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Chapter 250: Cant Tell Treasure From Sh*t

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“Its rare for me to see you.

Lets go shopping,” Xue Liang said.

The three of them went straight to a branded womens clothing shop after entering the mall.

Xue Liang seemed to be very busy.

He took a call and asked Qiao Xi to pick out some clothes first.

“Sister, there are two tickets to Xue Liangs art exhibition.

Who are you going to attend it with”

Qiao Xi smiled lightly.

It seemed that her fourth brother was quite popular.

Immediately after, another woman said, “I plan on going with Brother.

But since he wont accept the tickets, theres nothing I can do.”

Qiao Xi was suddenly stunned and found that this voice was slightly familiar.

Yao Mengqi defended the injustice.

“Sister! Qiao Xi definitely doesnt know anything about art.

After she was abandoned by the Qiao family, she stayed in the countryside.

How could she have gone to such elegant events like an art exhibition before Even if she had gone to such events before, she would be like a caveman who cant tell treasure from sh*t.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Enemies were bound to meet each other.

She did not expect to meet Yao Mengqing here.

Liang Pingchuan frowned unhappily.

‘Little Six doesnt know anything about art

She had been looking at Xue Liangs paintings since she was young and was even sick of them.

Was there a need for her to attend an art exhibition

Yao Mengqi became more enthusiastic and laughed loudly.

“Sister, is someone like her even worthy of being your friend Its already her honor that youre willing to talk to her.

Dont talk to her anymore.

Being with someone like her is degrading yourself.

“She grew up in the countryside and is a wild girl.

I think she should stay in the countryside forever.

“You still want to apologize to her Is she worthy Youre the daughter of the Yao family!”

Liang Pingchuan was displeased.

All these years, they had never said anything harsh to Little Six, yet today, they heard these two women say so much about Little Six.

The Yao family seemed to think highly of Xue Liangs art exhibition

If Xue Liang knew that they were talking about Little Six like this, he would definitely chase them all out!

Liang Pingchuan frowned.

“Little Six, they…”

As he spoke, he was about to rush over and argue.

Qiao Xi hurriedly stopped him.

“Teacher, they wont admit it if you question them now.

Moreover, theyll even turn the tables on us and make us lose our dignity.”

Liang Pingchuan thought for a moment and flipped his wrist.

A silver needle appeared on his fingertip.


“Ah! My back hurts!” Yao Mengqi screamed and instantly jumped up.

She looked around but did not see anyone suspicious.

Yao Mengqing noticed Qiao Xi who was not far away.

She slowly walked over and pretended to be friendly.

“Xi Xi What a coincidence! Isnt Ah Zheng here”

Yao Mengqi felt a sharp pain in her back.

Immediately after, she saw Yao Mengqing greeting Qiao Xi.

So she was Qiao Xi!

She was in so much pain that she was anxious.

Finally, she found a place to vent her anger.

“Sister! This is that country bumpkin whos not interested in Xue Liangs art exhibition!”

Yao Mengqis voice was ear-piercing and attracted everyones attention.

Looking down on Xue Liangs art exhibition This woman was too arrogant!

Yao Mengqing stopped her.

“Qi Qi, dont spout nonsense.

Xi Xi simply doesnt want to go to Xue Liangs art exhibition.

Its not that she doesnt like it, but she might not know anything about art.”

Qiao Xi was speechless.

Teacher Liang who was at the side flipped his wrist again.

Yao Mengqing screamed too, her face filled with shock.

If it were not because he was in Li City, he would have killed the two of them to vent his anger on behalf of Little Six.

He was letting them off easy by just pricking them a few times.

“Little Six, lets go.

Ill buy a present for you.”

Qiao Xi curled her lips and nodded.

Yao Mengqing suddenly realized something and sarcastically asked, “Wait! Xi Xi, you havent introduced this gentleman to me… Why would he buy you a gift You and he…”

She looked at Qiao Xi meaningfully, and the surrounding people revealed disdainful gazes.

Yao Mengqi snorted.

“Tsk! Shes really unrestrained! How can she bear to do such a thing with such an old man I think she only has eyes for money.

She even seduced this old man!”

Yao Mengqing said helplessly, “Maybe theyre just relatives…”

Liang Pingchuan brought Qiao Xi into the store and wrapped up all the clothes that she liked.

The sales assistant hurriedly straightened her clothes as a trace of envy flashed past her face.

Although this man was a little old, he was quite generous.

He did not even blink when spending so much money.

She could also tell that he was a handsome man when he was young.

After checking out the clothes, the cashier smiled and said to him, “Sir, there are a total of 15 sets of clothes here, totaling 320,000 yuan.

Do you want to scan the QR code or swipe your card”

Teacher Liang: “…”

QR code Swipe card

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