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Chapter 254: Being A B*tch While Trying To Get A Good Reputation

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Yao Mengqing looked sad.

“I didnt want this to happen either.

I cherish my friendship with Ah Zheng and have tried my best to protect it, but Xi Xi just cant stand me.

She thinks Ill snatch Ah Zheng away.

If I really liked Ah Zheng, we wouldve gotten married a long time ago and might even have children by now.

She wouldnt even have gotten a chance.”

Lin Jie patted her shoulder gently.

“Dont cry.

When I go to Longwan Residential with you, lets see what she can do to me! Well watch a movie with Ah Zheng all night and sleep in Longwan Residential.

Well show her whos boss!”

Qiao Xi heard their conversation and smiled meaningfully.

What a good friend!

The man was already married but still wanted to sleep at another persons home.

If she dared to object, it would mean that she was jealous and petty enough to want to ruin their friendship.

Moreover, Qiao Xi had already expected that as long as it happened for the first time, Yao Mengqing would come countless times after that.

She would even say,Were just friends.

Dont misunderstand.

Dont be so petty.

Give your husband to me for a night.

In that case, didnt it mean that Yao Mengqing had slept with the entire industry

Hence, these men were all her backers.

How could there be such a shameless woman She was hanging out with these men as a friend, so it was only right that she became a public figure.

Normal women would keep a distance when they knew that the other party was married.

They would not stick close to them as Yao Mengqing did.

Yao Mengqing was a b*tch who was trying to gain a good reputation.

She would play along with her and become a b*tch too, then!

When the few of them came out of the mall, Liang Pingchuan pulled Qiao Xi over and asked in a low voice, “Little Six, is he your husband”

Qiao Xi was slightly guilty.

After she went down the mountain, she secretly got married and did not tell her elders.

Just as she was thinking about how to explain it, Liang Pingchuan said thoughtfully, “He looks a little familiar to me.

I think hes been to the mountain before.”

Qiao Xis eyes widened.

“Huh Hes been to the mountain”

The place on the mountain was their shelter and outsiders were practically not allowed to enter.

It was impossible for Gu Zheng to have gone there.

It was possible for Teacher Liang to say that he had seen him before, but Gu Zheng having gone to the mountain before It was really unbelievable.

At this moment, Liang Pingchuan looked serious.

“Its him! He even went twice.

Hes good-looking and has a strong aura, so I remember him very well.”

Liang Pingchuan had always been a reclusive person who paid no attention to external affairs.

He knew that Gu Zheng had been to the mountain but did not know why.

The old man was the one who made the decisions on the mountain.

After the old man went missing, Teacher Liang took on the responsibility.

Qiao Xi thought about it.

In her memory, the only person who could ascend the mountain was probably the big shot that her third brother spoke of.

The legendary fiance.

It was just that wasnt her former fiance Lu Yan Lu Yan was the heir of the Lu family and he also held the resources of precious elements.

If that was the case, what was Gu Zhengs identity

Could it be…

Qiao Xi came to a sudden understanding!

“Teacher, I understand! Do you know who Gu Zhengs biological mother is Its Madam Lu Qingyun! Lu Yan isnt Madam Lus son at all!”

She said in a low voice, “Grandpa treats Madam Lu as his biological daughter.

If he knows that Gu Zheng is Madam Lus child, hed naturally allow him to go up the mountain!”

Liang Pingchuan frowned.

Why did Little Six not think that Gu Zheng was that legendary figure Her ex-fiance

However, since Little Six had already said so, Liang Pingchuan could not retort.

“Youre right.”

“Teacher, I have something to ask you.” Qiao Xis expression became serious.

“Gu Zheng and Madam Lu… have been poisoned by the same kind of poison.

Theyll go blind in the dark.

Ive also seen his poison flare up once.

Its extremely painful.

I could only use my blood to temporarily suppress the poison.”

Liang Pingchuan widened his eyes in shock.

“You fed him your blood”

Little Six was really fearless.

She actually dared to feed him her blood.

Then wouldnt Gu Zheng know what she was thinking

Then there was no need for her to pretend to be weak anymore.

Anyway, he would already know what she was thinking.

Qiao Xi had a puzzled expression.

“Teacher Why are you reacting so strongly”

“…” Liang Pingchuan stroked his beard, his voice trembling.

“You… You dont know”

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