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Chapter 251: How Long Are You Going To Keep Pretending

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Liang Pingchuan was stunned for a moment.

He did not care what QR code it was.

All he needed to do was swipe his card.

He touched his pocket and suddenly froze, frowning.

Damn, his clothes did not have any pockets, hence he handed his bank card to Xue Liang for safekeeping!

The smile on the cashiers face gradually vanished.

Qiao Xi took out her bank card and handed it to her.

At this moment, Yao Mengqi seized the opportunity and mocked sarcastically, “Hah! So this old man doesnt have any money either.

Since he doesnt have any money, why does he have the cheek to keep a woman Qiao Xi, are you blind! Be careful or youll go broke!”

Qiao Xi frowned.

Liang Pingchuan was angry.

“People who spout nonsense will have their tongues pulled out in hell after they die.”

Hearing this, Yao Mengqi had a look of disdain.

“Old man! You came from the mountains, right What tongue-pulling in hell are you talking about I dont believe it! You look strange wearing ancient clothes.

You must be a big liar!”

Qiao Xi put away the bank card, and her expression turned cold.

She did not want to make a fuss about it, but this woman actually scolded her teacher

Qiao Xi calmly took out her phone, signed a contract, and transferred a sum of money to him.

After that, the corners of her mouth curled into a smile.

“Qi Qi, dont say that.

He probably just forgot to bring his card.”

Immediately after, Yao Mengqing looked at Qiao Xi and said with an apologetic expression, “Xi Xi, its my fault for what happened before.

I wanted to give you the tickets to Xue Liangs art exhibition, but you didnt accept them.

Why dont… I buy you the clothes Ill fork out the money, but you and Ah Zheng are already married.

Its better… to keep a distance from other men.”

Yao Mengqing slowly walked up to the cashier and said gently, “Hello, Ill help Miss Qiao pay.

Just swipe my card.”

The cashier immediately smiled and said, “Alright! Miss Yao, youre so generous!”

“Some people shouldnt pretend to be rich if they dont have money! Since Miss Qiao is already married, why is she still shopping with another man Shes really a loose woman!”

The cashier handed the bag of clothes to Qiao Xi and glared at Liang Pingchuan.

“Tsk! Why are you pretending to be rich!”

Qiao Xi looked at the shopping bags and said coldly, “I dont want the clothes anymore.”

Yao Mengqing said gently, “Xi Xi, dont be polite with me.

Take it as my apology.

I hope you wont mind what happened before…”

“Im not being polite.”

Qiao Xis expression was composed.

“Do I need to spend money to get the clothes in my own shop”

Liang Pingchuan had a proud look on his face.

‘Our Little Six is so domineering!

The smile on Yao Mengqings face froze.

Yao Mengqi, who was at the side, could not help but laugh.

“Did I hear wrongly You said this shop belongs to you Do you think Im stupid! How can this shop belong to you”

“I just bought this shop.”

Qiao Xi instructed the manager, “Kick everyone else out.”

The cashier shuddered and turned pale.

Yao Mengqi looked at this scene in disbelief.

The owner of the shop had changed so quickly

Yao Mengqing frowned.

“Xi Xi, you said that you just bought this shop Did you use Ah Zhengs money to do it”

Everyone looked at her in confusion.

Yao Mengqing bit her lip and hesitated.

“As Ah Zhengs wife, its fine for you to spend his money, but…

“In order to stand up for this man, arent you spending… too much of Ah Zhengs money”

Yao Mengqi reacted and instantly shouted, “Qiao Xi! Youre spending your husbands money to fool around outside! If your husband finds out, hell definitely beat you to death!”

Seeing that Qiao Xi did not say anything, Yao Mengqi became even fiercer.

“If you dont say anything, then it means that youre tacitly agreeing! Your father has already cut off all ties with you.

Now, its your husband whos supporting you.

Instead of coaxing your husband, you even dare to acquire a shop for an old man Youre really crazy!”

Yao Mengqing said earnestly, “Xi Xi, Ill pretend I didnt see it this time.

I wont tell Ah Zheng, but I hope you can… stop contacting this man as soon as possible.

Dont ruin your family because of him.”

She slowly went forward and advised gently, “Wake up a little.

Consider breaking up with him for Ah Zhengs sake!”

Qiao Xi glanced at the man not far away and said with an icy cold voice, “Yao Mengqing, how long are you going to keep pretending”

Yao Mengqing widened her eyes in grievances..

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