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Gu Zheng sneered.

Did Lu Xiang and Fifth Uncle really think that they could not tell

Qiao Xi also knew clearly in her heart that Lu Xiang had long discussed it with Fifth Uncle.

That person must be on Lu Xiangs side.

Immediately after, Fifth Uncle said, “But youre about to enter the ancestral hall, yet you actually dreamed of Qingyun.

If Qingyun is really unhappy, it wont be a good thing for us.

After all, Qingyun is the daughter the head of the family dotes on the most.

She passed away at a young age.

If she has any requests, we should do our best to satisfy them.

If the head of the family is present, hell definitely respect Qingyuns wishes!”

Gu Zheng leaned lazily to the side, his figure tall.

He was expressionless as he quietly listened to Fifth Uncles words, but his aura was strong, and he exuded a chill.

At this point, Fifth Uncle even pretended to be sad.

“President Gu, you also know that its all thanks to Qingyun that the Lu family is where they are today.

Even if this is just a dream, we cant go against Qingyuns wishes.

I hope you can understand us.

Please leave first.

If you have the chance in the future, come and pay your respects again.”

The live-stream fell silent, and the scene was terrifyingly quiet.

The rest of the Lu family also widened their eyes.

Although Gu Zheng grew up by Huang Lilans side, he was Lu Qingyuns biological son! Now that Lu Qingyun appeared in Lu Xiangs dream to forbid Gu Zheng from participating in the ancestral worship ceremony, what exactly was going on!

Everyone looked at Gu Zheng, waiting for his response.

After a long silence, he said calmly, “Alright.”

Gu Zheng actually agreed

If he agreed, it would be equivalent to admitting that he was hated by Lu Qingyun.

How could someone who was hated by his biological mother be qualified to be the heir of the Lu family Wasnt he giving the opportunity to Lu Yan

Amidst the silence, Qiao Xi said slowly, “Ah Zheng is kind and doesnt want to make things difficult for everyone.

Moreover, as Madam Lu Qingyuns son, he should fulfill his mothers wish.

Its normal for Madam Lu to hate Huang Lilan! Ah Zheng understands!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They did not expect President Gu and Mrs.

Gu to really agree.

Lu Xiang, who was at the side, was extremely excited and hurriedly said, “Alright! Since youve agreed, please…”

“However, Ah Zheng is just Huang Lilans adopted son.

Moreover, he was snatched away by Huang Lilan when he was born.

At that time, he didnt know anything at all and was forced to become an illegitimate child.

Eldest Miss Lu was such a kind and tolerant person.

Shell definitely understand Ah Zheng.

Why would she chase Ah Zheng away Hence, I think there must be someone else she doesnt want to see!”

As soon as Qiao Xi finished speaking, her gaze swept past everyone as she said casually, “If Ah Zheng, who was forced to become Huang Lilans son, cant participate in the ancestral worship ceremony, then Huang Lilans biological son surely isnt worthy, right!”

Her words were light, but they caused ripples in everyones hearts.

Huang Lilans biological son Who was it The only people who grew up by Huang Lilans side were Gu Zheng and Gu Yao.

Now that it was confirmed that neither of them was Huang Lilans biological son, could it be that her biological son was someone else

Lu Xiangs face was pale as intense fear engulfed her heart.

She shouted uncontrollably, “Shut up! Youre spouting nonsense!”

“Second Miss Lu, dont be so agitated! Im just asking questions.

Considering how you want to chase Ah Zheng away, then Huang Lilans biological son should also withdraw from the ceremony, right” Qiao Xi questioned in a sharp voice.

The secret that Lu Xiang had hidden in the depths of her heart was about to be dug out.

She was so afraid that her entire body was trembling as she pointed at Qiao Xi with trembling fingers.


Gu, whos the son youre talking about Is he at the scene” An elder from the Lu branch family could not help but ask, “The Lu family wont invite outsiders to the ancestral worship ceremony.

The people attending the ancestral worship ceremony are all from the Lu family.

Moreover, Huang Lilan doesnt have a biological son at all.


Gu, did you remember wrongly”

If the son of a mistress could participate in the ancestral worship ceremony but Eldest Miss Lus biological son had to be chased out, then the Lu family would be too muddle-headed.

Hence, this elder could not help but stand up and ask.

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled up as her burning gaze landed on Lu Yan.

She said meaningfully, “Young Master Lu, who do you think Im talking about”

Young Master Lu

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Could it be that the person Qiao Xi was talking about was Lu Yan

After a long silence, someone asked tentatively, “Mrs.

Gu, y-youre saying that Lu Yan is Huang Lilans biological son”

Impossible! Lu Yan had grown up in the Lu family since he was young.

If he was Huang Lilans son, why would he be left at the Lu familys door Moreover, the Lu family had also done a DNA test back then and confirmed that Lu Yan was Lu Qingyuns son.

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