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Chapter 16: The Real Owner

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Qiao Rou boosted herself up by stepping on Qiao Xi.

One was causing trouble in the shop while the other was cleaning up the mess.

It was a pity that Mr.

Zhang, the manager, did not even look at Qiao Rou.

He hurriedly ran in front of Qiao Xi and smiled awkwardly.

“Eldest Miss, Im sorry Im late.”

With that said, he scanned the crowd around him and shouted at the sales assistant, “What are you doing Hurry up and serve Eldest Miss some tea! This is the first time Eldest Miss has come to look at the shop.

Is this how youre supposed to be serving her!”


Zhang… Why did he walk up to Qiao Xi and even greet her asEldest Miss;!

Was this shop not owned by Qiao Rou

Qiao Rou also panicked.

What was wrong with Mr.

Zhang Why was he so respectful toward Qiao Xi

She was clearly the daughter of the Qiao family.

Although Qiao Xi had taken the title of the eldest daughter upon her return, everyone in the company knew that Qiao Xi was a good-for-nothing and no one took her seriously at all.

Why was Mr.

Zhang so obsequious to Qiao Xi!

The person next to him could not stand it anymore and took the initiative to remind him, “Mr.

Zhang, youve got the wrong person.

That woman is the eldest daughter of the Qiao family who was abandoned in the countryside back then.

She doesnt hold any position.

Your boss is Miss Qiao Rou.”

Qiao Rou observed his expression and thought that he had made a mistake.

He must have mistaken Qiao Xi for her and that was why he showed such a flattering attitude toward Qiao Xi.

Now that Mr.

Zhang knew her identity, he should…

“Miss Qiao Rou What are you talking about”

Unexpectedly, Mr.

Zhang shouted loudly, “Our immediate superior is Miss Qiao Xi!”

Everyone widened their eyes and subconsciously looked at Qiao Rou.

Did Qiao Rou not say that this shop was hers

Qiao Xi, who had been silent all this while, calmly took a sip of tea and said slowly, “This shop is under Qiao Corporation, and I have 65% of the shares.

So this shop…”

“Thats impossible! Youre not married yet, and the transfer of shares has yet to take effect.

Youre not the owner of this shop!”

“The equity transfer agreement is in effect.”

Qiao Xi calmly took out the share transfer agreement.

Qiao Rous face turned pale.

“No, thats impossible…”

Her body swayed and she almost lost her balance.

The share transfer agreement in Qiao Xis hand was like Pandoras box, making her not even have the courage to look at it.


Zhang was filled with righteous indignation.

“Qiao Rou, what do you mean First, you took over Eldest Miss shop and said strange things to make the customers misunderstand her.

Now, youve started to question Eldest Miss identity.

How can you be so scheming at such a young age! I think Eldest Miss bad reputation was all caused by your nonsensical words!”

Qiao Xi could not help but raise her eyebrows.

She had to say that Mr.

Zhang was doing a good job of revealing the truth.

Gu Moling was also shocked by this sudden twist of events.

“This shop belongs to Qiao Xi Rou Rou, what exactly is going on”

Had they not said that before Qiao Xi got married, the Qiao family would temporarily hold on to the shares

Qiao Rous face froze as her nails dug into her palms.

She also wanted to know what was going on!

She bit her lip and took a deep breath.

She tried her best to use a gentle voice to reply to Gu Moling.

“Brother Moling, Im not too sure about this either.

Dad didnt mention anything about transferring the shares… My sister has changed too much recently.

Sometimes, I dont quite understand what shes doing.

Since she said that this shop is hers, then its hers.


As she spoke, she sized up Qiao Xi and Mr.

Zhang as though the two were in an adulterous relationship.

Gu Moling fell for it and misunderstood the situation.

He narrowed his eyes and sneered in disdain.

“Heh, shes going astray and degrading herself!”

What were these two doing

She did not understand Qiao Rous gaze, but it did not mean that Mr.

Zhang could not.

He was so angry that his whole body was trembling.

“Qiao Rou, what do you mean by that! Tell me clearly in front of all these people.

What do you mean your father never mentioned the transfer of shares What do you mean Eldest Miss has changed too much recently You mean to say that Eldest Miss and I are colluding to deceive you, right”

Qiao Rou bit her lip.

“I-I didnt mean that…”

The surrounding people could not help but speak out in support.

“Qiao Rou has already said that she would give the shop to Qiao Xi, so why are you still pursuing the matter”

“I think Mr.

Zhang has a special relationship with Qiao Xi.

Otherwise, why is he helping her”

When Mr.

Zhang heard what the people around him were saying, he was so angry that his face turned red.

He was already in his middle ages, yet he was being made out into such a person!

“Nonsense! Youre just spouting nonsense! How unreasonable!”

Qiao Xi was now the head of Qiao Corporation, so what was wrong with him being respectful to her! What was wrong with him saying that this shop belonged to Qiao Xi

Qiao Rou was so full of schemes at such a young age.

She managed to incite the people around her to speak up for her with just a few words.

It was too scary!

Qiao Xi raised her hand to calm Mr.

Zhang down..

Her gaze swept across the few customers who had just spoken and she spoke slowly.

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