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Hearing Qiao Xis words, Lu Yan felt as if a large rock was pressing against his heart.

He could not say a word.

Lu Xiangs expression was panicked as she stopped her loudly.

“Shut up! Youre slandering Ah Yan without any evidence.

Youre deliberately here to cause trouble! Guards! Chase her out.

Dont let her delay our Lu familys ancestral worship ceremony!”

“Who said I dont have evidence” Qiao Xi smiled confidently.

She lazily raised her eyes, and her cold gaze landed on Lu Xiang.

“Second Miss Lu, what evidence do you need I have evidence that Eldest Miss Lu only gave birth to Ah Zheng and evidence that Huang Lilan swapped the child.

Moreover, I have evidence that the Lu family knew that Lu Yan wasnt a child of the Lu family, but they still raised him by their side and nurtured him to be the heir.”

Qiao Xis gaze was sharp, and her voice was icy-cold.

Every word smashed into everyones hearts.

They reacted for a long time before understanding Qiao Xis words.

Hence, Miss Lu Qingyun only had Gu Zheng as her son, while Huang Lilan swapped her child with Gu Zheng.

The Lu family clearly knew that the two children were swapped, but they pretended not to know.

In that case, how could Miss Lu Qingyun visit Lu Xiang in her dreams and even ask her to chase Gu Zheng away

If all of this was true, then what Lu Xiang said in her dream today was a lie.

It also proved that the Lu family was biased toward Lu Yan but hated Gu Zheng.

Lu Xiang revealed a terrified expression, and Lu Yan, who was at the side, was also trembling.

He gritted his teeth and controlled his emotions.

He could not panic, and he absolutely could not expose himself.

Perhaps Qiao Xi was just trying to deceive him.

She did not have any substantial evidence at all.

The entire venue was in an uproar as everyone discussed softly.

Lu Yan said loudly, “Everyone.”

The surroundings fell silent.

His expression was serious as he said calmly, “The Lu family knows that Ive lived here since I was young.

They also know that my mother is Lu Qingyun, but now, someones actually saying that Im Huang Lilans son.

How laughable! Miss Qiao, I understand that youre targeting me for Gu Zheng.

In the past, we had some misunderstandings, but the truth is out now.

Were biological brothers from the same mother.

My mother is watching us from the sky.

Why do you have to make the brothers go against each other

“If Im Huang Lilans biological son, why did Huang Lilan abandon me in the Lu family Why didnt she keep her biological son by her side Moreover, if Im really Huang Lilans son, why didnt I say anything when Ah Zheng exposed Huang Lilan and chased her out of the Gu family some time ago

“If she were my mother, I definitely wouldnt have stood by and done nothing.

However, shes just a lowly and despicable mistress.

She was the one who caused our mothers death.

I wish I could kill her to vent my anger.

How can I be her son”

Hearing Lu Yans sad explanation, everyones hearts could not help but ache.

Qiao Xi, on the other hand, had a look of disdain on her face.

She was so disgusted that she almost vomited.

She really did not have the patience to watch Lu Yan act anymore.

However, Lu Yan was getting more and more confident.

He took a deep breath and continued, “Miss Qiao, do you think that now that Huang Lilan has gone missing and theres no way of verifying it that you can casually slander me

“Ah Zheng was snatched away by Huang Lilan when he was young.

All these years, he has suffered a lot in the Gu family.

My heart aches for him, but all of this isnt my fault! I shouldnt be wronged just because I was lucky and led a carefree life in the Lu family!”

As soon as Lu Yan finished speaking, Lu Xiang, who was at the side, hurriedly chimed in, “Thats right! Ah Yan is my sisters biological son.

He and Ah Zheng are from the same mother.

Its just that back then, Huang Lilan secretly stole Ah Zheng, while Ah Yan was lucky enough to stay in the Lu family.

Qiao Xi, now that the two brothers are reunited, as Ah Zhengs wife, you should mediate the relationship between the two of them.

However, youre instigating trouble everywhere.

Now, youre actually spouting nonsense in public.

Youre really too evil.

Ah Zheng should divorce you!”

Fifth Uncle also said with a serious expression, “Mrs.

Gu, were all family.

As long as you apologize to Ah Yan, this matter will be over.

If it goes to court, you wont look good either!”

The entire venue was silent as everyone looked at Qiao Xi.

Gu Zheng, who was at the side, had his arms crossed as he looked at her with interest.

He was looking forward to Qiao Xis next plan.

After all, she was so smart, so she would definitely not let the Lu family ride on her head.

The glint in Gu Zhengs eyes grew brighter and brighter.

His eyes were filled with affection as he bent down slightly and whispered into her ear, “Xi Xi, do whatever you want.

You dont have to care about me.”

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