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Everyone looked at Qiao Xi with slight displeasure.

Although the Lu familys actions were unreasonable, they could not casually slander Lu Yan just because Qiao Xi hated him!

Their gazes kept wandering between Lu Yan and Qiao Xi, and a trace of doubt arose in their hearts.

To be honest, Lu Yan was indeed not similar to Miss Lu Qingyun at all.

Lu Yans vision was dark, but he could sense everyones sizing gazes.

His heart was in turmoil.

After suppressing his fluctuating emotions for a long time, he gritted his teeth and said, “Miss Qiao, watch your words.”

Lu Xiangs eyes were filled with horror.

She bared her fangs and brandished her claws as she shouted, “Qiao Xi! Youre taking revenge.

Just because Im not letting Gu Zheng participate in the ancestral worship ceremony, you want to slander Ah Yan.

Ah Yan is already sick, yet youre still bullying him.

Why are you so heartless!”

Fifth Uncle also stood up and berated, “Mrs.

Gu, please apologize to Ah Yan.

The children of our Lu family are definitely innocent.

How could we raise the child of a mistress Lu Yan has always been Qingyuns child.

Hes the direct descendant of the Lu family!”

Everyones doubtful gazes landed on Qiao Xi.

It seemed that Qiao Xi could not stand Lu Xiang wanting to chase Gu Zheng away, so she slandered Lu Yan.

The comments in the live-stream exploded…

[No way! How could Lu Yan be Huang Lilans biological son What nonsense is this woman talking about!]

[This woman is always mysterious when she speaks.

She cant casually slander others just because her husband is being targeted! Young Master Lu Yan has always been so gentle.

Such a gentle and elegant young master is definitely not the son of a mistress!]

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