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Chapter 223: Destroying The Qiao Family

Gu Molings expression darkened.

“Why should I”

Fragrance Hotel was not the Gu familys property but the Qin familys.

Why were they being kicked out

The manager said calmly, “Because youve disturbed our eldest miss.”

Before they could react, the bodyguards rushed over and chased the family away.

Qiao Rou was the center of attention no matter where she went.

This was the first time she was being looked down upon like this.

She could not take it anymore and her whole body was trembling.

“Fragrance Hotels eldest miss… Why havent I heard of her before”


Gu shouted, “Let go! What kind of lousy place is this! How dare they chase away the customers! It must be Qiao Xis doing!”

Seeing that she was still unconvinced, Gu Yan raised his hand and slapped her.

“Shut up! Youre being chased out by Fragrant Hotel in public.

From now on, its impossible for us to be invited to any more banquets.

This means that we cant get to know new customers.

Do you know how big of a loss this is for the company”


Gu covered her face and screamed, “I didnt know the consequences would be so serious! We dont know the eldest daughter of the Qin family either.

It must be Qiao Xi who did it! Ill kill this b*tch!”

Gu Moling was extremely depressed.

Ever since he got together with Qiao Rou, he had been extremely unlucky.

The company was affected and now, they were even being kicked out of Fragrance Hotel.

Qiao Rou lowered her head, her eyes vicious.

She would not let this go.

Fragrance Hotel.

Gu Yao said arrogantly, “Your ex-boyfriends family is too stupid.

Are they crazy”

Qiao Xi nodded.

Gu Yao continued to mock them.

“And your sister, whats her name Shes so ugly but shes still pretending to be weak.

How disgusting!”

Qiao Xis mind was filled with one thing and she could not help but say, “Gu Yao.”

“Whats wrong”

Qiao Xis expression was serious.

“You beat Gu Zheng before”

When Gu Yao was mocking everyone earlier, he said that he had hit Gu Zheng before, so who would he not dare to beat up

Gu Yao frowned, feeling awkward at first.

Then, he glared at her.

“When he hit me, I struggled back a little.

Its considered a hit too.

Are you unconvinced”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Fortunately, Gu Zheng was not bullied.

She was relieved.

She suddenly remembered that she was here for the appointment and went upstairs in peace.

On the other side, Gu Zheng was lazily leaning against the sofa, playing with a knife in his hand.

Song Shiyus heart pounded as he looked at the cold knife.

“President, this is Fragrance Hotel, after all.

It might not be too good if someone from the Gu family dies!”

Gu Zheng asked casually, “Hows the investigation going”

Song Shiyu replied in fear, “Young Madams mother was killed by Qiao Zhenguo and Xu Mei.

After that, Young Madam was locked up by the Qiao family and chased out ten years ago!

“The Qiao family announced to the public that Young Madam had gone missing, but it was actually Xu Mei who chased her out.

“After that, they went to look for Young Madam again.

Qiao Rou had always wanted to kill Young Madam and even tried to murder her a few times.

However, she failed and slandered Young Madam for killing someone instead.

Outsiders all say that Qiao Rou is kind-hearted and never took issue with Young Madam.

“After that, Qiao Rou stole Gu Moling from her and wrongly accused Young Madam of doing something wrong.

President, how do you want to deal with these people”

Gu Zhengs eyes were indifferent but a trace of murderous intent flashed past them.

“What is the Qiao family most afraid of”

Song Shiyu replied, “The Qiao family… might be afraid of losing their reputation and their company.”

Gu Zheng nodded.

“Since were going to deal with them, well have to destroy what they care about the most.”

Qiao Xi had already suffered a lot.

In the future, he would not let Qiao Xi suffer again, much less let the Qiao family bully her.

The Qiao family had always cared about their reputation.

In that case, he would announce to the world that Xu Mei was the third party.

He would let everyone see how Xu Mei killed the first wife and became Mrs.


They would watch as the Qiao family paid a painful price for what they had done in the past.

If his wife knew about this, she would probably be happy.

Upstairs in Fragrance Hotel.

Qin An flew into a rage.

“Who the heck is the Qiao family How dare they bully Little Six Ill kill them!”

Uncle Liang said indifferently, “Xi Xi has never been one to be bullied.

You dont have to worry..”

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