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Chapter 193: Taking The Way Of A B*tch

Seeing Qiao Xi pretend to be weak, Meng Wan instantly became dumbfounded.

She immediately sobbed.

“Brother Gu Zheng, listen to me.

Its Qiao Xi…”

Madam Meng also chimed in, “Gu Zheng, Miss Qiao has gone too far.

Shes so arrogant and domineering.

Shell definitely harm you in the future.

You have to deal with her!”

“Are you pointing your finger at me, Madam Meng”

Gu Zhengs expression was slightly cold as he looked at the mother and daughter disdainfully.

“This is Longwan Residential.

I didnt realize Madam Meng had the right to give orders here.

“And I agree with whatever my wife wants to do.

If anything happens, Ill take responsibility.”

Meng Wan widened her eyes in disbelief.

“Brother Gu Zheng… Sob…”

Gu Zheng ignored the two of them and asked gently, “Mrs.

Gu, are you still angry”

Qiao Xi: “…”

What did this bastard mean

She looked at the pile of scrap metal on the floor, then at Meng Wan.

Suddenly, she smiled slyly and looked aggrieved.

“Gu Zheng, I still dont feel good about it.

The herbs that I spent so much effort to plant were destroyed by them.

I only smashed their car.”

She would take the path of a b*tch and leave these b*tches with nowhere to go!

Gu Zheng looked pensive.

“Song Shiyu, investigate the cars under the Meng familys name.”

Song Shiyu said, “Yes, President!”

A moment later, he replied, “President, the Meng family has a total of ten cars worth more than five million yuan each.

There are also five cars worth about one million yuan each.”

Gu Zheng nodded and said slowly, “Get all the cars to Longwan Residential.”

Then, he said word by word, “Since my wife is still angry, lets smash all the cars in the Meng familys villa!”

Small it all

Everyone gasped and was instantly dumbfounded.

Soon, Song Shiyu and a group of bodyguards drove all the Meng familys cars to Longwan Residential.

The bodyguards held all kinds of weapons in their hands and were ready.

Soon, these cars would also become scrap metal.

Tears welled up in Meng Wans eyes as she clutched her chest with a look of sorrow.

“Brother Gu Zheng, why are you doing this to me Even if we werent able to get married, the Gu family and the Meng family have always been on good terms.

Are you willing to break off all ties with the Meng family because of Qiao Xi”

Qiao Xi waved her hand to stop the bodyguards, then she looked at Meng Wan.

Meng Wan choked on her tears.

“These cars are all limited edition.

We bought them at a high price.

Just for the sake of appeasing Qiao Xi, youre going to destroy all the cars Boo-hoo…”

Madam Meng quickly tried to persuade him.

“Gu Zheng, the Meng family once saved Old Master Gu.

You cant do this to us…”

“Are you threatening me, Madam Meng”

Qiao Xi sneered.

“You saved Old Master Gu, not Gu Zheng.

I remember that Gu Zheng has already given the Meng family a company and 1% of the shares of Gu Corporation.

Are you still not satisfied Isnt Madam Meng a little too greedy”

“Miss Qiao, Im talking to Gu Zheng.


“Im Gu Zhengs wife.

This is my home.

Why cant I speak On the other hand, Madam Meng and Miss Meng are outsiders.

Just because you said your family once saved Old Master Gu, does that allow you to come here and commit crimes”

Moreover, Old Master Gu could not be considered Gu Zhengs grandfather.

He abused Gu Zheng like Madam Gu.

Why should Gu Zheng repay the Meng familys kindness on behalf of Old Master Gu

Madam Meng paused for a moment and continued, “Miss Qiao, you smashed our car.

Wan Wan has already apologized.

Lets call it a day.

If you smash the remaining cars, it wont be good for your reputation.”


Qiao Xi sneered and said firmly, “I remember that theres a signboard in the backyard that the herbs growing here are important and cant be trampled on.

Meng Wan still drove into the backyard and crushed the herbs I planted.

“The marks on the ground also indicate that this wasnt a one-time destruction but a result of repeated aggression!

“Miss Meng, you already knew that I planted these herbs, but you still rushed in and destroyed them.

You wanted to show off to me and chase me out of Longwan Residential.

Then, you aim to become a mistress of Longwan Residential.

Am I right”

Madam Mengs expression darkened, and her finger trembled as she pointed at Qiao Xi.

“Y-You, shut up! Nonsense!”

Her heart jerked because everything Qiao Xi said was true.

Meng Wan had deliberately crushed the herbs.

It was just a few stalks, so why did Qiao Xi have to be so unforgiving She had already smashed a car but was still dissatisfied

Qiao Xi waved her hand.

“Im done speaking.

Smash them!”


The bodyguards held their weapons and slammed them into the cars.

The loud bangs from the smashing made Meng Wans face turn pale.

She shouted, “Qiao Xi! So what if I did it on purpose Its just a few stalks of grass.

Youve already smashed my car thats worth five million dollars, yet youre still unwilling to let me off”

“Pay for my cars, you b*tch! Im going to kill you! B*tch—”

Suddenly, Meng Wan stopped talking.

Her face was pale, and her eyes were filled with horror.

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