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Qiao Xi took out her phone to take a look.

There were already millions of viewers in the live-stream.

Everyone was anxiously waiting for the Lu familys direct descendants to pay respects to their ancestors.

In a few minutes, the door of the ancestral hall would open.

The Lu family had to enter the ancestral hall to pay their respects to their ancestors under everyones gazes.

[Is President Gu not here yet]

[I think I saw President Gu standing in a corner! Hes also a direct descendant of the Lu family.

Why is he standing behind]

[Did you notice that there seems to be something wrong with Lu Yans eyes His face is very pale! He seems to be sick.

My heart aches for Brother Lu Yan!]

Lu Yan had a gentle appearance.

At this moment, he was sitting in a wheelchair with a pale face, making him look even more lovable.

However, compared to Gu Zheng, he looked pale.

At half-past 10, everyone was ready to enter the ancestral hall, but Gu Zheng still did not walk to the door.

Lu Xiang glanced at Fifth Uncle, feeling uneasy.

“Do you think Grand Old Master will…”

Fifth Uncle pursed his lips.


The grand old master has been in a vegetative state since long ago.

The doctors from the Medical Association tried to treat him, but it was useless.

Unless the divine physician appears, its absolutely impossible for him to wake up.

However, the divine physician went missing a few years ago.

The grand old master isnt around, so no one will stand up for Gu Zheng.”

For some reason, Lu Xiang felt a little uneasy.

Two major events happened to the Lu family early in the morning.

She kept having the feeling that the ancestral worship ceremony would not go smoothly.

The grand old master of the Lu family was Lu Bais father, the previous head of the Lu family, and Lu Qingyuns biological grandfather.

He had always doted on Lu Qingyun.

Whenever he woke up, he would always be protective of Lu Qingyun.

Hence, even though Lu Bai hated his daughter, he had no choice but to listen to the grand old masters instructions and let Lu Qingyun manage Lu Corporation.

Now that the grand old master had already become a vegetable, he could no longer wake up.

Even if he really opened his eyes, he probably would not have the strength to stand up for Gu Zheng in front of everyone.

Originally, they did not care about the grand old master at all.

However, Lu Xiang saw the grand old masters capable assistant this morning.

That person had a smile on his face as if he had good news to share.

From then on, she felt a little uneasy.

She kept having the feeling that the grand old master was about to wake up.

However, on second thought, the grand old master had been unconscious for so many years.

Why would he wake up on this day Moreover, even if he woke up, he might not recognize Gu Zheng.

At the thought of this, Lu Xiang suddenly felt confident.

As long as they did not relent, what right did Gu Zheng have to enter the ancestral hall

Lu Yan was blind and could not walk.

He could only sit in a wheelchair, but his face was still gentle.

He was no different from the gentle noble young master in everyones impression.

Gu Zhengs expression was indifferent as he stood quietly in a corner.


The butler rang the bell.

The ceremony had reached the most important part.

Everyone from the Lu family looked up and saw Lu Xiang clear her throat before saying loudly, “Before we enter the ancestral hall, I have something to say.”

The audience in the live-stream could not wait anymore and posted comments crazily.

Qiao Xi lazily raised her eyes and shot Ji Nan a look.

Ji Nan hurriedly aimed the camera at Lu Xiang and gave her a close-up.

Lu Xiang did not know that there were cameras at all.

She said seriously, “Last night, I dreamed of my sister.

She told me…”

Everyone was puzzled.

Why was Lu Xiang talking about this before paying respects to her ancestors

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled up.

It was indeed exactly as she had guessed.

Lu Xiang was helpless and could only use Eldest Miss Lu Qingyuns name to force Gu Zheng to leave.

“Sister knows that were holding the ancestral worship ceremony today.

She doesnt want to see anyone related to Huang Lilan.

She originally had a beautiful marriage and a happy family, but she eventually died of depression.

All of this is Huang Lilans fault, so…”

Everyone looked at her with burning eyes.

Lu Xiang gritted her teeth and said, “President Gu, in order to fulfill my sisters wish, please leave!”

The entire venue instantly fell silent.

Everyone looked at each other and could not help but look at Gu Zheng at last.

Just because Lu Xiang dreamed of Lu Qingyun, she wanted to chase Gu Zheng out of the Lu family

However, in the Lu familys mansion, the only person related to Huang Lilan was Gu Zheng.

After all, Gu Zheng was raised by Huang Lilan for more than 20 years.

Even though Huang Lilan did not treat him well, he had always been Huang Lilans son all these years.

The surroundings were terrifyingly quiet.

The fifth uncle of the Lu family hypocritically stood up to mediate the situation.

“Lu Xiang, it was just a dream.

How can we believe it Although our Lu family is holding the ancestral worship ceremony today, we cant be too superstitious.

How can we chase President Gu out because of this”

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