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Chapter 199: Gu Zheng Has Something Thats Difficult To Say

Qiao Xis face was filled with anger.

“The Meng family has always made unreasonable requests because they saved the old masters life once.

Why are you still enduring it”

She really did not understand.

With Gu Zhengs domineering character, why would he let the Meng family create trouble in his territory

If it were anyone else, Gu Zheng would have long made them disappear from this world!

Gu Zhengs eyes were slightly cold, and his voice was a little hoarse.

“There are some things that cant be explained clearly.”

Qiao Xi looked confused.

Then, she remembered that Song Shiyu had said that the president only tolerated the Meng familys coercion and allowed them to spread the news that Meng Wan was Mrs.

Gu because Old Master Meng was threatening Gu Zheng to marry Meng Wan with someones belongings.

That day, he appeared at the Civil Affairs Bureau not because he really wanted to marry Meng Wan but because he wanted to get the relics.

What kind of relics could make the always decisive Gu Zheng endure this silently What kind of relics could make the Meng family take advantage of him

“You dont have to worry.

Everything is under my control,” Gu Zheng said casually.

Qiao Xi was filled with doubts and wanted to know what difficulties Gu Zheng had.

However, at the thought that they were not a true couple and would get a divorce when the time was right, it would not be good for her to know too many of his secrets.

It was fine if he did not want to tell her.

Moreover, he clearly did not want her to know.

Qiao Xi lowered her eyes and turned around to leave helplessly.

As soon as she left, Song Shiyu ran out, looking confused.

“President, why didnt you tell the truth Havent you been tolerating them because of Young Madams belongings You went to the Civil Affairs Bureau because you wanted to meet her…”

Gu Zheng said in a self-deprecating manner, “Should I let her know that I didnt go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to marry Meng Wan but it was premeditated”

Song Shiyu nodded.

Previously, President Gu had been hiding it from Young Madam because the timing was not right.

Now that their relationship was getting more intimate, it was time to tell her.

This way, Young Madam would know the presidents intentions and not always scold him for being a bastard.

Song Shiyu thought that he was already worried sick about the presidents love life.

However, Gu Zheng remained calm.

“Lets not tell her first.

Im afraid shell be too happy if she finds out.”

The smile on Song Shiyus face froze as he rubbed his ears .”…” Happy

‘My dear president, what is wrong with you

Young Madam had always thought that the president went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to marry Meng Wan and that marrying her was just an accident.

She would never have thought that this was a secret plan by the president.

If she found out, it was hard to tell whether she would be happy or angry.

Song Shiyu looked serious.

“President, I think you…”

Gu Zheng looked up indifferently.

“Song Shiyu, you wont be able to keep your salary if you say another word.”

The corners of Song Shiyus mouth twitched.

The thought of his salary being deducted to zero made him say nonchalantly, “If you tell Young Madam, she wont be happy at all because she doesnt like you.

You and she are just husband and wife in name…”

Gu Zheng glared at him.

“We were only husband and wife in name in the past.

Now, Qiao Xi already likes me very much.

If I tell her that Ive been wanting to marry her for a long time, shell definitely be very happy.

Moreover, its a fact that Mrs.

Gu likes me.

I dont have to tell her such boring things.”

Song Shiyu: “”

The president was too narcissistic!

Why didnt he know that Young Madam liked the president The president was too good at making things up!

Song Shiyu said earnestly, “President, one has to face the truth.

Since when does Young Madam like you Youre just a bastard in her eyes.

You have to change yourself, or at least get rid of your title as a bastard!

“If you tell Young Madam the truth, although she might not be happy, at least shell know how you feel.

Shell definitely think highly of you.

Dont keep living in your dreams and thinking too much.

You can never change your image in Young Madams eyes… Huh President! Im not done talking yet!”

Song Shiyu stomped his feet.

Why couldnt the president just tell the truth!

After Gu Zheng left, Song Shijing walked over with a frown.

“You and the president… talk like this”

Song Shiyu said that the president was delusional and that he was a bastard.

He indeed deserved to have his salary deducted!

Song Shiyu, on the other hand, nodded confidently.

“Im doing this for the presidents own good.

Young Madam keeps calling him a bastard.

I think the president is a bastard too.

Dont you think so”

Song Shijing: “…”

Actually, Song Shiyu should not be getting paid at all.

How did Song Shiyu, who had always been obedient to the president, become so arrogant

Could it be that Qiao Xi had really changed them

Young Madam often said that the president was a bastard.

Even so, the president never got angry and Song Shiyu even learned from this.

What had the president been through in the past few months

In the bedroom.

Qin An sent a message: [The news that Gu Zheng has Jinchuan Grass has already spread, but he doesnt have any at all.

Isnt it inappropriate for you to be doing this]

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