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Chapter 1179: Dreamed Back To When I Was 16

Ji Nan was about to leave when Lu Bai hurriedly stopped him.

“Ji Nan!”

Lu Bai looked at the assistant who had accompanied him for two years.

His eyes were filled with unfamiliarity as he asked in a hoarse voice, “W-Who do you work for”

In the past two years, he had never mistreated Ji Nan.

He had given him enough money.

There was no reason for Ji Nan to betray him, so there was only one reason.

It meant that it had been a conspiracy since Ji Nan joined the Lu family.

For the past two years, he had been pretending to be his assistant.

Lu Bai did not expect that Gu Zheng had already planted someone around him two years ago.

Ji Nan was silent for a while before glancing at Lu Bai.

“Youre wrong.

Im not on Mr.

Gus side.”

Lu Bais voice trembled slightly.

“Then who are you working for”

“I can tell you that I wasnt Mr.

Gus man before.

I only became one of his men half a year ago,” Ji Nan said meaningfully with a mocking smile in his eyes.

Lu Bai looked confused.

He only became one of Gu Zhengs men half a year ago

He pondered for a moment before an idea suddenly appeared in his mind.

Half a year ago, Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi got married.

It was also around that time Ji Nan became Gu Zhengs subordinate.

Could it be that this matter was related to Gu Zhengs marriage In other words, Ji Nan was Qiao Xis subordinate

Impossible! Qiao Xi was just a wild girl who had been wandering outside.

How could she have a capable subordinate like Ji Nan

Before he could think clearly, Ji Nan stood up and left the main residence.

From now on, the Lu family would be drowning in pain and torture every day.

Lu Bai was no longer the high and mighty head of the Lu family, and Lu Xiang was no longer the pampered daughter of the Lu family.

Lu Yans outcome was even more miserable.

It was already a miracle that he could survive.

After returning to Longwan Residential, Qiao Xi received Ji Nans message.

The current Lu family no longer had the ability to turn the tables.

Gu Zheng did not want to waste time on this group of people, but Qiao Xi was very happy to see the Lu family struggling in pain.

Lu Yans reputation was completely ruined, and Lu Bai also lost his position as the head of the family.

However, Lu Xiang still had a certain amount of power in upper class society.

After all, the Lu family had a place in the upper class society of Li City in the past.

She had always been popular with many noblewomen.

Now that the rest of the Lu family had been punished but Lu Xiang was not too badly affected, of course, Qiao Xi could not let this be.

“Ah Zheng, if I attack the Lu family again, will you think that Im vicious” Qiao Xi probed.

Gu Zheng raised his eyes slightly and smiled.


Gu, youre so cute.

How can I think that youre vicious Besides, they dont deserve sympathy.”

Song Shiyu: “…”

The president was showing off his love all the time!

Qiao Xi nodded.

The Lu family had done so many bad things that left a trauma in Gu Zhengs childhood.

They even tried to kill Gu Zheng.

They were indeed not worthy of sympathy.

They brought this upon themselves.

Qiao Xis eyes narrowed as she leaned into Gu Zhengs arms and smiled.

Gu Zheng gently stroked the top of her head.

“Xi Xi, you look so beautiful when you smile.”

In the dead of the night, Gu Zheng finished his work and gently pushed open the door to the bedroom.

At this moment, Qiao Xi was curled up by the bed with a frown.

Gu Zheng walked into the dim room.

His vision was blurry, but he could walk to the bed out of habit.

He gently stroked Qiao Xis eyebrows and realized that she was frowning.

He rarely saw Qiao Xi with a worried expression.

At this moment, she was curled up as if she was having a nightmare.

Gu Zheng lay by the bed, his slender fingers gently smoothing the space between her eyebrows.

He gently pulled her into his arms before closing his eyes.

Old Master Lus words still echoed in her ears.

The miracle doctor, Qiao Xi, and his mother seemed to be related to everything.

Could it be that his poison was really incurable

Gu Zheng gradually fell asleep.

In his dream, he returned to being 16 years old.

At that time, his eyes were already filled with coldness and paranoia, and his entire body exuded an aura that kept people away.

As a top hacker, he had repeatedly refused to attend all those gatherings, but that time, he went.

As expected, no one was willing to pay attention to a cold and fierce-looking young man.

He was dressed in black, and his drooping hair slightly covered his eyes as he looked coldly at the people around him.

He was unwilling to talk with anyone.

He just sat in a corner with a laptop to deal with orders.

The next second, a childish voice sounded behind him.

“Theres something wrong here.

You should try another approach.”

The person who spoke was a little girl.

She was only about 10 years old.

Her voice was soft, but her tone was very certain.

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