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Chapter 189: Youre Finally Here

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The moment the lights were switched off, Gu Zheng heaved a sigh of relief and sat quietly on the sofa.

The surroundings were deathly silent as he waited for Qiao Xi.

However, even after a long time, he did not hear Qiao Xis footsteps.

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes, revealing a trace of disappointment in the darkness.

Qiao Xis words still echoed in his ears.

In her eyes, their marriage was an agreement.

They were only pretending to be husband and wife in front of others.

When no one was around, they were just strangers.


Gu Zheng smirked, realizing that he was thinking too much.

He was about to call Song Shiyu to ask him to switch on the lights when he heard footsteps…

“Gu Zheng, are you there”

Gu Zhengs heart trembled, and his phone fell to the floor.

His eyes were completely dark, but he still looked over in the direction of Qiao Xis voice.

Qiao Xis footsteps were slightly chaotic, and her voice trembled slightly.

“Dont move around.

Im here.”

The mans lips curled up slightly.

If she really did not care about him, then their marriage would just really be based on an agreement.

However, she appeared at this moment…

She had him in her heart, so she could forget about escaping.

Qiao Xi turned on the flashlight and only relaxed when she saw Gu Zheng sitting quietly on the sofa.

She hurriedly walked over.

“Gu Zheng, you…”

Gu Zheng reached out to hug her waist and pulled her into his arms.

Earlier, he was unable to see anything and accidentally touched something.

He did not expect that Qiao Xi would really come down.

Qiao Xi was tightly embraced by him, and their bodies were pressed together.

Even if Gu Zheng was blind, he could still pull her into his arms.

“Youre finally here.”

Qiao Xis face flushed red as she struggled to leave.

Gu Zheng gasped slightly.

His voice carried boundless delight as he said in a low voice, “Qiao Xi, since you came, then you cant escape!”

He then pressed his cold and soft lips against hers, finding her lips precisely.

Qiao Xis entire body was tense while her hands grabbed tightly onto his clothes.

Thump! Thump!

Her heart was pounding furiously.

Whenever she kissed Gu Zheng before this, it was to recover her taste buds, so there were no emotions involved.

However, the kiss this time caused Qiao Xi to indulge in it as if she had forgotten about the time.

Seizing the opportunity, Qiao Xi hurriedly said, “Gu Zheng, dont…”

Before she could finish, her voice vanished due to the deep kiss.

Qiao Xis head felt heavy.

“This is… the living room.

Lets go… Go upstairs!”

Gu Zheng let go of her and curled his lips.

His voice was soft and tempting as he said, “Mrs.

Gu, I cant go back.”

His voice was hoarse, causing Qiao Xis entire body to tremble as she stammered, “Dont you still have me! Ill lead you back.”

Gu Zheng chuckled.

In the darkness, Qiao Xis face was dyed red and even her ears were slightly pink.

Qiao Xi carefully helped Gu Zheng to the bedroom and covered him with the blanket before turning to leave.

When night fell, he would not be able to see anything.

The poison might have already seeped into his body.

Furthermore, Gu Zheng had many enemies outside.

If others were to know about this, they would definitely take advantage of the nighttime to attack him.

Back then, although Grandpa did not save Miss Lu, more than 20 years had passed.

Maybe he could cure the poison now.

Moreover, Gu Zhengs situation was not as serious as Miss Lus.

If she were to perform acupuncture on Gu Zheng daily, she might be able to expel the toxin.

She could only take a gamble.

As long as the poison had yet to fully flare up, everything would be fine.

Qiao Xi returned to the room to think of a way to cure the poison while Gu Zheng stayed up the entire night.

At dawn, Qiao Xi slowly opened her eyes.

After washing up, she took her tool bag and went to look for Gu Zheng.

The mans eyes were clear as he stared at the tool bag in her hand.

Qiao Xi went straight to the point.

“Gu Zheng, take off your clothes!”

Song Shiyu had just reached the door when he heard such shocking words.

Damn! The president and Young Madam made rapid progress last night.

She wanted to take his clothes off so early in the morning

Gu Zheng was wearing black pajamas.

His hair was slightly messy, but he looked even more handsome like this.

He also exuded an invisible pressure.

Qiao Xi opened the tool bag, revealing silver needles and some bottles.

The man smirked.

“Take off my clothes”

“Yes, I need to give you acupuncture.”

Qiao Xi looked up and met his thin lips.

Her mind instantly exploded as the sentimental scene from the night before appeared in front of her eyes.

Gu Zhengs kiss was too aggressive and possessive.

Even though she was struggling, he did not care…



After a few seconds of silence, Gu Zheng said slowly, “You have a malicious look in your eyes”

Wait! What did he mean bymalicious

Qiao Xi glared fiercely at him.

She instantly understood.


This bastard was thinking astray!

However, the scene could not be erased from her mind and always appeared in Qiao Xis eyes.

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