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1215 Depends On Mrs.


He Wenxian hid the joy in her heart and ordered, “Wenyin! Quickly take out the antidote!”

Her voice trembled slightly, and it was filled with a trace of helplessness.

There seemed to be nothing wrong with severely teaching her sister a lesson, but Qiao Xi saw a trace of something else in her eyes.

He Wenxians eyes flashed with schadenfreude and excitement.

Hearing her reprimand, He Wenyin panicked.

She had indeed put something in Qiao Xis water, but it was not poison! But now, everyone seemed to have misunderstood her! It was just bitter ginseng water.

Not only was it harmless to the body, but it also had the effect of reducing heat and stopping bleeding.

She clearly didnt poison her.

How could there be an antidote

He Wenxian frowned and turned to look at Gu Zheng.

With a guilty expression, she said, “Ah Zheng, Im sorry.

The He family will give you and Mrs.

Gu an explanation for this matter.

Wenyin has always been willful and likes to develop strange medicine.

Previously, she said that she hated Mrs.

Gus face.

She might have already poisoned Mrs.

Gu, so its better to quickly invite a doctor over to prevent harm to Mrs.

Gus body.”

When He Wenyin heard this, she panicked.

“Sister, I didnt poison her!”

“Shut up! Youve already done it.

Dont you dare admit it” He Wenxian did not give her a chance to speak at all.

She apologized, “Ah Zheng, Wenyins medicine is extremely poisonous.

Itll flare up soon.

Its better to quickly call a doctor for treatment!”

Gu Zhengs eyes darkened.

Song Shijing immediately reacted.

“President, Ill call the doctor.”

The next second, Gu Zheng walked up to Qiao Xi and protected her in his arms.

His cold gaze swept across the two of them as he said coldly, “Scram!”

He Wenyins face was filled with fear and grievance.

“I didnt—”

“Wenyin!” He Wenxian scolded angrily and interrupted her.

Now that the plan had been completed, she could not give He Wenyin a chance to defend herself.

Otherwise, Gu Zhengs anger would quickly burn her.

“Even at this point, are you still thinking of exonerating yourself If Mrs.

Gus face is disfigured, how will you explain it to Ah Zheng The He family will also pay the price for your rashness! Do you still think of the He family”

When they heard that the poison could disfigure ones face, Song Shiyu and the butler could not remain calm.

If Young Madam was really poisoned and disfigured, would the president kill He Wenyin in a fit of anger

He Wenxian said gently, “Mrs.

Gu, I apologize to you on Wenyins behalf.

No matter what, Ill be responsible for this to the end.

Ill stay in Longwan Residential to take care of you—”

“Miss He, I said get lost.

Dont you understand” Before she could finish speaking, Gu Zheng interrupted her coldly.

He Wenxian thought that Gu Zheng had decided to let He Wenyin off on account of their past relationship, so she told He Wenyin to get lost.

However, since He Wenyin had offended Gu Zheng, the He family naturally would not let her stay.

In order to atone for He Wenyins sins, she could ask to stay in Longwan Residential.

She wanted to see Qiao Xis disfigurement with her own eyes and also get the chance to get close to Gu Zheng.

However, she did not expect Gu Zheng to ask her to get lost too.

He Wenxians face flushed due to awkwardness, and she adjusted her expression.

“Ah Zheng, Ill immediately inform my family about this.

The He family will send an apology soon.

Ill also persuade Wenyin to take out the antidote.


Gu, Im sorry.

If you want to punish Wenyin, our He family will definitely not stop you.

If you have any requests, well try our best to satisfy them.”

The surroundings instantly fell silent.

After a moment of silence, Qiao Xi suddenly chuckled.

Her expression was mysterious, and her eyes were filled with ridicule.

“Miss He.”

He Wenxian took a few steps closer.

Her tight dress perfectly outlined her figure.

Her chestnut curly hair made her look flirtatious, and she exuded the beauty of a mature woman.

Qiao Xi asked casually, “If I want to punish He Wenyin, you wont stop me”

He Wenxian looked at He Wenyin coldly and pretended to be sad and helpless.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Its all up to you, Mrs.


Qiao Xi nodded thoughtfully.

“What if I want to destroy her face After all, she poisoned me just now.

Its not too much for me to do that, right”

When He Wenyin heard this, she shouted in panic, “Are you crazy What I gave you just now was clearly—”Bitter ginseng water!

The bodyguard at the side covered her mouth.

Qiao Xi ignored her and continued to look at He Wenxian coldly.

“Miss He, do you have any objections”

He Wenxian looked at her sister reluctantly and took a deep breath.

As if she had no choice but to give up her sister for the sake of the family, she said sadly, “If doing this will appease you, our He family wont have any objections.

Even if you wish to kill her, well agree.”

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