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1239 The Luo Familys Power Cant Be Underestimated

With Xia Mengyans understanding of Qiao Xi, she was not the kind of person who would be easily defeated and leave dejectedly without achieving her goal.

However, she left just like that today.

It was truly strange.

A trace of uneasiness surged in Xia Mengyans heart.

Could it be that Qiao Xi still had a backup plan

She had always been uneasy and afraid that Qiao Xi would interfere with their collaboration with the Luo family.

It was only when the Luo family appeared that her heart calmed down and she smiled generously.

It seemed that she had overestimated Qiao Xi.

The Luo family was not affected by Qiao Xi.

Moreover, the person sent by the Luo family to discuss the collaboration this time was actually the butler, who had always been in charge of the Luo familys internal and external matters.

Although he was a butler, this person had a lot of power.

The head of the Luo family trusted him very much and treated him as a brother.

Since he personally appeared, it meant that the Luo family valued this collaboration very much.

Butler Luo had just gotten out of the car and walked to the door when everyone congratulated Xia Cheng.

“Congratulations, Chairman Xia!”

“Chairman Xia, youre really good at raising your son.

You gave birth to such an outstanding son.

The Luo family actually took a liking to your work.

How rare!”

“Chairman Xia, once you have the resources in the future, dont forget us brothers!”

Xia Cheng beamed with joy and nodded at everyone.

He thought in his heart,Qiao Xi caused a scene in Xia Corporation but still left dejectedly in the end.

Shes still too inexperienced to want to fight me!

On the other hand, after Qiao Xi walked out of Xia Corporation, she immediately contacted Luo Qing.

After a minute, the Luo familys shadow guards appeared in front of her.

“Eldest Miss, our young master invites you to rest first.

Leave everything to him.”

Qiao Xi smiled and entered a private room in a coffee shop beside Xia Corporation.

She leisurely leaned against the chair.

Soon, the Xia family would know why she had said those words just now.

The scene she caused at Xia Corporation today was just an appetizer.

Did the Xia family really think that she had lost

Qiao Xi closed her eyes and savored the aromatic coffee.

She suddenly recalled that Gu Zheng seemed to be here today as well.

What was he doing here

Gu Corporation and Xia Corporation were so far away from each other.

What business did he want to discuss Why did he have to come here Or did he just want to drop her off

Qiao Xi abruptly opened her eyes.

Perhaps Gu Zheng was indeed here to see someone, but it was not for business.

Maybe he had other motives, so it was not convenient to tell her.

At the thought of this, Qiao Xi immediately took out her phone and sent Song Shiyu a message.

At this moment, a shadow guard of the Luo family knocked on the door and walked in.

He said respectfully, “Eldest Miss, Young Master instructed me to prepare desserts for you.

He said that if youre tired, you should sleep for a while.

Now, the butler of the Luo family has already entered Xia Corporations building.”

Qiao Xi nodded.

The guard put down the things and left immediately.

At Xia Corporations building.

Everyone from the Xia family was originally worried that the Luo family would not collaborate with the Xia family after hearing the rumors.

When Xia Cheng saw Butler Luo getting out of the car and walking toward the entrance of Xia Corporation, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Amidst everyones congratulations, Xia Cheng hurriedly went forward.

Even though this person was just a butler, Xia Cheng did not dare to be negligent.

Butler Luo stood at the back while another young man walked forward.

He looked to be Butler Luos personal assistant.

Xia Chengs attitude was still respectful without any difference.

Some people did not understand why Xia Cheng was so humble.

No matter how noble the Luo family was, this person was just the butlers assistant.

Why should Xia Cheng lower his status

However, some people knew very well in their hearts that the Luo familys identity was special.

To be able to occupy the island and be the king, their strength naturally could not be underestimated.

Not only did they have to be rich, but they also had to be powerful and strategic.

It was enough to prove that the Luo family was extremely powerful.

They could even destroy the entire Xia family.

Xuan Island was the Luo familys base.

The Luo family had lived there for generations.

No one knew what they did on the island, but they knew that anyone who provoked the Luo family would have a tragic outcome.

Hence, they naturally did not dare to offend the Luo family.

Butler Luos assistant walked forward.

He was wearing a custom-made suit with an insignia embroidered on his chest.

It was the symbol of Ling Pavilion.

“Hello, Chairman Xia.” The assistant smiled faintly.

Xia Cheng immediately said respectfully, “Hello, nice to meet you.”

The butler glanced at him and nodded slightly, but he did not say anything.

Even so, it made Xia Cheng extremely excited.

Being able to build a relationship with the Luo family was something he had never dreamed of.

Now, it had really happened!

Xia Ji and Xia Mengyan did not dare to rashly go forward, but a group of ingratiating people appeared beside them.

“President Xia, youre really awesome! I didnt expect you to be so accomplished in art!”

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