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Chapter 123: Of Course, Ill Listen To Mrs.


Gu Moling was instantly anxious when he heard that.

He had not forgotten that before he came, his parents had told him not to provoke the head of the family.

If he was really chased out at this moment, it would implicate his parents and the rest of the family would laugh at him.

He could not accept this outcome.

It was too embarrassing!

The culprit behind all this was Qiao Rou.

If she had not spouted nonsense, she would not have offended Mrs.


At the thought of this, he suddenly turned around and berated, “Qiao Rou, quickly apologize to Mrs.


Qiao Rous face alternated between red and white.

She bit her lower lip and was extremely unwilling.

Why should she apologize to that woman! However, she also knew that if she was really chased out by Gu Zheng, the consequences would be unimaginable.

If she was chased out of Longwan Residential by Gu Zheng… Brother Moling would definitely despise her.

Even Gu Molings mother would have reservations about her.

If others heard the news, they would also laugh at her…

Qiao Rou comforted herself in her heart.

It was okay.

She would just submit this once.

She would repay this humiliation sooner or later!

Her face was ashen as she gritted her teeth and said, “Im sorry.”

Qiao Xi did not react and continued eating the grapes on the plate.

At this moment, the butler walked forward.

“Madam, dont blame Miss Qiao Rou.

She was betrayed by her sister not long ago.

I heard that her sister wanted to snatch her fiance.

Once bitten, twice shy.

She was probably afraid when she saw your beautiful appearance, so she chased you away.”

Qiao Xi blinked.

Was the butler taking this opportunity to praise her beauty Wow… The butlers move was brilliant!

Gu Zheng raised his head and glanced at the butler as if he did not know about this side of the butler…

The butlers expression did not change under their gazes.

It could be said that he was very professional.

Qiao Xi tossed the grape skin in her hand and elegantly grabbed a piece of tissue to clean the grape juice on her fingertips.

“So Miss Qiao Rou, you mean that your sister seduced your fiance”

Qiao Rou looked at Gu Moling pitifully as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Yes, but these things are in the past now.

I dont think my sister snatched my fiance on purpose.

Its just that her living environment has made her greedy for money, so she did something wrong to try and seduce Brother Moling.

She even became an old mans mistress…”

At this point, she suddenly covered her mouth.

After realizing that she had said something she should not have, she quickly added, “No, no, my sister didnt become a mistress.”

She made it seem that she was just talking nonsense instead of deliberately exposing her sisters shortcomings.

Qiao Xi sighed and looked at Qiao Rou with great sympathy.

“So thats how it is.

Youre really pitiful.

Brother Gu Zheng, lets not bicker with her, alright”

Gu Zheng raised his brows slightly as he picked up a grape and slowly peeled it before placing it by Qiao Xis mouth.

He said in a low voice, “Alright.

Since Mrs.

Gu has spoken, of course, Ill listen.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

The grape was still in her mouth.

She did not know whether to eat it or not.

At an angle where no one could see, she glared fiercely at Gu Zheng.

Then, after swallowing the grape, she pretended to be curious and looked at Qiao Rou.

“Brother Gu Zheng, I remember you told me that Gu Molings fiancee is called Qiao Xi.

Did I remember wrongly Or did that person change her name to Qiao Rou”

Qiao Rou was shocked, and her face turned pale!

The living room instantly fell into a dead silence.

No one said anything.

Qiao Rous body was trembling.

The people who sympathized with her for getting her fiance snatched by her sister earlier were now looking at her with curious looks, wanting to know what was going on.

Qiao Xi looked around her in confusion.

“Whats wrong Did I say something wrong But I remember that this is what I heard before.

At that time, I even said that the name Qiao Xi is very pleasant to the ears.”

Gu Zheng: “…”You shouldnt be flattering yourself like this.

Despite his complaints, the couple still stood united against outsiders.

Gu Zhengs eyes were indifferent.

“You did remember it correctly.

Shes called Qiao Xi.”

Qiao Rou subconsciously wanted to say something but she did not expect Qiao Xi to beat her to it.

She adjusted her sunglasses and said, “Ah, so I didnt remember wrongly.

Then did you change your name Qiao Xi is such a nice name, so why did you change your name to Qiao Rou The sound of it makes one uncomfortable.”

Qiao Rou: “…” Her face was contorted, but she did not dare to say anything.

She could only clench her fists.

Qiao Xi propped up her chin and sighed.

“I remember seeing Qiao Xi from afar.

I was shocked when I saw her, but why do you seem different to me Youre not as good-looking as Qiao Xi whom I saw that day, and your temperament isnt as good either… Could it be that you underwent plastic surgery You had such a good-looking face, yet you underwent plastic surgery to look like this.

Youre really wasting the heavens blessings.”

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