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Chapter 124: Exposed In Public

Gu Zheng could not help but tilt his head.

He wanted to witness this woman praising herself without batting an eyelid.

Qiao Rous expression was very awkward.

She felt that everything Mrs.

Gu said was like a knife stabbing into her! She took a step back sadly, and her thin body was shaking.

“I-Im not Qiao Xi… Im Qiao Rou.”

How could she not be as pretty as that b*tch, Qiao Xi! Was this Mrs.

Gu blind She actually praised Qiao Xi for being pretty!

The living room fell silent again.

Gu Moling had no choice but to step forward to save the situation.

“Master, Madam, my fiance has always been Qiao Rou.

I have nothing to do with Qiao Xi.”

“Huh” Qiao Xi turned around to look at Gu Zheng with dissatisfaction, and her pink fist lightly smacked his body.

“Look at you, you even got the name of someone elses fiance wrong.

You made me look so bad.

Youre so annoying.”

Qiao Xi said corny words while cringing in her heart.

She felt that she was really sacrificing too much to punish Qiao Rou!

Gu Zheng grabbed her hand and held it tightly.

His low and pleasant voice was filled with absolute confidence.

“The Gu familys intelligence network has never been wrong.

Gu Molings fiancee is indeed Qiao Xi, and Qiao Rou is Qiao Xis younger sister… As for what happened between them, I have no idea.

After all, the Gu familys intelligence network doesnt investigate such trivial matters.”

Gu Zheng did not seem to have said anything, but he also seemed to have exposed everything.


Qiao Xi pretended to be surprised and opened her mouth wide.

“So Qiao Xi is Gu Molings fiancee Then why did he get together with Qiao Rou in the end Qiao Rou, you even said that your sister stole your man… But youre clearly the one stealing your sisters man, right”

The younger sister of the fiancee got together with the sisters fiance.

It did not sound right no matter what.

Gu Moling clenched his fists and was in an awkward, helpless state.

He did not know what to say to save his image in the eyes of the head of the family.

“Master, I…”

“Actually, if she wants to snatch someone elses fiance, so be it.

I think this must be a problem with her character.

Some people are just cheap and like to snatch someone elses fiance.

However, she did such a thing yet pushed the blame away from her.

She said it was her sister who stole her fiance and is a shameless mistress.

Isnt this a little too much”

Qiao Xi shook her head, feeling disappointed in Qiao Rou and Gu Moling.

“What should I do I feel a little sorry for Qiao Xi.

After her younger sister stole her fiance, shes now being framed for something she didnt do.

Its already bad enough that she lost her fiance.

Now, even her reputation has been ruined to such an extent.

This young lady is really too pitiful.”

Gu Molings body stiffened.

Was it sad Did Qiao Xi feel sad when she lost him

Qiao Rou almost fainted when she heard Qiao Xis words! She put in so much effort to scheme against Qiao Xi to get rid of her label as the third party but in less than an hour after coming to Longwan Residential, the label was returned to her!

She stole her sisters fiance and shamelessly accused her sister of being a mistress… But she was not the third party! The person Brother Moling loved had always been her, while the person who was not loved was the mistress!

The butler had a face full of disappointment.

“So youre the third party.

To think that I actually sympathized with you when I heard what you said just now.

Right, you said Qiao Xi came back from the countryside.

If I remember correctly, Qiao Xi is the Qiao familys legitimate eldest daughter, right As for you… I remember youre the illegitimate daughter from the time Qiao Xis father had an affair.

How can an illegitimate daughter have the cheek to slander the Qiao familys eldest daughter How shameless.”

The servants around them also nodded.

“Thats right, shes too shameless.”

“Shes indeed the daughter of a mistress.

Shes just like her mother who was a mistress.

When she grows up, shell be a mistress too.

Shell interfere with other peoples relationships.”

Hearing their words, Qiao Rou was so angry that she almost fainted! She came to Longwan Residential to elevate her status, not to be mocked by these servants.

What right did a bunch of low-class people who served others have to point fingers at her! And this Mrs.

Gu, she looked completely like a vixen.

She probably earned Gu Zhengs favor by selling herself.

Gu Zheng would kick her out sooner or later!

No matter how hopping mad she was, Qiao Rou still maintained her innocent image and said softly, “Mrs.

Gu, may I know how Ive offended you Why are you humiliating me like this…”

“Offend Youve never offended me.”

Qiao Xi shook her finger.

“Its just that Im a very righteous person.

I innately hate third parties and illegitimate children, yet youre both of those things.

Sigh, I think I might have been spoiled by Brother Gu Zheng.

He usually likes it when I speak the truth.

He thinks Im so naive and cute… So you wont take issue with me, right I didnt say those words on purpose to target you, okay”

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