “When are you going to fire Qiao Xi”

The vice chancellor came back to his senses and said, “The matter about Teacher Qiao not taking the college entrance examination does need to be explained..

Ill make the announcement now.”

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