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Chapter 230: Bribing The Secretary

“President Qian.” Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Youre really laughable.

Since Im able to attack you, it means that Im confident enough.

You pressed the service bell multiple times but no one came to look for you.

Why dont you think about why that is”

President Qian widened his eyes.

Qiao Xi sneered.

“Fragrance Hotel has very good service, so why are they ignoring you this time Why are they turning a blind eye despite knowing Im attacking you”

She threw the knife away and clapped her hands.

Then, a group of people walked in.

One of them was the manager of Fragrance Hotel.

The manager walked in front of Qiao Xi and said respectfully, “Eldest Miss.”

Qiao Xi looked at President Qians surprised expression and said slowly, “Fragrance Hotel is my third brothers territory.

No one will care even if I kill you.”

President Qians face was filled with horror as his body trembled.

His eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Everyone quickly tidied up the room and carried President Qian out.

The suite was restored to its original state.

On the other side, Qiao Rou and Qiao Zhenguo had also arrived upstairs.

Qiao Rou looked anxious.

“Wheres my sister Dad, will she be fine Boo-hoo…”

A few of her friends hurriedly tried to comfort her.

“Rou Rou, dont worry.

Your sister is already an adult, so shell know how to take care of herself.”

“Besides, Fragrance Hotel is very safe.

As long as she rings the service bell, the staff will definitely appear.”

Everyone knew clearly in their hearts that Qiao Xi had suddenly vanished and gone upstairs with an unfamiliar man.

Hence, she was definitely…

Needless to say, this Qiao familys eldest daughter was really embarrassing the family.

Qiao Rou bit her lip and looked pitiful.

“Its all my fault.

I didnt look after my sister just now.

If something happens to her, how will I be able to continue living Boo-hoo…”

“Youre looking for Qiao Xi” At this moment, a man walked over.

Xu Meis eyes lit up.

This man was President Qians secretary.

In order to act out this scene well, they needed someone else to testify.

Hence, Xu Mei had already bribed President Qians secretary and told him what to do.

When the time came, Qiao Xi would not be able to deny it in front of everyone!

President Qians secretary was already waiting for this group of people to go upstairs.

He did not know that something had happened to President Qian.

“Miss Qiao Xi left with President Qian.

How could something have happened to them”

The secretary smiled meaningfully, and everyone instantly fell silent.

Although the secretary did not say it, everyone understood what he meant.

Tears trickled down Qiao Rous face.

“Dont spout nonsense! How could Sister be with President Qian! Sister… Sister wouldnt do such a thing.

How could she be with President Qian…”

She pretended to be pleading for Qiao Xis defense, her eyes filled with helplessness.

The secretary retorted loudly, “You mean to say that Im lying Miss Qiao Xi and President Qian have been together for a long time.

She even said that she wants to marry President Qian.

After meeting him at the banquet this time, she couldnt wait to get a room with him.”

Everyone gasped.

This was such explosive news!

Moreover, President Qians secretary made it sound so convincing…

Although President Qian was not good-looking and was quite old, he was indeed rich and powerful.

Qiao Xi must have taken a fancy to his money.

However, Qiao Xi was the eldest daughter of the Qiao family, after all.

She did not look like she was lacking in money.

Why did she have to marry President Qian

Suddenly, Qiao Rou covered her face and cried.

“Thats impossible… Boo-hoo, my sister wouldnt do such a thing.

Dad, its all your fault.

If you hadnt frozen my sisters card, she wouldnt be lacking money.

Although she did something wrong, you cant do this to her.

Its too much!”

Qiao Zhenguos face was instantly filled with sorrow and regret.

“That child spent a fortune.

I just wanted to teach her a lesson.

I didnt expect that I would force her to take the wrong path.

Its all my fault!”

Everyone instantly understood.

So that was how it was.

Qiao Xi did not have a source of money right now, so she had to rely on President Qian.

It was just that Qiao Xi was so anxious to get a room with President Qian at Qin Ans Fragrance Hotel.

Was she not taking Qin An seriously

They could not help but look at Qin An.

He looked rather calm..

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