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Chapter 173: Love Token

Gu Zheng took out a diamond ring from the jewelry box and put it on Qiao Xi before leading her away.

Qiao Xi raised her eyes in confusion.

Shouldnt he say something

They were leaving after putting on the ring Shouldnt he be confessing his feelings

Song Shiyu: “…”Wait a minute, wasnt there a ring for the man too

Why didnt the president say that they were couple rings

Two days later.

Qiao Xi didnt tell everyone that she went to watch the casting.

Only Zhou Guanjin and the director knew about this.

Just as she was about to leave, Gu Zheng walked up and held her hand.

“You forgot your ring.”

Qiao Xi looked down and saw Gu Zheng helping her put on the diamond ring.

She did not move.

Why did Gu Zheng insist that she wear the ring Was it to declare her status

As soon as Qiao Xi stepped out of the door, Song Shiyu eagerly took another ring out.

“President, your ring.”

Gu Zheng nodded and took it.

Song Shiyu looked down.

“…” The president was such a flirt.

He would only bring it with him if someone else brought it.

The casting was being held in a building in the film studio.

Gu Zheng watched as Qiao Xi got down from the car with a slightly cold expression.

“Who are the investors of this movie” he asked coldly.

Song Shiyu did a quick check and gasped.

“President, one of them is Lu Yan!”

Gu Zheng knocked on the car window as his lips curled into a cold smile.

“Thinking about my woman Hes really daring.”

Song Shiyu held his breath in fear and said cautiously, “President, Ill deal with him!”

Gu Zheng said unhurriedly, “Were not hoodlums, dont be so rash.

Moreover, this is Qiao Xis script.

The matter about investors… Do you understand what you need to do”

Song Shiyu nodded immediately.

As this was Young Madams first movie, everyone who stood in her way had to be dealt with!

Song Shiyu was about to get out of the car when he turned around all of a sudden and said with a grin, “President, Young Madam is so awesome! Not only does she know how to translate, but she also knows how to write scripts.

Arent you a little shabby”

Young Madam seemed to know everything.

If President did not watch her closely, she would be snatched away one day!

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes.


Song Shiyu looked helpless.

“Im telling the truth.

Ill tell you even if you dont like hearing it.

Its all for your own good.”

“Assistant Song, isnt your salary a little too high” Gu Zheng smirked.

Song Shiyu was speechless.

‘Ill just shut up!

After Qiao Xi went upstairs, she went straight to the audition venue.

On the other side, Gu Moling had a surprised expression and couldnt help but frown.

“Rou Rou, look, is that Qiao Xi”

Qiao Rou and a few of her actress friends walked over together.

When she saw the person not far away, her body instantly trembled and her face revealed a sinister expression.

Soon, Qiao Rou calmed down.

As this was the audition site and there were cameras and other actors nearby, she had to maintain her pure image.

“Brother Moling, why is Sister here too Is she here for the audition too”

Gu Moling shook his head.

“I dont think its possible.

Shes not an actress, and your father wont agree.”

Qiao Rou pretended to be weak.

“I didnt expect my sister to have such bad intentions toward me.

When she heard that Im here for the audition, she unexpectedly chose to compete with me.

But she has never learned acting.

Brother Moling, what should I do”

The expression of a minor celebrity beside her changed.

Many admired Qiao Xi for defeating Fan Wenyuan and wished they could ingrain the video of Qiao Xi competing in the competition in their minds.

However, the entertainment industry didnt know about Qiao Xi at all, so those who came to participate in the audition had never seen Qiao Xi.

These small celebrities had only heard rumors of Qiao Xi and Qiao Rou fighting over Gu Moling.

Seeing that Gu Moling was extremely disgusted with Qiao Xi, the small celebrity, Li Sha, suddenly had an idea.

If she could chase Qiao Xi out, Young Master Gu would definitely think highly of her.

Moreover, the Gu family was an investor in this movie!

Thus, Li Sha excused herself to use the bathroom and turned to walk toward Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi walked to the audition area, but she wasnt in a hurry to enter.

She wanted to find out what role they were holding auditions for today.

She was about to call Zhou Guanjin when she heard—

“Anyone can come for the audition, huh What a joke!”

Qiao Xi looked at the woman in front of her.

When their eyes met, she realized that she was the one being ridiculed.

Li Shas managers face was full of disdain.

“This is the audition venue for the character of Shen Li.

What right do you have to come Youre really overestimating yourself! Let me tell you, our Li Sha has already been internally selected for this drama!”

Li Sha said arrogantly, “Thats right! The scriptwriter said that I fit Shen Lis character the best.

Qiao Xi, get lost quickly! Your efforts are all in vain!”

Just as Li Sha finished speaking, her manager at the side chimed in, “Whats with the security guards outside Are they just letting anyone enter What kind of place do they think this is”

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