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Chapter 128: Sister Has Good English

Wang Qing only dared to say that she would take first place because Qiao Rou would not be participating in the English test this time.

In the past, Qiao Rou always came in first while Wang Qing came in second.

At the Academic Affairs Bureau, Qiao Rou was applying for leave with Xu Mei.

The dean said with a smile, “Its alright if you dont take the test this one time.

Youve always been doing very well.

Its just a pity that you wont be able to take it due to your health issues.

The winner this time will be recommended for the International Real-time Translation Competition.”

Qiao Rous face froze for a moment, and she sighed.

“I cant help it.

Its my fault that my body is too weak.” She only chose to take leave and not participate in the test because she heard that the winner this time would be selected to go for the competition.

In the past, the English tests were always conducted by others, so she could maintain her rank of first place.

However, due to the selection for the competition, the test this time would be very strict.

She would not have a chance to cheat, so she gave up on the idea and pretended to be sick.


She smiled lightly.

“Even though I cant take the test, my sister should be able to.

Do you remember Qiao Xi”

The dean nodded.

“Of course.

Shes Teacher Qiao from the fashion design department.

I remember that she became a special teacher in the university at a young age.

Its just that she appears and disappears unpredictably in the university and doesnt have much time to interact with others.”

Qiao Rou said, “Yes, my sisters results are very good.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have become a teacher in the university even though were the same age.

If there are no outstanding students from the test this time around, you can consider recommending my sister, Dean.

Shes so outstanding, so shell definitely be able to bring back honor for the university during the international competition.”

The deans eyes lit up.

That was right! He was worried about what to do since Qiao Rou was applying for leave and would not be going to the international competition.

Qiao Xi and Qiao Rou were about the same age.

If Qiao Xi could participate in the competition…

Seeing that the dean was interested, Qiao Rou added, “But we cant give her special treatment just because shes a teacher.

Why dont we do this instead You can have her take the test…”

The dean hesitated for a moment.

“I have to discuss this with Teacher Qiao Xi and see if shes willing.” Teachers were different from students.

If Qiao Xi did not agree, he could not force her to agree.

After saying that, he thought of something else.

“However, I just heard that Qiao Xis students want to compete with Wang Qing on the English test.

The stakes are quite high.

Something about kneeling, kowtowing, and calling outDaddy.

Sigh, this is why the university doesnt want to hire teachers who are too young.

Theyre rash and dont consider the consequences when they do things.”


Xu Mei widened her eyes in shock.

“Youre saying that b*tch Qiao Xi wants to compete with Wang Qing in English!”

The dean had a good impression of Xu Mei and thought that she was an elegant noblewoman.

However, her yell surprised him.

He looked at Xu Mei in a daze, not knowing how to react.

Was… she really a noblewoman How was she noble She was simply like a tigress who wanted to eat someone.

He was stunned by Xu Meis sudden change.

He stammered, “Y-Yes, I think its true that theyre competing on the English test.”

“That piece of trash! Its fine that she wants to compete with others, but the penalty if she loses is that shell have to kowtow.

If that happens, wont it be embarrassing for our Qiao family The Qiao family has already been implicated by her.

This b*tch!” Xu Mei gnashed her teeth in anger.

“If I had known she was so troublesome, I wouldve married her off long ago.

Things wouldnt have turned out this way!”

The dean: “…”

What was going on Didnt Qiao Rou just say that Teacher Qiao Xis results were good Why was Madam Xu talking about Qiao Xi like she was a good-for-nothing Who was right here

The dean opened his mouth and was about to say something to ease the atmosphere when he heard Xu Mei say sinisterly, “Why isnt this b*tch dead yet Why is she always getting in the way Doesnt she feel guilty that the Qiao family has been implicated by her She even has the cheek to swagger to university.

If I were her, I wouldve killed myself to apologize!”

Xu Mei was extremely irritable today.

When she thought about how Qiao Rous visit to Longwan Residential was ruined by Qiao Xi, she wished for nothing more than to skin Qiao Xi alive.

If it were not for Qiao Xi, Qiao Rou would be the Qiao familys true eldest daughter.

She would not be called an illegitimate daughter by others, much less offend Mrs.


She pushed all the blame to Qiao Xi.

Qiao Rou knew that her mother was angry, but she did not expect her to suddenly flare up.

Seeing that the deans expression was not good, she quickly pulled Xu Meis arm.

“Mom, I know youre worried about my sister.”

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