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Chapter 243: Digging Up His Identity

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Qiao Xis expression turned cold.

Where did this stupid man come from Her man This stupid man was talking about Gu Zheng

The matter had blown up.

The waiter and waitresses quickly cleared the area and apologized to the customers.

Soon, there were only the staff members and the three of them left.

When Jin Weiwei heard this, she cried out in surprise.

“I didnt expect her to be your friends woman.

Im really sorry, but why dont we forget about it…”

Chen Chi quickly interrupted, “Why should we She bullied you, so should I just let it go Shes just a mistress who covets money.

Youre my girlfriend, so you dont have to give in to her!

“Moreover, Miss Qiaos man and I are childhood friends.

Although we havent been in contact for the past few years, there are still past sentiments.”

Then, he shouted coldly, “Apologize to my girlfriend!”

Chen Chi had a look of satisfaction.

So what if Qiao Xi was together with Gu Zheng He and Gu Zheng were childhood friends and he knew Gu Zheng very well.

He did not even fancy Mengqing, so how could he like other women

Moreover, his girlfriend had been bullied.

If news of this got out, he would lose his reputation.

When Chen Chi saw Qiao Xi remaining silent, he thought that she was afraid and became even more arrogant.

“I dont think you have the money to compensate.

As long as you apologize, this matter will be settled.

I wont make things difficult for you anymore.”

Jin Weiwei covered her face and laughed.

“Miss Qiao, its not easy for you to be a mistress, so you dont have to compensate me.

However, you dirtied my dress.

Shouldnt you at least apologize”

Qiao Xi was angered to the point of laughing.

In the end, this adulterous pair was mocking her for being a mistress.

She knew that Young Master Chen knew Gu Zheng and Yao Mengqing.

Hence, Young Master Chen was probably Yao Mengqings friend or relative.

He was here to stand up for her.

Chen Chi sneered.

“Miss Qiao, whats wrong If you dont apologize, dont blame me for being nasty.

By then, you wont even be able to be my mistress!”

The wait staff did not dare to breathe loudly.

Qiao Xi sneered, her eyes cold.

“Oh Young Master Chen, are you so capable

“Its just that there doesnt seem to be a rich family with the surname Chen in Li City.

However, Yao Corporation went bankrupt a few years ago and after that, the entire family moved overseas.

The Yao family has in-laws surnamed Chen.

Could it be that youre from this family, Young Master Chen”

Qiao Xi cried out in surprise, “So the Young Master Chen who has just returned from overseas is actually so capable”

An awkward atmosphere spread.

Qiao Xi revealing Chen Chis true identity in public immediately caused his expression to turn livid.

Jin Weiwei cursed and roared, “Arent you just a mistress If it werent for that man, you might even be sleeping with everyone! Ah Chi is asking you to apologize to give you a way out.

Dont be ungrateful!”

Chen Chi nodded, and his expression softened a little.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Xi laughed with ridicule and spoke once more.

“Miss Jin, Im not talking to you.

Why are you acting up by yourself

“You said that youre Young Master Chens girlfriend, but why have I seen you with different men Speaking of which, youre the one whos a mistress, right It must be hard accompanying different men every day, right”

Jin Weiweis face was filled with horror, and she was so scared that her face turned pale.

Everyone looked at Jin Weiwei.

From what Miss Qiao said, Jin Weiwei was not Young Master Chens girlfriend

Jin Weiwei was so angry that she gnashed her teeth and roared, “B*tch! Youre slandering me! Youre a mistress yourself! But youre wrongly accusing me too! I-Ill tear you apart! Ah…”

She bared her fangs and brandished her claws as she rushed over.

Before she could touch Qiao Xi, she was kicked by someone and abruptly flew out.

She fell heavily to the floor and felt her entire body crumble.

At this moment, a dignified voice was heard.

“Who said shes a mistress”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice.

The person was exuding a suppressive aura.

His footsteps were steady and he had the aura of a king.

Gu Zheng was calm as he glanced at the crowd indifferently and finally looked at Jin Weiwei.

His eyes were deep and filled with endless coldness.

It made one shudder..

Jin Weiwei only felt intense fear surge into her heart.

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