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Chapter 1180: Lost Memories

Mo Yuan looked up slightly and heard another voice.

“Black Tide, dont get close to that person.

I heard that hes very irritable.

No one is willing to be friends with him.”

“He looks so scary.

Hell definitely hit someone! Black Tide, come here quickly.

Dont talk to him.”

After hearing this, the young girl in the dream did not leave.

She still stood behind him and said patiently, “Believe me, you really did write the wrong part.

Correct it.”

At that time, for some reason, Mo Yuan did not reject the girls suggestion and changed it as she said.

Gu Zheng knew in his heart that all of this was a dream.

He had never seen Qiao Xi before they got married.

They had always been communicating online, and there had never been a scene of Qiao Xi guiding him to modify the code.

However, the scene in front of him seemed to be real.

He tried his best to wake up, but he seemed to be trapped in a cage.

His body floated in the air as he watched the scene of Mo Yuan and Black Tide.

These scenes were not in Gu Zhengs memory at all.

He did not understand why he would dream of such a scene.

Could it be that he subconsciously thought that after meeting Qiao Xi 10 years ago, his life would be glorious and he would no longer be dark and defeated

At this moment, the young Mo Yuan lowered his head and focused his gaze on the computer.

His slender fingers quickly typed on the keyboard while Black Tide leaned on the sofa behind him and pointed at the code on the screen.

“Youre so awesome! You even managed to solve this problem.

Can you teach me”

Mo Yuan was about to explain when his gaze was suddenly fixed on her hands.

Those hands were very inconsistent with her body.

At that time, Black Tide was only ten years old.

Although she was still very young, it was obvious that she was a beauty.

Her facial features were exquisite, her voice was sweet, she was small and cute, and she was obedient too.

Many boys would come to express their interest in her.

However, such a princess-like girls hands were filled with terrifying scars.

To be able to enter the hacker alliance at the age of 10 meant that she was very talented and had plenty of time to practice.

However, there were knife wounds on her hands, round scars, and burn marks.

It was hard to imagine how a 10-year-old girl could have so many scars on her hands.

He had thought that he was the only exception.

He had struggled to survive in that womans hands.

In order to escape the Gu familys control one day, he secretly learned hacking skills.

Now that he looked at the little girls hand, he realized that this girls life was not glamorous either.

Mo Yuan was stunned for a few seconds before looking away.

He patiently explained things to her.

When Black Tide heard this, her eyes were filled with admiration.

“I see! Youre really smart!”

At the age of 16, Mo Yuans heart was as hard as a rock.

His heartstrings could not be tugged.

He was not moved by the girls praise at all.

After Mo Yuan finished speaking, Black Tide took out a brand new laptop from her backpack.

This laptop was a new release.

It was not cheap and seemed to be limited.

Ordinary families would definitely not be able to afford it.

Perhaps because his gaze lingered for a moment longer, Black Tide noticed it and smiled proudly.

“Is my laptop nice My grandfather gave it to me!”

From her gaze, it could be seen that she was very happy to have a grandfather who doted on her so much and supported her in learning hacking skills.

It seemed that she should be living a rich life, so why were her hands…

“Actually, let me tell you a secret.

Im not related to Grandpa by blood,” Black Tide said calmly.

“But he took me in and has been treating me very well ever since.

He knows that Im interested in coding recently, so he bought me a new laptop.

Unfortunately, he doesnt know how to hack, so he sent me here to learn.”

Hearing the girls slightly regretful words, a corner of Mo Yuans cold heart seemed to melt.

He couldnt help but say, “Let me teach you.”

Black Tide was a little surprised.

In the end, a weak and sweet smile appeared on her face.


Gu Zhengs Adams apple bobbed.

He felt that the scene in front of him was terrifyingly realistic.

The girl in front of him was a miniature Qiao Xi.

It turned out that she liked to pretend to be weak even at that young age.

Even if this dream felt very real, there was no trace of it in his memory.

Qiao Xi became his junior because…

A portion of the memories in Gu Zhengs mind seemed to have disappeared.

He could not remember how Black Tide became his junior.

He only remembered that later on, everyone knew about their relationship.

Then, they called each other senior and junior for 10 years.

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