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Chapter 127: Kowtow And Call MeDaddy

On Monday, Qiao Xi went to class as usual.

She did not expect to hear that Qiao Rou had applied for leave.

Could it be because the impact from yesterday was too big

Tsk tsk, this persons psychological endurance was too poor.

“Teacher, the English test is in the afternoon.

Dont you want to say something to encourage us” The class monitor of Class 3 looked at Qiao Xi with a helpless expression.

“Ah,” Qiao Xi said.

Only then did she remember that there was an English test this afternoon.

The English test this time would test the students level of translation on foreign literature.

Normal universities would not have this test, but Li City University supported the students comprehensive development and fought for international connections.

Hence, there were quite a number of strange tests.

Translating foreign languages was not difficult.

The difficult part was how to express the contents of the sentence clearly.

With a large number of unfamiliar terms, this would also increase the difficulty of translation.

Many of the words were in local dialects too.

If one did not have a detailed understanding of foreign cultures, it would be difficult to translate.

Li City University probably only had the exam at this time because they wanted to elect a suitable student to participate in the upcoming International Real-time Translation Competition.

When she thought of the invitation, Qiao Xis enthusiasm dissipated.

She waved her hand lazily at the class monitor.

“Its fine, just take the test.”

The class monitor was even more speechless now.

“Teacher, have you forgotten our bet with Wang Qing Although we know that the possibility of winning is very low, we dont want to just give up straight away.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Who told you that the possibility of winning is very low” Did they think that she, the champion of the previous competition, carried the title just for show The homework she usually assigned to these students was all the basics to help them prepare for the competition.

They looked simple but were actually useful.

Would they need to be afraid once a solid foundation was set

The class monitor did not know that Qiao Xi had already taught them the topics important for the competition.

When he heard Qiao Xis confident words, he wanted to say,Master, you think too highly of us.

Just as he was about to analyze the strengths of their class for Qiao Xi, a strange voice suddenly came from the door.

“Ill definitely get full marks in this test.

Qiao Xi, just wait to lose.

I cant wait to see you kneel and kowtow to me!”

Qiao Xi turned around to look at the person.

“What if we get full marks You should kneel down and kowtow to me twice while calling meDaddy.”

Wang Qing was silent for a while, then suddenly laughed out loud.

“Full marks Hahahaha, Qiao Xi, is there something wrong with your head Do you know that Ive always ranked first place in English in the cohort What right do a piece of trash like you have to snatch first place from me”

Qiao Xi smiled as she looked at her.

“How would I know if I dont try”

Wang Qing stopped laughing and observed Qiao Xi seriously.

Seeing that Qiao Xis expression was serious, she nodded and said, “Okay, but if you lose, youll kneel down in front of the university gate on behalf of your students and admit that youre a piece of trash in front of everyone.

Youll admit that you cant compare to Qiao Rou at all!”

The surrounding students could not stand it anymore.

They knew Class 3s ability too well.

They were always last place in every examination.

How could they compare to Wang Qing, who was first in her cohort Was Qiao Xi asking to be humiliated

“Why dont we forget about it Its just an exam.

Theres no need to make such a big deal out of it.”

“Yeah, why should she kneel Whoever loses has to buy something for the other party.

Girls like makeup and bags, so just buy some luxury goods.”

Wang Qing sneered.

“Buy luxury goods Have you forgotten how Qiao Xi gets her money I dont want her to buy me things with that kind of dirty money.

Just compete according to the terms we set.

Qiao Xi, do you dare to take on the challenge Tell me.”

Qiao Xi nodded indifferently.

“Of course.

Didnt I say that if you lose, youll kneel down and kowtow to me while calling meDaddy Lets make it clear in advance that we wont go back on our words.

Im different from all of you.

Ill admit my loss, but all of you will keep playing tricks on me.

If I lose, youll want to go back on your word.

Youll probably even make yourself appear pitiful and disgusting to get the ignorant audience to plead for you.

Just thinking of that scene makes me feel annoyed.”

They could make a bet, but they had to make things clear beforehand.

They could not go back on their words!

Wang Qing was extremely confident in her own strength, so she agreed to Qiao Xis request without the slightest hesitation.

The class monitor was dumbfounded when he saw the situation developing into this.

Was their test also going to be a gamble on their teachers dignity Wasnt this too much pressure

He was extremely anxious, but Qiao Xi, the person involved, was extremely relaxed.

She even patted his shoulder and said to him, “Its okay, just take the test normally.

Dont be nervous.”

The class monitor: “…”

‘It would be strange if I werent nervous!

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