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Chapter 1176: Lu Bai Wakes Up

“Ah Zheng, arent you curious about what the old master told me” Qiao Xi raised her eyes to look at him.

Gu Zheng stopped in his tracks and revealed a faint smile.

“I know it well.

I naturally dont need you to say anything, Mrs.


Qiao Xis heart suddenly thumped.

It was probably because her grandfather had detoxified Lu Qingyuns poison back then, so Old Master Lu guessed that she had also detoxified Gu Zhengs poison.

However, Gu Zheng probably wouldnt have guessed that they were talking about this just now, right

But for some reason, she suddenly felt uneasy.

“Lu Bai should wake up soon.

Lets leave.” Gu Zheng held her hand.

Just as the two of them were about to leave, Lu Bais heart-wrenching roar suddenly came from not far away.

“No! Impossible!” Lu Bais voice was hoarse and old.

He had almost used all his strength.

He was so agitated as soon as he woke up.

He probably knew that Lu Yan had been chased out of the house.

Lu Bai had spent all his energy on Lu Xiang and Lu Yan.

Unfortunately, Lu Xiang, his daughter, was useless.

Even if he gave her the authority, she would not have the ability to manage Lu Corporation.

Lu Yan had some tricks up his sleeve, but they were all crooked methods.

If he could focus on the right things, perhaps the Lu family would not be in such a miserable state.

The drug Qiao Xi gave Lu Yan was not heavy.

Lu Yans vision should recover in a few days, but in these few days, he would have the most painful experience of his life.

He would feel the torture Gu Zheng had experienced in the past, but Qiao Xi did not intend to let him off just like that.

“Xi Xi.” Gu Zhengs voice sounded in her ear with a trace of ridicule.

“Dont tell me youre thinking about how to torture Lu Yan”

Qiao Xi did not expect Gu Zheng to see through her thoughts at a glance.

She hurriedly retorted righteously, “No! Lu Yan has already been expelled from the Lu family.

His life is already ruined.

Why should I torture him Im so weak and kind.

Its absolutely impossible for me to do such a thing!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Bais roar sounded from the main residence again.

It was filled with unwillingness and anger.

The two of them paused in their tracks, and Qiao Xi could not help but ask, “Ah Zheng, the people who bullied you have already been punished.

Arent you excited at all when you see such a scene

“If I were you and saw these people in such a miserable state, I would definitely jump up in joy.

However, youre not reacting at all.

Why is that”

Gu Zheng raised an eyebrow, but his expression remained indifferent.

“Its probably because… I dont care about these people at all.

Their outcome wont affect my emotions, and theres only one person who can affect my emotions now.”

Qiao Xi was stunned for a moment.

Before she could react, she heard the mans low and magnetic voice.

“Only you are worthy of affecting me.”

His scorching breath sprayed onto Qiao Xis neck, and his voice carried a trace of charm while his eyes were filled with strong affection.

Qiao Xis body stiffened, and her cheeks were slightly red.

She lowered her head shyly.

She did not know when Gu Zheng had learned to say sweet words, but she was slightly unaccustomed to it!

10 minutes ago, in the Lu familys residence.

Lu Bais face was pale.

He lay on the hospital bed and panted heavily.

He looked at the time on his phone and instantly broke out in a cold sweat.

Today was the day to worship the ancestors, but he had actually fallen asleep.

Why did no one wake him up Where were Lu Xiang and Lu Yan

Just as he was feeling puzzled, footsteps came from outside.

Lu Bai, who was already nervous, suddenly tensed up when he heard the footsteps.

He was vigilant.

He was uneasy, and his eyelids could not help but twitch.

The Lu familys main residence was very quiet, so it was terrifying.

The footsteps sounded like they were urging him to die, making him break out in a cold sweat.

The next second, Ji Nan pushed the door open and walked in.

Lu Bai heaved a sigh of relief.

Ji Nan was his personal assistant.

Although he was young, he was very capable and could complete the missions he was given.

Moreover, he had a weak character and was careful.

Lu Bai had to admit that Ji Nan was an outstanding assistant, so he had always trusted him.

Lu Bai thought that after a while, he would promote Ji Nan and get him to help Lu Yan manage the company.

This way, Ji Nan could report to him about the company at all times.

It was equivalent to him having another pair of eyes in the company.

However, when he saw Ji Nan now, Lu Bais heart surged with anger.

“What time is it now Why are you only here to get me now The ancestral worship ceremony has already passed!”

Ji Nans expression was subtle as he glanced at Lu Bai with some sympathy and disdain.

He did not answer and just looked at him quietly.

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