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Chapter 244: Were Not Friends

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Jin Weiwei was the daughter of an ordinary family, but she had always wanted to squeeze into high society.

Therefore, she had seen many pictures of rich young masters, but she had never seen this man before.

Therefore, he should not be a big shot!

Her boyfriend was the young master of the Chen family.

Would she be afraid of him Hence, she shouted, “Who the heck are you How dare you kick me Ill kill…”


Chen Chi raised his hand and slapped her hard.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Shut up!”

His face was ashen, and his body was trembling.

Gu… Gu Zheng

Qiao Xi had clearly come with Gu Yao, so why was Gu Zheng here as well Was he also here for barbecue


Gu Zhengs eyes were deep as he lowered his eyes to look at Jin Weiwei.

He said firmly, “Qiao Xi is my wife.

A good-for-nothings mistress cant compare to her!”

Jin Weiweis face was filled with shock, and she even forgot to breathe.

She did not understand why Chen Chi was so respectful to this man.

Chen Chis expression was ugly.

Gu Zheng had scolded the two of them.

He was the good-for-nothing he mentioned!

His mistress was Jin Weiwei.

However, he did not dare to retort.

He nodded and bowed, saying obsequiously, “President Gu, why are you here”

Hearing him address this man asPresident Gu, everyones hearts skipped a beat.

Gu Zheng raised an eyebrow.

“Do I need to report to you that Im here”

Chen Chi was so scared that his face turned pale.

His forehead was covered in a cold sweat as he said tremblingly, “You… Youve misunderstood.

I… I…”

Previously, Yao Mengqing had a good relationship with Gu Zheng.

Hence, he, her cousin, gained some reputation in high society as well.

Everyone was respectful toward him when they saw him.

When had he ever been so embarrassed

Gu Zhengs cold gaze landed on him.

“Did you just say that my wife cant even be your mistress”

Chen Chi was trembling in fear as he stammered while explaining, “I… I didnt know she was your wife.

If I knew, I wouldnt have been rude to her.

Please let me off…”

Gu Zheng said indifferently, “You dont know just because she didnt say anything I dont believe that Yao Mengqing didnt tell you that Qiao Xi has already married me.”

Chen Chi gasped!

He was just about to explain when he heard Gu Yao say in confusion, “Sister Mengqing knows that Qiao Xi and my brother are married.

If she didnt tell you, how could you possibly know Qiao Xi How would you know about Qiao Xis relationship with my brother”

Chen Chi thought that Qiao Xi was Gu Zhengs kept woman.

It was either Chen Chi had deliberately said it or the person who told him this was deliberately misleading him.

These words scared Chen Chi so much that his legs went weak.

He suddenly knelt in front of Gu Zheng, his face filled with horror.

At this moment, Gu Zheng was really too scary.

He did not move at all and just stood there, making others wet their pants in fear.

Chen Chi really could not believe that Gu Zheng would care about a woman.

He did not even fancy Mengqing, so how could he fancy someone from the Qiao family

Could it be that this woman had tricks up her sleeve

“Cousin, Weiwei, you two… Ah Zheng”

At this moment, a weak female voice sounded.

Yao Mengqing walked over slowly and was surprised to see everyone.

“Ah Zheng, why are you here Why are my cousin and Weiwei on their knees”


Chen Chi seemed to have found a ray of hope and hurriedly rushed in front of Yao Mengqing.

“Sister! Quickly plead for me!”

Yao Mengqing lowered her head to look at Chen Chi, then at Jin Weiwei.

Finally, her gaze landed on Qiao Xi.

She slowly walked in front of Qiao Xi and said gently, “Xi Xi, what did my cousin and Weiwei do wrong Weiweis dress is dirty now.

Were all friends… Can we just let the matter go Let them pack up and well leave right away!”

Chen Chi nodded fervently.

Qiao Xi looked at Chen Chi who was kneeling on the floor and sneered in her heart.

‘Werent you noisy just now Didnt you want to continue quarreling Werent you quite capable just now Why are you so scared that you knelt on the floor the moment you saw Gu Zheng

Yao Mengqing pretended not to know anything.

Actually, she had been hiding in the dark for a long time.

‘Were all friends!

Qiao Xi was just about to retort when Gu Zheng said slowly, “Miss Yao, were not friends.”

Yao Mengqings expression froze.

Gu Zheng said, “Even if youre my friend, you cant make my wife suffer.

What more if you arent my friend”


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