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Chapter 198: Never Seen Such Shameless People

Soon, the doctor rushed over and gave Old Master Meng a shot.

The old master then slowly woke up.

Old Master Meng was panting slightly, his eyes filled with fatigue.

“Gu Zheng, are you really going to ruin our years of relationship for her”

“Miss Qiao is unwilling to forgive Wan Wan, and I cant force it either.

Its fine if you dont want to work with us, but…”

Old Master Meng paused for a moment and said weakly, “Gu Zheng, I heard that you have more than 100 stalks of Jinchuan Grass.

Im very sick now and I need that herb.

If it werent for the fact that I dont have long to live, I wouldnt be asking you.

I know you cant bear to see me die.”

Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully.

After a lot of nonsense, they finally got to the main topic, which was playing the emotional card

On the surface, the Meng family had come to apologize, but in reality, their target was Jinchuan Grass.

Gu Zheng remained calm.

He knew that there had been rumors recently that he had a large amount of Jinchuan Grass.

Of course, he knew about Jinchuan Grass.

It was a wondrous medicine that could not be bought with money.

It was said that he had over a hundred stalks, but he did not know why.

Old Master Meng looked at Gu Zheng with anticipation in his eyes.

He then cleared his throat and said, “Gu Zheng, Jinchuan Grass is indeed precious, but you have more than a hundred stalks in your hands.

Of course, you dont lack this little bit.

I need Jinchuan Grass to save my life! On the account of our past, just give it to me…”

Qiao Xi shook her head.

The members of the Meng family were really shameless.

They were always taking advantage of others.

Gu Zheng had already given the Meng family a lot, yet he still wanted Jinchuan Grass.

Where did this old man get his thick skin from

Gu Zhengs indifferent gaze landed on Old Master Mengs face.

He finally knew why Qiao Xi was unwilling to forgive Meng Wan after she ruined those herbs.

These were not ordinary herbs but Jinchuan Grass.

Master Meng advised, “Gu Zheng, in terms of seniority, you have to address the old master asGrandpa Meng.

Even if we dont keep in contact in the future, you cant bear to see the old master die like this, right On the account of your grandfather, Jinchuan Grass…

“Besides, you have more than a hundred stalks.

We just need one.

You cant be so heartless to the Meng family because of Miss Qiao.

Itll affect you negatively if news of this gets out.

“Everyone will think that youre heartless.

You watched as Old Master Meng endured his illness and was unwilling to save him.

Even if its for your own sake, you have to give us Jinchuan Grass.”

Qiao Xi was instantly speechless.

How could there be such shameless people They clearly came over to take advantage of them and even said that they were doing Gu Zheng a favor

Just then, Gu Zheng said nonchalantly, “I dont have it.”

Master Mengs expression darkened.

“Gu Zheng, you wont give us even one stalk Youre rich, powerful, and have everything you want.

Cant you just treat it as charity Old Master doesnt have long to live…”

“Master Meng, Gu Zheng has already said that he doesnt have it.”

Qiao Xi said slowly, “Gu Zheng is indeed not lacking in money.

It doesnt matter if he really has Jinchuan Grass, but what can you do if he doesnt Besides, Old Master Meng and Gu Zheng are not related, so he has no responsibility to save Old Master Meng.”

Master Meng was infuriated.


It was surely Qiao Xi who had interfered, so Gu Zheng said no.

To put it bluntly, he did not want to give it to them.

No matter what, Old Master Meng had once saved Old Master Gu.

Why was he not willing to give them a stalk of Jinchuan Grass

Gu Zheng said impatiently, “Butler.”

The butler walked in front of the Meng family and said calmly, “Master Meng, I dont know where you heard the rumors, but our president doesnt have any Jinchuan Grass, so you dont have to speak anymore.

Even if he does, you dont have the right to ask the president to give it to you.

“Everyone, please leave as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the Meng family will lose their dignity here.”

Old Master Meng was so angry that his beard trembled.

His eyes were filled with anger.

It was all because of that b*tch… If it were not for her, Gu Zheng would definitely have given them Jinchuan Grass.

Meng Wan wished for nothing more than to tear her into pieces.

Her face was filled with ruthlessness.

“Qiao Xi! Well see! Ill definitely not let this matter go!”

Master Meng frowned.

“Gu Zheng, think about it carefully.

If things get out of hand, it wont be good for you either.

Dont let others think that youre heartless and ungrateful!”

“Miss Qiao, dont be too willful.

If anything happens to my father, youll be the culprit!”

The members of the Meng family supported the old master and left in anger.

Qiao Xi had a disdainful expression.

The Meng family must be seriously ill!

What kind of words were those It was as if they could defeat Gu Zheng.

Moreover, it was true that Gu Zheng could not give them Jinchuan Grass because everything had long been destroyed by Meng Wan.

Old Master Meng had done too many bad things.

Now that he was sick, it was heavens punishment for him.

Why did it seem like she was the one who caused it

What a messed-up way of thinking!

The Meng family thought that everyone should think about them and give them what they wanted.

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