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Chapter 242: Enemies Are Bound To Meet

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“Ah! My dress!”

The woman screamed fiercely, “Are you blind! You spilled orange juice all over me.

I just bought this dress.

What do you think I should do now”

Qiao Xi was forcefully slammed into the corner of the wall by her.

A sharp pain swept through her entire body.

It was always the party at fault who was the first to complain.

However, when Qiao Xi saw that the womans white dress was stained with orange juice, she did not bicker with her.

“How much is the dress Ill pay you.”

She had already agreed to compensate, but the woman snorted.

“Compensate Can you afford it Do you know that my dress is a limited edition You cant buy it now even if you wanted to.

Is there a point in paying me You knocked into me, so apologize!”

Qiao Xi sized up the womans dress.

It was indeed not cheap, but it was not a limited edition.

This brand existed in the mall, so she said indifferently, “Ill buy you a new one.”

The woman crossed her arms and looked arrogant.

“Compensate me now.

Otherwise, what if you escape”

Qiao Xi: “…”

At this moment, she finally knew that this woman was deliberately looking for trouble.

If her dress was dirtied, the only options are to pay for it or get her a new one.

Even if she went to buy a new one now, it would take time for it to be delivered here.

This woman could not even wait for a while

This woman was the one who bumped into her, yet she was still being so unreasonable

A waiter immediately came over to coax her.

When he saw the woman, he could not help but take a deep breath and say while trembling, “Miss Jin, Im really sorry.

This was an accident…

“She also said that shell compensate you.

Dont be angry…”

“What do you mean” Miss Jin immediately flew into a rage.

“How do you know that it was an accident on her end My dress, which is worth over ten thousand yuan, is dirty now.

Do you want me to forgive her”

Miss Jin casually picked up a glass and slammed it onto the floor.

“This dress costs more than 10,000 yuan! Its what you earn in two months! Hurry up and compensate me! Otherwise, Ill call the police and arrest you!”

The waiter had a look of horror.

Miss Jin was Young Master Chen Chis girlfriend.

Moreover, Young Master Chen and Miss Yao Mengqing were both in the shop.

That was why Jin Weiwei could be so arrogant.

He tried to persuade her in a low voice.

“Miss Jin, calm down.”

He looked at Qiao Xi helplessly.

Qiao Xi took a deep breath and sneered.

“Call the police.”

Everyone was surprised.

She said slowly, “Miss Jin, I was originally happy when I came here for dinner.

I dont want to bicker with you, but you knocked into me first and youre still throwing a tantrum here.

That doesnt make sense, right

“It looks like I was polite and it boosted your arrogance!”

“You!” Jin Weiwei was infuriated.

Qiao Xi said slowly, “I shouldnt have taken the initiative to say that Id compensate you just now.

If you want to call the police, go ahead.

Well know who knocked into who after checking the surveillance footage.”

The atmosphere instantly became awkward.

Jin Weiwei gritted her teeth.


“Why are you being so noisy” Just then, a man walked out of the crowd.

The man was dressed in designer clothes and looked like he was from a rich family.

He slowly walked to Jin Weiweis side and said impatiently, “What kind of place is this Cant you pay attention to your identity”

Jin Weiwei had an innocent look on her face.

She removed her shrewish expression and said with an aggrieved look, “Ah Chi! She knocked into me and dirtied my dress.

Help me teach her a lesson!”

Chen Chi looked at Qiao Xi and was instantly shocked in his heart.

It was her

Was she not the woman who had bullied her cousin

Mengqing and Gu Zheng were originally a couple, but this woman snatched Gu Zheng away and married him.

She even roped in Gu Yao now.

She was simply bullying others!

Unexpectedly, enemies were bound to meet here!

Chen Chi snorted.

“Hey! So its you, Miss Qiao!”

Qiao Xi was slightly surprised.

This man actually knew her

She was calm as she sized up the man in front of her.

She was sure that she had never seen this man before, so she took out her phone to call the police.

Unexpectedly, Chen Chi took a big stride forward and snatched Qiao Xis phone away.

He slammed it onto the floor and said fiercely, “Dont call the police, Miss Qiao.

Its just a small matter.

As long as you apologize to Weiwei, then this matter will be over.

Otherwise, it wont end! I forgot to tell you that Im very familiar with your man..

Do you think hell offend me, his friend, for your sake”

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