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Chapter 190: Treatment With Acupuncture

Qiao Xis ears were red, and she looked embarrassed.

She could only hide her thoughts with a smile.

“President, dont think too much.

Im here to treat your illness.”

Gu Zheng chuckled and lowered his eyes.


Gu, theres no need.”

Qiao Xis face instantly sank.

“Gu Zheng, you go blind at night because you were poisoned!”

Gu Zheng had a calm expression and was not surprised at all.

“I know.”

Qiao Xi was surprised.

“You actually know Then you…”

Gu Zhengs eyes were cold.

“This poison is incurable, so acupuncture is useless.”

He looked at the needles with a dark expression.

“So theres no need.”

When he knew that he was poisoned, he had already foreseen the future.

Hence, he did not even struggle anymore.

Qiao Xis heart trembled.

She seemed to find Gu Zheng a little unfamiliar at this moment.

His eyes were filled with desolation and indifference as if his blindness had nothing to do with him.

She was silent for a moment, then sighed helplessly.

The man turned around, and his gaze landed on her.

Qiao Xi pouted.

“Gu Zheng, were married now.

If you lose your eyesight, itll be too much trouble for me!”

Gu Zheng raised an eyebrow.

Qiao Xi had an aggrieved expression.

“Im such a weak woman, so you wont be able to protect me anymore after that.

You still have so many enemies.

At that time, theyll definitely make a move on me!”


Gu Zheng lowered his eyes and looked away.

His voice carried a hint of helplessness as he said, “… Ill take my clothes off.

You can treat me.”

Qiao Xi only pretended to be weak in order to treat his illness.

Although her treatment would most likely be useless, he could not bear to see Qiao Xi sad.

It was just acupuncture.

She could do it as long as she was happy.

Qiao Xi took off Gu Zhengs pajamas, causing her pupils to constrict.

It was because his back was full of injuries, ranging from old to new.

There were whip marks and traces of acupuncture, causing Qiao Xis heart to ache.

He must have already sought treatment but it was useless.

That was why he had given up.

Her heart constricted, and Qiao Xi felt the pain sweep through her entire body.

Gu Zheng…

It turned out that the all-powerful Gu Zheng, the head of the Gu family who was admired by countless people, and the man who stood at the top of the pyramid had experienced endless pain.

Perhaps no one knew about this.

Qiao Xi forced herself to calm down.

She held the silver needle in her hand and slowly stabbed it into his skin.

An hour later, the acupuncture session ended.

Gu Zhengs forehead was covered in sweat, and his eyes were closed.

His breathing was heavy.

Qiao Xi put away the acupuncture bag and said with a gentle tone, “I studied the medical books yesterday and planted medicinal herbs in the backyard.

In the future, youll have to drink medicine every day.

Itll be helpful.”

Those were not ordinary herbs but wondrous herbs left to her by Grandpa.

Although they could not completely cure the poison, they could at least suppress the effects of the poison.

They were also very effective on the eyes.

Gu Zheng had seen her plant something in the courtyard before.

It turned out to be herbs for treating illnesses.

He nodded.

“Ill tell the butler.”

“Young Madam! Young Madam!”

The butlers footsteps were messy as he rushed in while looking anxious.

“Madam Meng and Miss Meng are here.

Their car drove straight into the backyard.

Those herbs are all…”

Qiao Xis expression was calm as she indifferently put away the acupuncture bag, but she still held a needle in her hand.

Her expression was cold.

Meng Wan ruined the herbs she used to treat Gu Zhengs illness

Medicines were hard to come by.

She finally managed to keep some seeds and they were about to be used as medicine.

However, the herbs were all destroyed by Meng Wan

“Wheres Meng Wan” asked Qiao Xi.

“I saw them destroy your herbs, so I sent someone to stop them and hurried over to report to you.

Theyre still in the backyard, but those herbs are probably destroyed…”

The butlers heart trembled when he saw Qiao Xis expression turning colder and colder.

“Young Madam, calm down.

You can replant the herbs but its against the law to kill!”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes slightly.

“Did I say I wanted to kill someone”

The butler: “…”Your gaze tells me that you want to kill someone right now.

Qiao Xi handed the acupuncture bag to the butler.

“Ill go take a look.

Gu Zheng, go rest.”

After she finished speaking, Qiao Xi turned around and left.

The butler instructed the servants to put away the things and hurriedly followed Qiao Xi to the backyard.

The bedroom was silent.

Song Shiyu walked in, looking worried.

“President, you dont look too good.

Why didnt you tell Young Madam”

The poison in the presidents body was no ordinary poison.

Acupuncture could not treat this, and it would only speed up the relapse.

Only the divine physician or his descendants could suppress the relapse of the poison with their unique acupuncture technique.

Gu Zhengs expression was calm as he slowly put on his pajamas.

“It doesnt matter if Im treated or not.

The poison will flare up sooner or later.”

Song Shiyu frowned.


“Dont let her know.” Gu Zheng closed his eyes tiredly.

“She thinks theres still hope.

At least, she can be happier this way.”

Qiao Xi was worried for him, and he was already very satisfied with her acupuncture treatment.

In any case, he could not keep his eyes anymore.

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