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Chapter 231: Severing Relations

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Qiao Zhenguo gritted his teeth and decided to uphold justice.

“My eldest daughter has always been naughty and mischievous.

She has caused trouble again this time.

Ill take her away now and go home to discipline her! However, President Qin, can you come with me After all, Ive disturbed you when I cant afford to.

I just want to save my daughter!”

Qin An sneered in his heart.

If he had not known about the Qiao familys scheme, he would have really thought that Qiao Zhenguo was a good father.

Thinking of the scene later, Qin An could not wait any longer.

However, he said calmly, “Alright.”

Qiao Rou and Xu Mei were extremely excited.

They would see how Qiao Xi was thinking of escaping this time.

If this matter blew up, the Qiao familys shareholders would definitely not support her anymore.

Everyone hurried to the door of the suite.

There seemed to be voices of a man and a woman inside the suite, making everyone gasp.

Xu Mei tugged on Qiao Zhenguo and seemed to be in a dilemma.

“Old Qiao, Xi Xi must really like President Qian, which is why she lost her cool.

Its reasonable for them to be in a relationship.

Dont teach Xi Xi a lesson in front of everyone…”

“If I dont teach her a lesson, how can she learn Think about it! My entire life has been ruined by this daughter of mine.

This time, she actually dares to seduce a man at a banquet.

Shes simply throwing our Qiao familys reputation to the ground!

“Ill call my lawyer now and cut all ties with her!”

Everyone quickly tried to persuade him.

Qiao Zhenguo held his chest and looked disappointed.

“Her mother was like this back then.

I wanted to teach her a good lesson, but I didnt expect…”

“Dad! Youre cutting ties with me”

At this moment, Qiao Xi suddenly pushed open the door of the suite and slowly stuck her head out, feeling slightly surprised.

“Oh! Everyones here! Whats with the commotion”

Everyone sized up Qiao Xi and scoffed when they saw that she only opened the door by a crack.

They also heard a mans voice inside.

Qiao Zhenguo was angry as he shouted, “Qiao Xi! What are you doing here Open the door!”

Qiao Xi looked at everyone innocently with a helpless expression.

“I dont think so.”

Her nonchalant look infuriated Qiao Zhenguo.

Everyone also started criticizing her.

“Miss Qiao, your parents are doing this for your own good.

You did such an embarrassing thing at a banquet.

Hurry up and admit your mistake.”

“Even if its for money, you cant degrade yourself like this.

Youre really embarrassing the Qiao family!”

Xu Mei was overjoyed.

Qiao Xi was bound to be her daughters stepping stone.

She would never be able to make a comeback.

It would not be long before Qiao Xi was tortured to death by President Qian and went to hell to see her mother.

Xu Mei pretended to be sad and wiped her tears.

“Forget it.

Although Xi Xi isnt my biological daughter, Ive always treated her as such.

Even so…”

Qiao Zhenguos expression was gloomy.

“Qiao Xi, why arent you opening the door What are you doing”

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled up.

“Are you sure you want me to open the door”

Qiao Zhenguo was afraid that President Qian would not admit that he had slept with Qiao Xi, so he brought everyone here to catch them in the act.

After the matter blew up, for the sake of his reputation, President Qian could only admit his relationship with Qiao Xi and marry her.

At this moment, he was a little impatient.

“Whats wrong Youve done something shameful, so why are you afraid of others finding out Hurry up and come out!”

Qiao Xi frowned.


Xu Meis scoundrel friend snorted.

“Miss Qiao, dont you want us to see whats in the room Youre just a child without a mother.

How dare you mess around on such an important occasion!”

“Her reputation has always been bad, so its not strange for her to do such a thing!”

“President Qiao! You have a clean family background.

How did you give birth to such a daughter You should educate her.

If news of this gets out, itll ruin the Qiao familys reputation.”

Qiao Zhenguo burned with rage.

Even though this was all his plan, flames of rage arose in his heart when he thought of Qiao Xi ruining the Qiao familys reputation.

At the thought of this, Qiao Zhenguo could not suppress his anger anymore and pulled the door open fiercely.

“What exactly have you done Youre still hiding—”


Qiao Zhenguo immediately choked and was dumbfounded.

Everyone rushed in and looked at the bed in the bedroom.

The bed was empty and neat.

There were no special traces at all.

In the living area, three people were sitting together with poker cards on the table.

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