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Chapter 1178: Abolition Of The Head Of The Family

Looking at Lu Bais stunned expression, Ji Nan slowly said, “Chairman Lu, you must have figured it out.

Isnt the real master of the Lu family the old master The old master has personally held the ancestral worship ceremony, so of what use is your position as the head of the family now”

Old Master

How did he suddenly wake up

Lu Bai widened his eyes, and his legs went weak as he fell onto the bed.

“Chairman Lu, are you afraid Youve been living a carefree life for so many years.

Now that the old master has woken up, all your power is going to disappear.

After all, the next head of the family that Old Master Lu chose back then was Eldest Miss Lu Qingyun.

The old master has never liked you.

“Although Miss Lu Qingyun has passed away, her son, Gu Zheng, has returned to the Lu family.

Youre very afraid that the old master will give him the position of the head of the family, arent you Because that means your power will be taken away.

“All the glory and power in the Lu family now were established by the old master.

Even if youre the head of the family, you cant disobey his orders.

If he wants to abolish your position as the head of the family, the old master just has to give the word.”

Ji Nans words were like a knife stabbing into Lu Bais heart, leaving behind bloody holes.

One word from the old master and his position as the head of the family would be abolished

He had been pursuing power his entire life.

It was not easy for him to stand out, but the old master wanted to give the position of the head of the family to Lu Qingyun.

He actually lost to his daughter.

Now, the old master wanted to abolish his position as the head of the family with just one word!

Even if he could not be the head of the family, the position had to belong to Ah Yan.

Why should he give it to Gu Zheng Ah Yan had lived with the Lu family since he was young.

He was the person most qualified to be the head of the family.

Lu Bais eyes were red.

Ji Nan looked at his crazy appearance and said with a trace of sympathy, “Chairman Lu, you want to say that you dont mind not being the head of the family but the position has to be given to Lu Yan since hes also Miss Lu Qingyuns son, right”

“Yes, yes! Thats what I want to say! Ah Yan and Gu Zheng are both Qingyuns sons.

Why should the position of the head of the family be given to Gu Zheng Why is my father biased toward that little bastard, Gu Zheng Its hard to say if hes really a son of the Lu family, but Ah Yan is—”

Lu Bai hurriedly spoke.

But before he could finish, he was interrupted by Ji Nan impatiently, “Chairman Lu, Im afraid you still dont know that Lu Yans identity has been exposed.

What you should be thinking about now isnt how to let him be the head of the family but about how to let him survive.

“You want Lu Yan to be the head of the Lu family Dream on!”

Ji Nan observed his expression and added, “Huang Lilan is the murderer who caused Miss Lu Qingyuns death.

If her son becomes the head of the family, will the Lu family still have the cheek to stay in Li City Chairman Lu, why dont you turn on your phone and take a look The internet is filled with news about the Lu family now!”

Lu Bai was dumbfounded.

The muscles on his face trembled slightly.

He could not accept Ji Nans words.

He even felt that he was still in a dream and had not woken up.

Lu Yans identity had been exposed Impossible!

His breath got caught in his throat.

It felt like a huge rock was stuck in it, making him almost suffocate.

The secret they had hidden for so long had been destroyed.

But the others had no evidence.

So what if they knew the truth

Back then, they had already sent all the doctors overseas and asked them to hide their identities and keep this secret for them.

The surveillance footage of the hospital was also destroyed by hackers.

How could Gu Zheng get the evidence

Lu Bai forced himself to calm down.

If Ji Nan was one of Gu Zhengs men, then Ji Nan might be lying to him.

Perhaps they had not obtained evidence, so they were using this method to force him to admit it.

Ji Nan seemed to have seen through his thoughts and said slowly, “Chairman Lu, you might think that Im lying to you, but youve probably heard of Mo Yuan!”

Lu Bais face, which had just eased up, instantly turned pale.

The top hacker, Mo Yuan

“Mo Yuan personally took action and restored all the surveillance footage.

Although the wait was a little long, the truth still surfaced.

It took him 10 years to recover all the footage!”

“Back then, you did destroy this evidence, but so what Your secret was still exposed in the end.

The heir you carefully nurtured for 20 years has been completely destroyed.”

Lu Bais eyes almost popped out as his body trembled uncontrollably.

Ah Yans identity had been exposed, so the only heir to the Lu family was Gu Zheng.

He had worked so hard to scheme for so many years, but in the end, the Lu family still fell into the hands of that little bastard.

“Dont worry, Chairman Lu.

President Gu wont snatch the position of the Lu familys heir,” Ji Nan mocked.

“After all, he looks down on the Lu family.”

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