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Chapter 275: Who Took The Back Door

Lin Jie saw that she was in a difficult position and frowned.

“Ah Zheng, why are you making things difficult for Mengqing If you dont want to introduce your wife to me, then forget it! Well just leave!”

Yao Mengqing quickly explained, “Ah Zheng, Im sorry.

Ah Jie is too impatient.”

Qiao Xi watched them leave in a hurry.

She did not dare believe that Yao Mengqing would leave just like that.

It was not easy for her to meet Gu Zheng, so she would definitely take the opportunity to seduce him.

Would she leave so easily this time

She had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.

Gu Zheng ignored them and said gently, “You should go, its time for class.”

Qiao Xi carried her bag.

“Then Ill be leaving.”

“Okay, call me after work.”

As soon as Qiao Xi entered, she saw a large group of people walking over in a majestic manner.

The leader was Wang Qing.

On the other side, Yao Mengqing looked helpless.

“Ah Jie, youre too rash.

You shouldnt have reported her…”

Lin Jie snorted.

“What I said is the truth.

She has never taken the college entrance examination, so what right does she have to teach at Li City University There must be a conspiracy!”

Yao Mengqing was very uneasy.

“But what about Ah Zheng”

“That woman faked her education.

If Ah Zheng finds out about this, he might just hate this woman and kick her out.

“I reported her for the sake of Li Corporations reputation.”

Yao Mengqing pretended to be worried.

“Sigh! I really didnt expect that the person who got into Li City University through the back door was Xi Xi… Everyone in the fashion design department already knows about this.

They definitely wont let her off.


“Mengqing, a woman like her doesnt know shame at all.

You dont have to care about her!”

Qiao Xi looked at the time.

Class was about to start, so she did not want to pay attention to that group of people and quickly walked to the teaching building.

Unexpectedly, before she could enter, she was stopped by Wang Qing and her group.

Qiao Xis gaze turned cold.

“Class is about to start.


“Youre so funny.

What right do you have to attend classes Youre about to be fired!”

Wang Qing sneered and said, “Qiao Xi, I heard about something, so Ill ask you this to confirm the situation.”

Seeing that the two of them were about to fight, the students all came forward to join in the fun.

When Wang Qing saw that there were many people around, she raised her voice.

“Qiao Xi, can you explain why you can teach at Li City University when you never even took the college entrance examination”

The words immediately caused a stir.

Qiao Xi had never taken the college entrance examination, and no one had heard of her university recommendation.

How could she be teaching at Li City University

Even the children of wealthy families had to sit for the college entrance examination before they could enter university.

They could only become university teachers with their qualifications and certificates.

Qiao Xi had never taken the college entrance examination or gone to university, so she must have gotten in through the back door.

Wang Qing had a face full of disdain.

“Qiao Xi, did you spend money to get in Which financier paid for you You became a university teacher at such a young age.

If you didnt get in through the back door, what else could it be”

Qiao Xis expression was indifferent.


“Youll be fired, of course.

The vice chancellor said that a teacher like you who got in through the back door cant stay in the university.

Youre ruining the reputation of Li City University!”

Wang Qing roared.

“Get out of the university immediately, or Ill chase you out!”

Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully.

She did not become a teacher at Li City University through the back door.

However, she had previously checked the records of Li City University and found that Wang Qings score did not reach Li City Universitys cutoff score, but she still managed to enter.

Who exactly was the one who took the back door here

The surrounding students asked in disbelief, “Is that true”

“She looks quite capable, but she didnt even take the college entrance examination!”

“However, she won first place in the translation competition.

Shes indeed very outstanding!”

“That doesnt mean that getting in through the backdoor is the right thing to do.

Shes a teacher at Li City University, so shes misleading everyone if thats really the case! If we dont investigate clearly, itll be a disaster for Li City University!”

Everyone was discussing spiritedly when the announcement suddenly sounded.

The vice chancellors voice was serious.

“Qiao Xi, Wang Qing, please come to the chancellors office.

Students, please dont spread rumors.

No one can slander Li City Universitys reputation.

Ill definitely give everyone an explanation.”

The students all looked at Qiao Xi with burning gazes.

Wang Qing smiled smugly.

“Qiao Xi, youre doomed this time..

Youll definitely be fired!”

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