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1216 Miss He, Do You Want Bitter Ginseng Water

“Kill her Shes your sister! Miss He, are you willing to let me kill her to vent my anger” The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled into a cold smile as her sharp gaze descended on He Wenxian.

“Of course, I cant bear to, but since she did something wrong, she has to bear all the responsibility.

Were willing to hand Wenyin over to you to deal with.

I just hope you wont take your anger out on the He family.

After all, the family is innocent.”

Although He Wenxian said that, she could actually tell from Qiao Xis eyes that she didnt want to kill He Wenyin.

Sure enough, a moment later, Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows and said, “Miss He, murder is against the law.

I dont want to commit a crime.”

He Wenxian heaved a sigh of relief.

She looked at He Wenyin sadly and said gently, “Wenyin, you have to be punished for your mistake.

It doesnt matter if youre disfigured.

Ill take care of you in the future.”

“Heh…” Qiao Xi smiled with a subtle expression.

“Miss He, Im very curious.

How are you so sure that He Wenyin poisoned me”

He Wenxians expression changed drastically.

Of course, she was sure because she was the one who put the medicine in He Wenyins bag.

But why was Qiao Xi asking this

She was afraid that she would be exposed, so she pretended to be worried.


Gu, Im not certain, but I know Wenyin.

She has been willful and mischievous since she was young.

She would drug someone whenever she was unhappy.

You should quickly see a doctor to prevent the poison from entering your body…”

“Second Miss He did put something in the water I drank,” Qiao Xi said indifferently.

“But its not poison.

She just gave me a glass of bitter ginseng water.

It can prevent heatiness in the body.

Miss He, do you want to drink it”

The crowd fell silent.

He Wenyin nodded frantically and broke free from the bodyguards grip.

She shouted, “Thats right! I just gave her something bitter!”

The excitement in He Wenxians eyes instantly dissipated.

The expression on her face suddenly stiffened as she took two steps back in disbelief.

Qiao Xi leaned back in her rocking chair and raised her eyes lazily.

The corners of her mouth carried a trace of ridicule.

“Why would Miss He think that He Wenyin poisoned me”

“Sister! I didnt poison her.

Why did you accuse me” He Wenyin looked aggrieved.

He Wenxians eyes were filled with resentment and unwillingness.

She calmed down for a few seconds before smiling.

“It was just bitter ginseng water Then its fine! I thought Wenyin was being willful again.

Fortunately, it was just a glass of bitter ginseng water.


Gu, Im really sorry for scaring you!

“Wenyin, youre so naughty.

Why did you give Mrs.

Gu bitter ginseng water You scared me to death.

I thought you gave her—”

“Miss He, theres something I dont understand.” Qiao Xi interrupted her.

“He Wenyin and I did have some quarrels, but youve been in the living room all this time.

You shouldnt have heard us.

Why do you insist that she wanted me to be disfigured”

He Wenxian instantly became nervous.

“Even if He Wenyin wants to harm me, there are many options.

Why did it have to be disfigurement medicine Why are you so sure that she even has this medicine Moreover, this is Gu Zhengs territory.

Even if He Wenyin is stupid, she cant possibly poison me under Gu Zhengs nose.

After all, if anything happens to me today, shell definitely not be able to walk out of this door.”

The corners of Gu Zhengs mouth curled up, and he did not hide his killing intent at all.

He Wenxians heart skipped a beat, but her expression was still calm.

She replied gently, “I was just guessing.

Because Wenyin previously developed that poison and said that she hated your face, I was afraid that she would use this poison on you.

It turns out that I was overthinking.

WEnyin, you wont blame me, right


Gu, I was doing it for your own good.

I was afraid that Wenyin would cause trouble and hurt you.

If youre injured, Ah Zheng will definitely be sad.

Thats why I reprimanded Wenyin so agitatedly.

I hope you wont take offense.

Ill send someone to send an apology.

Please forgive Wenyin.”

He Wenyins words were very professional.

She got so agitated because she was afraid that Gu Zheng would be sad.

She reprimanded He Wenyin for Qiao Xis own good.

This matter had nothing to do with her to begin with, yet she was still willing to give Qiao Xi an apology, making her look like a well-mannered young lady.


Gu, Ah Zheng and I are just friends.

Dont think too much about it.

I care about Ah Zheng and the reputation of the He family.

Thats why I lost my composure and embarrassed myself in front of you.”

No one could find fault with He Wenxians words, but Qiao Xi felt that such a person was terrifying.

“I dont need you to care,” Gu Zheng said coldly.

He Wenxian turned around and looked at him.

The cold and handsome young man from before had become an outstanding man who was all-powerful in business.

The person standing beside Gu Zheng was supposed to be her.

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