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Chapter 17: Quickly Return The Money

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“Everyone here will receive a lawyers letter for slander.”


Zhang continued, “Dont worry, Eldest Miss.

Leave this matter to me.

Ill definitely clear your name.”

The people who just spoke out earlier were stunned.

They had just casually echoed a few words, how did it become slander

After dealing with the customers who were spouting nonsense, Qiao Xi looked at Gu Moling and asked with a smile, “I heard that you came over today because youve taken a fancy to a guitar that just arrived at our shop”

Gu Moling said unnaturally, “Yes, why”

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled up lightly.

“Its nothing.

If you have taken a liking to something in the shop, you couldve just gotten someone to make the trip here.

I wouldve asked someone to deliver it to you.

Why would you trouble yourself by coming all the way here”

Gu Moling did not expect that Qiao Xi would say this and was slightly surprised.

“Its alright.

I wanted to come over and take a look myself.

Thank you, Xi Xi, for your kind intentions.”

He was calling her Xi Xi after she just said a few words

Qiao Xi shook her head.

Her exquisite facial features were not concealed by makeup, and it was the first time that Gu Moling realized Qiao Xi was actually a true beauty! She was wearing an inconspicuous sweater, but she could easily attract everyones attention even if she stood in a crowd.

Her arched eyebrows had a sharpness that was different from Qiao Rous, like an unsheathed sword—mysterious and dangerous.

“Theres no need to thank me.

After all, that guitar is priceless.

We spent a lot of effort to get it.

Its fate that youve taken a liking to it.

As the owner of the shop, Ill give you a 10% discount.”

Qiao Xi continued, “The price of the guitar is 1.2 million.

May I ask if youre paying by card or check”

The moment she said that, the shop fell into a dead silence.

Gu Molings expression was a little ugly.

“Xi Xi, what did you say”

“I said its a total of 1.2 million.

Young Master Gu, please pay up.” Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully.

“Sister, what are you doing”

Qiao Rou saw that Gu Molings expression was not looking good and took the initiative to say shyly, “Brother Moling has close ties with our family.

How could we ask him to pay”

Qiao Xi smiled slightly.

“Whats his relationship with the Qiao family Why doesnt he need to pay for things When doing business, even blood-related brothers have to settle accounts openly.

I spent a great deal of money to get this guitar but you expect me to give it to him for free”

If that was the case, she did not need to continue operating this shop anymore.

If Gu Moling came over a few times a month, their shop would close down!

Qiao Xi did not care what she thought.

She asked Mr.

Zhang to bring out the bill.

She wanted to know just how many things had Gu Moling taken from this shop over the years without paying a cent!

Gu Molings expression was very ugly.

The marriage between the Gu family and the Qiao family had been set in stone long ago.

Every time he came to the shop to buy things, Qiao Rou would say that he did not need to pay.

They would be a family sooner or later, so there was no need to hurt their relationship over such a small amount of money.

At first, Gu Moling did not think it was a good idea, but he gradually got used to it.

Every time he came to the store to get something, he would later give Qiao Rou a gift of the same price.

However, no one else knew about this!

Qiao Xis expression was slightly unsightly after they finished counting the total amount of all the things Gu Moling had taken from the store all these years.

“Young Master Gu, its over 30 million yuan… How much is our shops annual turnover There are even many musical instruments that are beyond our purchasing power.

Just because you wanted them, we spent a lot of effort to find them for you, but you took them away just like that.

Dont you have any shame”

This was the first time Gu Moling knew that Qiao Xi could be so overbearing!

He explained with a dark expression, “I didnt do it.”

Qiao Xi pointed at the computer screen, which showed multiple records.

“You didnt take them Could it be that the employees in our store have wronged you by keying in false records”


Zhang was anxious.

“Eldest Miss, Im innocent.

I swear that every single record here is real.

Young Master Gu, you must be joking, right The Gu family is big and powerful.

You can easily fork up 30 million yuan.

We also have surveillance cameras in our shop.

We can find footage of you taking away all the things.”

Upon hearing Mr.

Zhangs words, Gu Molings expression turned even uglier.

He had indeed taken those things, but they were not necessarily free!

If he had to admit that he took those things for free, he would rather die!

Fortunately, Qiao Rou knew how to read peoples expressions.

She bit her lip and pulled the corner of Qiao Xis clothes, saying somewhat embarrassedly, “Sister, dont force Brother Moling, okay Those things were all given to Brother Moling by me.

He didnt take our things without paying…”

“You gave them to him Thats perfect.”

Qiao Xi printed out the bill and stuffed it into Qiao Rous hands.

“Youll pay for what you gave away.”

Qiao Rou held the bill like it was a hot potato.

How was she going to return the 30 million

“Sister, why are you like this…” She looked aggrieved and was about to cry.

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