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Chapter 255: Her Weak Persona Has Collapsed!

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Qiao Xis heart thumped.

“W-What are you talking about”

Liang Pingchuan really wanted to knock Little Six on the head to teach this child a lesson.

She did not even know the side effects of doing this yet she still dared to rashly use her blood to save someone.

As long as she used her blood to save someone, the other party would be able to hear her thoughts.

Moreover, over time, their lives would be closely linked.

She was a silly child.

Even though she had married Gu Zheng, she could not risk her life.

If she regretted it, there would be no way out.

Liang Pingchuans expression was gloomy.

He was just about to remind her when he heard Qiao Xi speak abruptly.

“Teacher, I understand.

Youre afraid that Gu Zheng will imprison me after finding out about this.

When the poison takes effect, hell want to feed on my blood to detoxify the poison”

Liang Pingchuan rolled his eyes.

“If you know that, how dare you still do it Do you know Gu Zheng Do you dare to reveal your secret If hes vicious, youll be his antidote that can be regenerated indefinitely!”

Qiao Xi had long considered this matter.

If Gu Zheng was really such a person, then her future would definitely be very painful.

However, she believed that he would not do that.

Liang Pingchuans face turned red with anger when he thought of how painful it would be for Little Six.

“Do you know him well Its fine that you got married in a flash, but you—”

Qiao Xi said indifferently, “Teacher, I know him.

Ive known him for ten years.”

Liang Pingchuan choked and looked at her in disbelief.

Qiao Xi took a deep breath.

“Teacher, do you know about my senior”

Liang Pingchuan nodded without hesitation.

The mountain was originally filled with men.

The old man had taken in four disciples, all of whom were boys.

One day, he brought back a girl.

Qin An and Xue Liang found her cute and wanted her to call themSenior, but the child refused.

After they got to know her better, she said that she only had one senior.

He was the hacker, Mo Yuan.

Hence, she no longer called others her seniors.

After that, the few of them did not force her and just let her call themBrother.

That was how everyone got to know the hacker Mo Yuan.

Hence, Liang Pingchuan was clearly aware of how much Qiao Xi cared about Mo Yuan.

It was just that he never expected that Gu Zheng would be Mo Yuan.

At this moment, Gu Zheng walked over slowly.

“The sisters have left.

Its been hard on you, Mrs.


Qiao Xi lowered her eyes and pretended to be aggrieved, but she was thinking—

‘If it werent for the sake of maintaining my weak image, I wouldve dealt with them long ago! How dare they fight me! Theyre still too inexperienced!

When she looked up again, her eyes were red.

“Theyre so scary! They didnt even want to listen to my explanation.

Im too weak.

I cant beat them at all.”

“…” Liang Pingchuan gaped.

Little Sixs image of a weak woman was really awesome!

Back on the mountain, everyone knew her character.

No one would believe her even if she pretended to be weak.

Now, everyone here thought that Little Six was weak and could not take care of herself.

Unfortunately, she could deceive others but not Gu Zheng! He could hear Little Sixs thoughts.

At this moment, Little Six should be scolding Yao Mengqing in her heart.

Her image as a weak woman had collapsed!

If Gu Zheng thought that she was two-faced, he might hate her.

Liang Pingchuan was flustered and thinking about how to help her out of this predicament.

Gu Zheng, who was beside him, said nonchalantly, “Youre really too weak.

They bullied you so badly, but you didnt resist at all.

In the future, the management here wont let the Yao family come to this mall anymore.

They wont be able to bully you anymore.”

Qiao Xi said, “Ah Zheng, youre so good to me!”

Liang Pingchuan: “…”

He even wondered if he had remembered wrongly.

Could it be that such side effects would not occur after blood treatment

If Gu Zheng could hear her thoughts, how could he still think that she was weak

Moreover, she had known Gu Zheng for ten years.

Hence, Liang Pingchuan was sure that Gu Zheng was just not exposing her and just wanted her to continue maintaining her weak image.

“…” Should he tell Little Six the truth

The atmosphere suddenly turned awkward.

‘Whats with Teachers expression Why is he hesitating Is he going to expose my weak image

‘My good teacher! Youve lived with me for so long.

Of course, youll find it a little strange, but Gu Zheng likes my weak persona! Dont expose me!

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