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Chapter 222: Ive Hit Gu Zheng Before

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Gu refused to budge.

“Qiao Xi! Dont think I cant do anything to you just because you have a wild man by your side! Im-”

“Stop fighting!”

To her surprise, Mr.

Gu instantly flew into a rage and berated her agitatedly, “Who did you say is a wild man Watch your tongue and stop spouting nonsense!”


Gus heart sank, and her eyes were filled with horror.

Seeing that Mr.

Gu had flown into a rage, she hurriedly hid behind him.

At this moment, Mr.

Gu hurriedly went forward with a look of flattery on his face.

“Y-Young Master Gu, my wife is ignorant.

She just spouted a few nonsense words.

Dont take them seriously…”

Everyone was dumbfounded by Mr.

Gus respectful behavior!

Surprised, Mrs.

Gu muttered indignantly, “Who is he Do you have to be so afraid of him Hes just a good-for-nothing!”

“Youre still talking” Mr.

Gu glared at her.

Gu Yao had an arrogant look on his face, exuding a noble aura as he scoffed.

“Gu Yan, just what kind of family do you have here! Its fine that they dont know me, but theyre even calling me a wild man! Are you leaving me with no dignity”


Gu broke out in a cold sweat.

Gu Yao sneered.

“I remember that you guys have a collaboration with the main Gu family, right”


Gu instantly shuddered.

“Second Young Master, yes, yes.”

“In that case, I officially announce that the collaboration is canceled.

Your wife and son actually dare to insult me If I dont make you pay the price, my surname isnt Gu!

“Also, if my brother knows that youre scolding me like this, youll end up worse off!”

Gu Yans body went soft and he almost fell to the floor, his body trembling uncontrollably.

In order to collaborate with the main Gu family, their company had spent a lot of effort but it ended up failing overnight.

Gu Yan quickly begged, “Second Young Master, the contract has already been signed and the project is underway.

If the investment is suddenly withdrawn, itll affect your company too.

Please let us off this time!”

Gu Yao snorted.

“The Gu family doesnt lack this bit of money.

Its just a drop in the ocean to us.”

Gu Yan trembled and stood there helplessly.

He then looked at Qiao Xi.

“Xi Xi, actually, Ive always thought very highly of you.

My unfilial son has let you down, and Ive also reprimanded him.

I wont let him disturb you again in the future, and our family wont make things difficult for you anymore.

Please help persuade Second Young Master.

Xi Xi, Ive never once made things difficult for you!”

Qiao Xis expression was strange.

The companys money was Gu Zhengs money.

She was not willing to let Gu Zheng suffer any losses, so…

Unexpectedly, Mrs.

Gu suddenly screamed loudly, “Old Gu! What are you talking about! Why are you asking for help from that b*tch! Shes the vixen who seduced a man and beat up Moling.

Why are you being so humble! Who do you think Qiao Xi is You must be muddle-headed to be afraid of her!”

Gu Yans lips turned pale!

Qiao Xi withdrew her original thoughts and sneered.

“Uncle Gu, its not that Im not giving you due respect here, but your wife keeps calling me a vixen.

How can I help her I think I should go.”

Gu Yan was so angry that his whole body was trembling.

He glared at Mrs.

Gu angrily.

“Old Gu! That kid even punched Moling.

Can you take it lying down Hurry up and…”

Gu Yao turned around to look at the fierce Mrs.

Gu, saying arrogantly, “Cant I hit your son Ive even hit Gu Zheng before, so why cant I hit your son”

He had already held back with that punch earlier, mainly because he thought that his hand would hurt if he hit too hard.

Gu Yan was so scared that his face turned pale.

His legs gave way and he fell to the floor, his eyes filled with horror.

“You crazy woman! Its Moling who had an affair with Qiao Rou.

Qiao Xi did nothing wrong.

Make a detour if you see her in the future!

“Do you know who this man is Hes Gu Yao, the youngest son of the Gu family and Gu Zhengs younger brother!

“You keep saying that Qiao Rou is good.

If she hadnt caused trouble, would we have offended Gu Yao Her mom is the third party, and her daughter isnt a good person either.

Shes not worth mentioning!”

Qiao Rous face was green with grievances.

“Uncle Gu…”

As soon as she finished speaking, the manager of Fragrant Hotel walked over.

“Im sorry, but the customers of Fragrant Hotel are all reputable people.

We need a quiet dining environment..

I hope you can leave as soon as possible.”

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