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1231 The Shameless Xia Family

Qiao Xi sneered in her heart and stepped into the lobby.

As soon as she entered, she saw a few printed drawings that were even framed in gold.

The funny thing was that Xia Jis name was actually written on the drawings.

She frowned, and her eyes suddenly turned cold.

Heh! How could these people be so shameless

In the eyes of the Xia family, the designs were drawn by her mother, but her mother was from the Xia family.

In other words, the designs belonged to the Xia family.

They knew that these designs were drawn by her mother, but outsiders did not.

As long as it was something from the Xia family, the family could use it however they wished.

They believed that the Luo family would not mind.

If the Luo family did not expose them, no one else would care.

Qiao Xi turned her head and saw a group of reporters rushing in from outside.

At this moment, many reporters were gathered outside Xia Corporations building.

She seemed to understand the Xia familys intentions.

She looked out.

As soon as Xia Ji got out of the car, many reporters surrounded him.

Xia Mengyan followed Xia Ji obediently and greeted everyone with a smile.

Xia Yunlou had specially come to inform her about the collaboration between the Xia and Luo families.

It was not agreed upon by the Xia family and seemed to be Xia Yunlous own idea, so she did not come together with the Xia family today.

Qiao Xis eyes narrowed slightly.

She saw someone in the crowd.

It was Assistant Gao, who was beside Xia Ji.

At this moment, he was doing an interview on behalf of Xia Ji while Xia Ji quickly went upstairs.

Seeing this, Qiao Xi immediately sent Luo Qing a message: [Second Brother, Ill have to trouble you to cooperate with me today.]

In the chairmans office.

Xia Ji rushed over in a hurry, his expression not looking good.

He asked uneasily, “Dad, will things really be fine I dont feel at ease.”

Xia Cheng was expressionless, but Ai Sumei snorted.

“Dont worry! These designs belonged to that b*tch… They were designed by Xia Yunqiu, so they belong to the Xia family.

Now that shes dead, theyre yours! Outsiders dont know about it at all.

What are you afraid of”

Xia Ji still wanted to say something, but Ai Sumei glared at him and turned to Xia Cheng with a flattering smile.

“Ah Cheng, Xia Yunqiu has been dead for so many years.

The heir in her will is Qiao Xi, but Qiao Xi just so happens to be at odds with our Xia family.

If we announce that these designs all belong to Xia Yunqiu, Qiao Xi might snatch them away.

“The Luo family is clearly here to discuss a collaboration with us.

Weve been preparing for so long, so how can we let all of this be snatched by Qiao Xi”

Xia Cheng was silent for a moment before he frowned and said, “Yunqiu is my daughter.

Shes from the Xia family.

If she has belongings left in the Xia family, theyre ours.

“Xia Ji is the next head of the family.

Theres nothing wrong with giving these designs to him.

Moreover, this is for the sake of the Xia family.

If Yunqiu was still alive, she wouldnt have refused.”

Sumei smiled widely.

“Ah Cheng, youre right! Son, since your father said so, you should be relieved now!”

Xia Ji felt as if a rock was pressing down on his heart.

He could not breathe.

When he thought of the reporters outside the door and the ingratiating smiles of Li Citys business magnates, he felt a little better.

In the past, this group of people looked down on him and thought that he was just an illegitimate child.

They thought his aptitude was mediocre and that he could never compare to Yin Yunyi or Xia Yunqiu.

Now that he was the one working with the Luo family, Yin Yunyi was the one who did not have the ability!

With the Luo familys protection, who would dare to laugh at him for being an illegitimate child

At the thought of this, he became even prouder, and the uneasiness in his heart gradually dissipated.

Xia Yunqiu was already dead.

Even if she was the one who drew these designs, who could prove that she was the one who drew them Could it be that Xia Yunqiu would jump out of her grave to prove it

Sumei smiled proudly.

“It doesnt matter even if the Luo family suspects it.

Just say that it was you and your sister who learned how to carve porcelain and jade together back then.

Say that Yunqiu passed away early, so there are very few works that she left behind.

Claim ownership for all the works here and just mention in passing that the style happens to be very similar to Yunqius.

The Luo family wont investigate who drew these designs.”

If Xia Yunqius name was on the designs, Qiao Xi and the Yin family would have to take a share.

To the Xia family, only by giving these designs to Xia Ji could they maximize the benefits.

“Alright, lets do that.

With the Xia family as witnesses, I believe the Luo family wont suspect anything.

Xia Ji, you must calm down.

Dont let your guard down in front of the Luo family,” Xia Cheng instructed.

Xia Ji continued to ask, “But what if the Luo family wants me to draw some more designs We dont have that many of Xia Yunqius designs left.”

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